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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 11   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 11 I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:23 pm

AS HEROES FAIL - 'As Heroes Fail EP'

If you put aside the chilling intro that sounds as if it belongs in the wake of a zombie movie then what you have with German metallers 'As Heroes Fail' is four more tracks of gore drenched horror influenced groove thrash metal with a militaristic structure embedded into its flow and a constantly catchy beat at it's core. 'As Heroes Fail', the name alone stands out as if to say as they fail, we shall rise and rise they do to the challenge of making entertaining metal bordering on mainstream but somehow always keeping it's heavy notoriety! Musically the band are made precisely for the live performance with a hook in every chorus and a head banging moment in every riff pattern. One down point though, the cleaner vocals that are demonstrated during 'In God You Trust' are simply awful and should be put on the shelf indefinitely. However one minor low moment does not detract from what is a very decent album of supreme heaviness and infinite groove and the 'As Heroes Fail EP' certainly packs a punch south of the border to the unsuspecting music fan. [7.5]

BLEEDING EYES - 'One Less To My Last'

Italian sludge metallers 'Bleeding Eyes' seemingly have only one philosophy. Play metal loud and large, no deviations. Indeed they have a very 'Raging Speedhorn' feel about them that isn't bad to listen too as long as you don't crave any variation or change in your music. Indeed the script sheet has been plainly written in this case with the sole characteristics being harsh growling vocals, hard hitting drumming and rolling repetitive riffs to give the EP its catchy hooks and its sledge hammer heaviness. This combination will never be called a bad thing and certainly not by me but after five songs of the same thing you do tend to want to hear something else, maybe with an under laying melody to give it some extra bite or style. Still you may call me picky for saying such things as this groove laden sludge ridden four piece have created something well worth a listen in 'One Less To My Last' although the name alone doesn't exactly roll off the tongue and I am sensing some poorly written English here, maybe they should stock to their native tongue but putting aside all jokes this isn't a bad stab in the dark at some straight up brutal heaviness!! [6.5

CASKETS OPEN - 'Buried Upside Down'

'Keuruu' is not a place that I can say I have heard of and I'm sure that I'm not alone on this matter, but add to this fact that it is located in 'Finland' and already your expectations for 'Caskets Open' and their debut demo 'Buried Upside Down' immediately soar high as we all know what kind of metal pedigree 'Finland' has. First impressions can often mean everything and on first showing 'Caskets Open' really do come across as the decent sort of bloke you met down the pub, likes a drink and a pretty good laugh. That's pretty much what you get here with some nicely styled old school down tuned stoner doom of the sluggish variety with clear vocals, not that you would call them crisp as they are too low down in the dirt for that! 'Caskets Open' offer nothing in the way of originality but clearly make up for it in doom soaked drama and enjoyment. Never does the music settle for simply being catchy and as a result the band stay true to their beliefs and always remain consistently heavy and pragmatically dark and dirty! This is not one of those classic debut moments where everything slots straight in to place and the bands notoriety takes off in a flash of gun powder, but as debuts go it's pretty good and well worth a few turns on the deck! [7]

CHARMADYNIA - 'The Cold Pitch Blue Darkness'

Hungarian groove metal band 'Charmadynia' set an instantly appealing vibe down by combining a fast flowing catchy riff-age sound with a much more darkened almost black folk style, the end result of which is a much varied style that keeps the bands new three track release 'The Cold Pitch Blue Darkness' both fresh and moderately entertaining. I say moderately because whilst the band music always sounds pretty good there is a slight tendency to over play the intricate solos and in places the native tongue vocals do let the bands overall ambiance down, but only in places! However these are relatively small qualms when measured up the bands almost 'Genesis' like progressive rock style that kicks in here and there to create vast melodic interludes of almost peaceful tranquillity! Say what you want about the band and their style but the fact is solidly proven that they do not lack for imagination or talent for that matter! 'The Cold Pitch Blue Darkness' has the odd area that needs development but when all is said and done 'Charmadynia' shine with potential and have a great future ahead. [7.5]


Hailing from the Greek capital city of 'Athens' the Gothic doom sound of 'Chthonian Alchemy' [Say that three times fast whilst drunk, i don't I can say it once sober] graces the air as their debut demo 'The Awakening' [Good title for a debut] grooves out of your speakers! Although only two tracks in length you do get a deep glimpse into the two sides of 'Chthonian Alchemy' as the first track demonstrates their more sit back and relax style of Gothic metal with a chilling sound but a relaxed tempo, not to mention the haunting symphonic undertone that lays just beneath the surface, and finally the overly catchy riff-age that comes across as exciting and raw. On to the second track though and the going is more treacherous, darkened growling vocals adorn throughout and the going is downhill all the way into the depths of an altogether heavier beast! 'The Awakening' is a very decent first attempt from a band who obviously have potential, we'll have to see what the future brings. [7.5]

