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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 23   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 23 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2009 3:20 pm


'Defy The Laws Of Tradition', a name that bellows out at you and reeks with the stench of anarchy and rebellion, what better way for a Hardcore Metal band from Germany to introduce themselves? Unlike a lot of Hardcore bands they do not just spout off at the mouth about all the mother fuckers they are going to kick the shit out of or about watching your back, and that's refreshing if not down right considerate of them. Instead 'Defy The Laws Of Tridition' have released 'Til Death Us Part' which is a Germanic slab of grinding hostility, anguished vocals and splendid darkness all veiled under a deep black cloud of animosity. At times a real hardcore head banging moment will hook you in and give the music that catchy feel but for the most part this is unbridled aggression spewed forth to dominate all it's listeners. 'Sirens' is breath taking, the melodic 'My Last Mistake' is catchy and sporadic all in the same song, and the album as a whole? Breathe taking! [8]

PROFANAL - 'Rotten Bodies'

I once had the pleasure of reviewing this Italian Death Metal band for a previous zine I was involved with and now their debut EP is next on my list to cast down my opinion upon. With a very Papal intro track to open proceedings, 'Profanal' then blast into 'Rotten Bodies Surfin' and get the sheer brutality under way. 'Rotten Bodies' has been made with the intention of picking up where the bands inaugural demo left off and then better themselves on top of that and let me tell you they have done just that. Never a band to stand around on ceremony, 'Profanal' play old school Death Metal loud and proud and whilst they are bringing nothing new to the table they do excel at the format laid down by others. Gripping, edge of your seat aggression thrown out in six tracks of adrenaline fueled hatred, 'Rotten Bodies' is an all growling all riff-age cliche to Death Metal that many people will love. The Italian scene has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years where the extreme side of things are concerned and here is on the bands responsible, so check out 'Profanal' and be pulled into their sick mind scape. Oh and one final thing, whilst your marvelling at the gravel like monster being the microphone, the monster is a rather attractive young lady by the name of 'Rosy'. Fantastic![7.5]

GARCHAROT - 'Core Of Despair'

It looks as if this issue is turning in to a straight up Death Metal special, the only difference being that we have left the warm sunny shores of 'Italy' for the Scandinavian winter lands of 'Finland', 'Ikaarlinen' to be exact. 'Garcharot' by their name and art work would be and could be mistaken easily for a Black Metal band, but this five piece drink from the fountain that is Death Metal and they bring to the table an intense fury that could strip skin from the bone. I love it when Death Metal manages to be catchy, 'Six Feet Under' are the masters of this and 'Garcharot' and their debut full length release 'Core Of Despair' are not far behind, although the album name again hints at Black Metal leanings so again I must stress, there are none, this is Death Metal through and through. Everything about this band and their sound will have you hooked within minutes and it is not often you can say that about a modern day Death Metal band. They all follow the trends set down by the fathers of the genre but somehow this act are just so much more fresh and interesting. So if you are getting bored of the Death Metal scene these days, let 'Garcharot' cleanse you and then make you all dirty again. [8]

SEITA - 'Imprint Forever'

The Death Metal continues to flow fast and furiously now with 'Amsterdam' based Brazilian metallers 'Seita' and their debut release 'Imprint Forever'. Rather than a straight up Death Metal band like the two previously mentioned, 'Seita' incorporate a Thrash Metal feel in to the proceedings that livens up the sound and gives it some much needed diversity. 'Seita' pack a real punch thanks to some really thunderous riffs and a blanket of thick thudding drums as well as the super aggressive vocals that fit nicely on top of it all. Some bands are all about the music and have nothing to please the eyes but 'Seita's' artwork is astounding and adds to the overall package, but what really sets this band apart from so many others is the passion with which they churn out so many frantic powerful and deadly chords. 'Imprint Forever' is an apt name because it has the potential to imprint itself onto many a mind never to be forgotten, and I for one will be giving 'seita' more than just a couple of repeat listens. [7.5]

INFECTED FLESH - 'The Ascension Of The Abysmal Aberration'

Putting on a new twist on the Death Metal theme is gore soaked, carnage obsessed Death Grind band from Spain, 'Infected Flesh' and their latest release 'The Ascension Of The Abysmal Aberration. Now the first thing that springs to my mind is that maybe this project is hold a little back, as for me the music is not very thunderous and it really has the potential to be so. Vocally 'Infected Flesh' are sick and sinister, with the growls and squeals from the very depths of the vocalists gore rotted stomach. I'm liking the drumming though on this one, fast frantic and often sporadic and it gives them a raw full throttle feel. What 'Infected Flesh' could use is a hell of a lot more bass, really beef up their sound and maybe while they are at it, crank up the guitars and give themselves a thick thudding sound. For me that would boost the sound ten fold.Advise is simply for progress though, but what you have now is a pretty rampant Grind band that kick things off in the sickest fashion and keep the pig squealing testosterone fueled bloodshed on going right through to the end, and when all is said and one, isn't that what it's all about? [7]


