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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 16   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 16 I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:26 pm

PROTESTANT - 'As Dead As We Look'
[Halo Of Flies]

If ever a band deserved a horror movie soundtrack contract then 'Milwaukee' outfit 'Protestant' really are that band. Playing a unique brand over eerie chugging doom metal, these American doomsters add into the sound a bizarre and spooky undertone that is enough to strike fear into your heart! To label 'Protestant' as pure doom though would be way off base as they kick into a shrieking fast and frantic adrenaline fueled hardcore style with massive blackened undertones. What 'Protestant' and their brand new album 'As Dead As We Look' lack in subtle qualities they make up for ten fold in imagination, unrivaled intensity and a wall of noise so impenetrable it is almost tangible. Yet when the more hardcore element falls away the band drop down into the sewers, down into the low part of bass and the filth covered doom riff-age takes full control. Never in all my times have I come across a band with two so contrasting styles yet they integrate them so superbly that it feels like such a natural progression. In places it is hard to stomach such is the violence of its wrath but if you persevere you'll feel better for it. [8]

RAIN DELAY - 'We Forget'
[Active Time]

If I am to be completely honest there is allot about this Serbian 'Avant Garde/Gothic/Doom' metal band! 'Rain Delay' baffle rather than deceive and I feel it all starts with their name! I mean what is the deal with it? It sounds like a news broadcast announcing why the cricket has not started yet. [Only a true Englishman can get cricket into his reviews] Not only that though, as the bands repertoire winds forth on it's own merry path you'll notice that when the clean vocals of now ex singer 'Aleksanda Rasulic' kick in the band quite often but not always down play the metal which gives the flow a rather weak quality that doesn't appeal at all. I don't know why the singer has left the band but it isn't through lack of talent as she does have a nice voice although in places it does sometimes loose its way. Another rather disturbing part of the album is some rather odd interludes where the band adapt a porn movie like vibe, for point of reference play 'Driver' on the PlayStation 1 and go to 'Miami', it's very much like the background music. On the whole 'Rain delay' have an average sound. The drumming is modestly impressive and the growling vocals are powerful and well executed but in general you can't help but feel let down by a band who rather than strive for excellence have mired themselves in obscurity and mediocre oblivion! [5]

RIGOR SARDONICOUS - 'Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus'

From 'Long Island' comes folk influenced funeral death doom in the form of 'Rigor Sardonicous' and their fifth full length album 'Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus'. A Latin name for the new album which only adds to the overall grand sounding album from this deep and dark doom due but frankly this is one album that really takes allot of effort to concentrate on. When the treacle slow oppressive riff-age finally does kick in with its bleak mood and hostile growling vocals which may I add are the most powerful and gloomily impressive vocals I have ever heard, it frankly comes as some what of a release. Indeed though i am not joking about the vocals, they are so intense in their heaviness that they could have come directly from the deepest blackest bowels of Hell itself. On that note it has to be said that 'Rigor Sardonicous' and their new opus 'Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus' could well be the most physically oppressive and mentally head fucking piece of doom you will ever hear! To have these vocals plowed into your head at loud volumes is like being smashed in the skull with a truck! Surely nothing more needs to be said other than this will destroy your soul! Get this album!!! [9]

SHADOWDANCES - 'Misery Loves My Company'

From the little trodden path of metal that lays in the ex Russian state of Lithuania and their capital city of 'Vilnius' comes some extreme atmospheric doom made with the intention of sending a shiver down your spine. 'Shadowdances' and their third full length release 'Misery Loves My Company' fail to send a shiver down the spine or in fact to be in any way haunting and instead come out sounding like their near neighbours 'HiM'. This of course could be worse as the afore-mentioned band have millions of fans worldwide but for a doom band this isn't holding a candle to the usual doom suspects! Needless to say 'Shadowdances' are catchy and have nice melodies and subtly undertones as well as a deeply seductive vocal style which is weird seen as the singer is a man but overall whilst the music has a well oiled flow to it's journey yet it doesn't really stir the motions that a grime covered atmospheric true doom band should. However very few bands get to their third full length release without having talent and potential and this band has plenty of both which is enough to make this genuinely entertaining. [7]

THRONE OF KATARSIS - 'Helvete - Det Iskalde Morket'

Delving deep into the depths of the most unholy of lands, the Norwegian black metal duo of 'Thor Erik' and session bassist/guitarist 'Stein Sund' who make up the hierarchy of 'Thrones Of Katarsis' have followed up their 2007 debut full length 'At Eternal Dark Horizon' with this, 'Helvete - Det Iskalde Morket'. Oh for a really good translator. Like all good black metal bands 'Throne Of Katarsis' have that distant fuzzy production standard that gives the music a raw feel but also that it really has originated from the northern wilderness. With their blaspheming views on worldwide religion as well as their unbeatable devotion to the satanist cause 'Helvete' takes on a more sinister tone with it's positively evil vibe an omnipresent force. [If that word can be used to describe an anti religion black metal band] 'Helvete - Det Isklade Morket' I think translates too 'Hell - It's Cold Darkness' although though my Norwegian ... Isn't real [Thanks google] and if correct is gives a good summary to the whole 'Throne Of Katarsis' project! They are cold, right from the core they show no warmth towards man and extreme hostility to towards holy men and deities! Their trademark is an unrelenting veil of bleakness and musically they chill their listener to the bone. [7.5]