DESOLATION - 'Le Viol De L'Innocence'

'Desolation' is the name of the man as well as the one man black metal project hailing from France. 'Le Viol De 'L'Innocence' is a three track demo released last year and right from the outset is truly fails to inspire! Tinny, featuring nothing in the way of bass, originality or basic hooks, 'Desolation' is basically one mans attempt to be overly black metal and spread his rhetoric regarding depression, negativity and death whilst losing his entire message under a sheet of talentless crap! Nothing here resembles anything remotely entertaining as it rampages through a fog of endless blast beats and black metal riffs that never seem to differ! 'Le Viol De 'L;Innocence', the name alone is the only thing on offer with any class and that's simply because I have no idea what it means but if there was something worth listening too I may be bothered to look it up, as it stands I'll remain an ignorant Englishman! [1]

EREB ALTOR - 'By Honour'
[I Hate]

Starting with intro track 'Perrenial' which basically just loops in on itself whilst sounding pleasant but not doing anything at all, 'By Honour' the latest full length release from Swedish epic viking doom band 'Eereb Altor' finally kicks into gear with the aptly named 'Awakening' and from there continues on a precession of grand sounding melodies that cast out the image of long days and arduous nights at sea, winter bound landscapes in the land of the 'Norse' and an all round snow bound illuminating vibe that works well and seems to somehow teach at the same time as entertain. Whilst some doom bands choose to bludgeon their way through the whole repertoire, 'Ereb Altor' have taken a more enlightened path that veers away from outright heaviness and settles on a more intricate path of winding melodies that flow and weave into each other with great subtlety. Do not be fooled though as 'By Honour' does have a seriously down tuned heavy streak in places that is biting as it lurks in the dark ready to surprise the unheeding listener. 'By Honour' is a much more classy kind of affair but be not fooled, it is drenched in darkness and on the prowl. [8]

ETHEREAL DIRGE - 'Warm The Globe'

With a lyrical content list that could shame the most publicly depressive emo, 'Ethereal Dirge' splatter their way through sorrow, depression, pain, loss, destruction and desolation like 'Star Trek's' 'Deanna Troi' when shes having one of her moments! If ever a band was trying to be too black, too dark, too negative then this is the band. Musically they are average at best with the same rolling doom metal riff section playing again and again and again, but what baffles me most is the lyrical style which has been slapped bang on top of the music instead of being integrated into it so the music flows together and forms some semblance of a decent sound. 'Ethereal Dirge' are unsigned and I will be very surprised if that ever changes. 'Warm The Globe' could have been a pedestal, a soapbox to air the views of global hatred and to gloat int he worlds man made destruction, instead it is a woeful example of why everybody who can play an instrument should not necessarily be in a band! [2]

FATTURA DELLA MORTE - 'Grim, Drunk & Frostbitten'

With an album name like 'Grim, Drunk and Frostbitten' you pretty much know what to expect, but in case you are new to the scene are just simply not very in the know then let me spell this shit out for you! Straight up alcohol fueled sludge like doom that bludgeons its way unstealthily out of your speakers and proceeds to batter your senses, walls, neighbours and small children into a deep submission! This Australian doom band suffer no fools with their ultimately heavy hatred drenched grooves yet from the bands name ' Fattura Della Morte' you may well have been expecting something completely different, more artsy fartsy perhaps. This then is one of those examples of never reading the book by the artsy cover and the perils of doing so is a full on sludge band pissed out of their tree lunging at you with their sledge hammer like riff-age and guttural growling vocals that could poison all the local wild fowl with a single lyric. So what have we learned here today? That sludge is great I would have though and although 'Fattura Della Morte' have a rather generic sound it doesn't hold them back from being rather kick ass!! [7.5]

FOREVER NEVER - 'Forever Never'
[Siege Of Amida]

I have on two separate occasions happened to come across 'London' metallers 'Forever Never' in a live situation and not to criticise but they have never really grabbed my attention. This 2008 self titled release has put an end to that way of thinking for me as their enjoyable blend of mainstream clean vocalled heavy metal meets with a more technical methodical almost 'Tool' like sound! 'Forever Never' has it all, the powerful vocal style that is so clear and concise, the guitar work that rolls out so effortlessly and the constant hooks that grab your attention hard and keeps you focused on what 'Forever Never' are saying! Catchy hard rock isn't there only forte though and 'Forever Never' do explore a much more heavy side with some brutal industrial sounding drum routines and a harsher growling vocal style which combined together give the band a crisp cutting edge that bites down hard on your senses and also adds a much needed sense of variety to the album. I've never been much of a fan of 'Forever Never' but this album has me converted and will surely pick up a few more believers on it's travels! [8]
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