If ever a band name deserved praise and recognition it is this one. Combining a symbol for global peace and crazed serial killer to form 'The Dalai Dahmers'. Genius. Sadly though this 'Brisbane' based Metal band don't instantly follow that success up with more, as the clean vocals that instantly greet your ears do more grating than greeting. The sitar playing is a nice touch, the slow deliberate approach works but 'Drowning' simply fails to take off. I for one am hugely disappointed. I was expecting great things from this band but when they kick into a fast song about how his girlfriend left him and he is stuck at home alone with his rat, this is where I start to switch off. I think that 'The Dalai Dahmers' are trying to be a more explicit version of 'System Of A Down' but it simply doesn't work. So all I'm left with is utter disappointment, disappointed that such a great band name was taken by this lot and not some gore drenched Grind band with a clue as to what they are doing. [2]

EUPHORIC INSANITY - 'Cybergrind Apocalypse'

Apocalyptic electro grind from 'Alabama', this belongs in a cheesy 80's zombie movie, like 'Zombie Creeping Flesh' as not only does the bands sound suit, but when you hear this full blast it contorts your face to look like one of them too. The vocals are [If that's what they are] are distorted to resemble the old fashioned bone crunching sound effect out of 'Zombie Flesh Eaters' and the overall ambiance just screams of an on coming zombie apocalypse. I love it and I have no idea why but seriously this just works. I don't know if catchy is the right word but this is just unbelievable and for some strange reason I could listen to this over and over and over again. At the end of the day though this is Grind, and with track titles like 'Vaginal Scab Collection Agency' and 'Leprous Chlamydia Dispencer' they are still staying close to the ethic of what grind is, but the electronic effects where the vocals would be are breathe taking and 'Cybergrind Apocalypse' with its nuclear holocaust skyline artwork is thrilling and testing all at the same time. I love this shit!! [9]

BLACKBOMB.A - From Chaos'
[At [H]ome/Wagram]

So the Death Metal special has ended and in it's place comes so high octane French punk fused Hardcore Metal. 'Blackbomb.A' and their new release 'From Chaos' are all about the anarchy that their music breeds and with their catchy brand of fast flowing riff-age and aggressive rebellion fueled Metal they may spread their message over a large area. Indeed on the bands cleaner more punchier parts they are genuinely a pleasure to listen too, the harsher areas may take more patience but it is all worth it in the end. Indeed there is much to be excited about here as the bands instantly addictive choruses chime out at you and you feel yourself being readily drawn in to the melee. It's not all catchy numbers and flowing tunes though and 'Blackbomb.A' have a gripping angry side that works as a complete opposite to a lot of their choruses. All in all then this is a very mixed bag but both sides are fun and entertaining so its all good. 'From Chaos' is a damn good effort and one I'd recommend you listen too straight away. [8]

MORIQUENDI - 'At The End Of Tempest'

It feels like an age since I reviewed a one man band, but here we have French Black Folk Metal one man show 'Moriquendi' and his new release 'At The End Of Tempest'. Slow and dismal are the words that spring instantly to mind and I of course mean that in a complimentary way as these words sum up all that is right with Black Metal. Yes the drumming appears sluggish and laboured but vocally this guy puts real strength into his work and the pronounced guitar play is excellent, as well as the rather addictive undertones. I'd go so far as to say that five tracks of this melodic feast is not enough and I look forward to the next release, but for now 'At The End Of Tempest' will have to do. I like that he has tapped into the fact that not all Black Metal has to be raw blast beats hailing from the frozen north winter lands, and has actually made a style of his own. 'Moriquendi' is refreshing, ambient and delightful, all in a blackened end of the world kind of way. [8]

HALACH - 'Mictlan'

Mexico has not had the easiest of years for reasons that don't really need listing, so it's nice to hear of a Metal band spreading their winds are trying to be heard beyond their countries golden shores. 'Halach' and their new release 'Mictlan' are a 'Symphonic Gothic Metal outfit fronted as they are by a lady vocalist. Yes we have many of the bands over hear already but everyone deserves a chance. 'Halach' though i don't feel have taken a full grasp of the chance. Musically they are fast and frantic once you get past a rather dull and lifeless intro yet lack any real hooks. Vocally decent but no more, this is just another 'Nightwish' wannabe that falls well and truly short. This isn't to say that 'Halach' are a bad band and I'm sure they have many a fan over in 'Mexico' but in 'Europe' these type of efforts are everywhere and of a much higher quality, so sadly I'd have to say that i can't see them breaking the market or the interest levels over here any time soon. [5]
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