THURS - 'Mot Nord'
[Bloodred Horizon]

'Mot Nord' is the 2007 debut release of 'Stavenger' based Norwegian viking black metal outfit 'Thurs'. Playing in a very typical and traditional style of black metal it has to be said that I fail to see where the viking part comes in, but regardless this is a decent sounding three track demo despite the rather stereotypical black metal sound and raw fuzzy production qualities. As all good black metal artists should 'Thurs' create an aura of darkness to shroud themselves with but what holds this band back from true black metal greatness is the total lack of imagination that lurks within them collectively. That said though there is nothing wrong with a tried and tested method and this band are continuing what is a world renowned theme, not to mention that 'Mot Nord' is their debut release and packs neatly inside itself a whole world of talent and potential for the 'Thurs' boys to tap into when the time comes for their next release whenever that may be. So in the mean time sit back and relax so you can enjoy the darkness with a brand new Norwegian up and coming black metal pioneer. [7]

UMBRA NIHIL - 'The Borderland Ritual'

From the winter dawns of 'Oulo' in 'Finland' comes progressive doom band 'Umbra Nihil' and their second full length album 'The Borderland Ritual'. From the album title my pre-conceived notion of what this might entail had images of a titanic struggle, a war between neighbours or a blood ritual dating back through the ages that tied two waring factions together in a battle of never ending bloodshed, but what it actually produces is boredom. 'The Borderland Ritual' simply doesn't cut it, instead of being the epic that its moniker suggests it dribbles slowly away and utterly disappoints. Dark enough to be doom but not really having any of the other characteristics, whilst being very progressive rock but lacking any of the talent associated with many of the progressive acts of past generations, 'Umbra Nihil' float aimlessly between both sub-genres whilst never breaking fully into either. It leaves their music disjointed and totally unappealing. [4]

WITCHBURN - 'Witchburn'

Featuring a whole truck load of groove and three very lovely looking ladies, 'Seattle' based stroner doom metal band 'Witchburn' turn their backs on innovative original music and decide to tread a path that has been trodden so many times before, yet they do it with such ease of grace that nobody will really care! There is little better or more satisfying than powerful female doom vocals oozing with filthy intentions and groove drenched melody and 'Witchburn' certainly know how to utilise the sex appeal factor, but it isn't all about that and with some intricate solos and even more majestic head banging moments brought on by hook laden rolling repetitive riffs there is so much to be turned on by when it comes to these American doomsters! With a style mired so far into the old school you'll fall in love with their instantaneously catchy style and sleaze ridden etiquette. 'Witchburn' and their brand new self titled four track demo pack a real punch and lay down the basis for a long standing groove bound career entertaining many a folk from all over the globe, one can only hope anyway! [7.5]

WOEBEGONE OBSCURED - 'Deathstination'

So here we are with another fledgling career blossoming from the shores of the most metal part of Scandinavia, Err ... Denmark! But mock ye not as this funeral doom band packs a lot of promise and as it indulges us with some death and black metal influences it is clear to see that not only do 'Woebegone Obscured' mean business but they also mean to keep things well and truly on the down tuned side but are not against bringing in other themes to keep the pace, the flow and the overall sound fresh and interesting. Already adapting to the extreme metal lifestyle 'Woebegone Obscured' have already adopted the unreadable logo and now with their debut release 'Deathstination' they are ready to take on the world with their oppressively heavy blend of grinding riffs that keep the going slow, the growling vocals that mire the band in a raw wilderness of pain and futility and the every present brutality that rises off all the bands repertoire like fog off a wintry forest lake! As far as debuts go this needs to be handled with care and leaves a lasting impression. 'Woebegone Obscured' are set to put 'denmark' back on the extreme metal map with a dire vengeance! [7.5]

ZORA - 'Gore'
[Lost Soul]

Treading the waters of the Italian brutal death metal scene, Calabrasian metallers 'Zora' and their 2007 debut full length album simply entitled 'Gore' certainly packs a hatred fueled sucker punch as it roars out of your speakers at a thousand miles per hours straight from the outset. Not much thought process has really gone into the making of 'Gore' it has to be said, i think the album name alone would tell you that but musically the band do come across as very entertaining with a lot of catchy sections and hooks yet never dropping the intensity and brutality that all brutal death metal needs to fuel the fire!! What 'Zora' lack in imagination they bludgeon back with sheer frightening belligerence and a speed that would make most grind bands sit up and take note. Whilst nothing original is going on you cannot help but be impressed at the level of quality in the fierce sporadic drumming, the sheer aggressive force of the growled out vocals and the explosive power of the riff-age. 'Zora' keep things simplistic in their approach and style but the end result is a collision that could come up as at least a seven on the Richter scale if ever measured. [7.5]
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