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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 9   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 9 I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:20 pm

LAZARUS COMPLEX - 'The Cleansing'

'The Cleansing' is the 2006 debut release from 'Indiana' based epic doom band 'Lazarus Complex'. With a front cover depicting a man struggling on hands and knees through a rock strewn barren desert I did find the bands symbolism rather funny and apt as it does describe the bands musical approach somewhat! That isn't to say that 'Lazarus Complex' and their music is bad but it has to be said that they don't do much for me. Whilst I understand that doom is generally slow and meandering, this just seems stagnant with its one repetitive riff and groove combination became rather old and boring rather quick! Vocally Jerry Wilde [The creator of this one man doom project] comes across as uninspiring and lacks power or grace, one or both in my opinion is needed for a truly good doom sound. So in summary I feel the best way to describe 'Lazarus Complex' is sort of grey, a faded musical project that is neither bad not good but certainly not something to write home about. [5]

LEATHER NUN - 'Absence Of Light'

Time for some good old fashioned San Diegan doom metal played old school and loud!! 'Leather Nun' and their third full length release 'Absence Of Light' packs much in the way of groove and even more in 'Black Sabbath' like quality! Riff-age wise 'Leather Nun' pack a real punch like a tune straight out of Dean's car stereo in 'Supernatural' ... Don't pretend you don't watch that show just to rock out to the 'Sabbath' and 'AC/DC'!! This release is no different in concept and feel from the afore-mentioned artists, the groove laden melodies, the feel good fun time riff-age and the stoner element thrown in just for shits and giggles. Whilst nothing that is bashed out here will ever be classed as original or trend setting, the vibe that flows so easily from this American three piece will make you not give a damn and also I doubt the band ever intended to create a new sound, just to help improve a scene that once again is thriving thanks to such talented bands like this one. 'Absence Of Light' it may be called but it gives back so much more in the way of good times, great tunes and alcohol fueled passion!! [8]

LUCIKA - 'The Mangler EP'
[Stolen Ghost]

'The Mangler EP' is the follow up to 'Lucika's' 2005 debut album 'Unnerving Depth Of Black' which saw the 'Eugene' [Oregon for those of you who need a point of reference] black sludge metal band break on to the scene with a foul smelling filth crusted bang! I find 'Lucika' to be a rather odd combination but somehow it works! Vocally front man 'Skutch Lucika' shrieks with all the lust and anger of a black metal veteran and occasionally the riff-age does go off on a black metal foray of darkness that brings to mind snow covered pine forests and corpse paint, but then the sludge kicks in, the rolling repetitive riffs and the grime smeared alcohol fueled groove laden doom metal! It is an odd concoction and it does work, and whilst 'Lucika' and their 'Manger EP' is not the most soul ripping earth shattering project you will ever listen too it certainly does have it's blackened charms! Indeed in their more down tempo slower doom moments 'Lucika' hit in with some vicious melodies and an oppressive atmosphere to shock and devour the most hardened of metal-aholics! Indeed the more you listen to 'The Mangler' the more it grabs you, pulling you into its world of moderate darkness! [7]

LYCANTHIA - 'Within The Walls'

Australian doom band 'Lycanthia' [Possibly something to do with werewolves ] nix a harsh style of deep growled vocals with the beautiful harmonies of clean, pure and almost angelic female vocals. With a lyrical vocabulary ranging from flights of fantasy that flutter within the mind, to the deep and meaningful emotions that lurk in the more shadowy side of the brain, to the deceitful cemetery of death and despair, 'Within The Walls' has a wide variety of themes to keep the listener avidly interested while the bands almost pleasant style of Gothic doom washes over them in waves of energy and blackened melodies! What is impressive about the rather vast and grand 'Lycanthia' sound is that one moment they can be basking in the glow and flow of heavenly folk like fantasy doom, and the next they drop down into the underbelly, to the depths of doom trodden murk where huge riffs, satanic growls and killer double kick drumming is the king! 'Within The Walls' is a superb example of mixed style metal making a very direct and hard hitting impact, I only hope that for the next release we don't have to wait near ten years like we did this time! [8.5]

NEONGOD - 'Disease Inc'

From a country that specialises in off the wall satanism in the form of raw black metal, 'Neongod' and their full on thrash assault style is somewhat of a fresh relief to the music scene in Norway although in this case the deep anti religious sentiment has not altered. Taking their main influence from early 'Testament' judging by their darkened sound the bands new and indeed debut full length release follows up on two previously recorded demos and hits home instantaneously with sledge hammer blow riff-age and a lyrical message that straight to the point and cutting directly through the bullshit!! 'There is no god'! As a band though they do have a modern sound that reeks of the Gothenburg thrash scene in many places and this of course is never a bad thing but unlike alot of the bands from that scene 'Neongod' and their unadulterated hostile sound will never waver nor be diluted and as a result the message is always crisp and clear and packing a fist to the face approach as it bludgeons its way through your mind! If you need any more proof of the bands heritage of quality, their drummer is 'Carpathian Forest/Blood Red Throne' man 'Anders Kobro', enough said! 'Disease Inc' will literally grab you by the balls and twist your joy stick without even offering you a drink and small chit chat first, its brutal in its it's simplicity and groovy throughout!! [8]

NERVISEQUIN - 'Nervisequin'

'Salonica' in 'Greece' is not generally known to be a hot bed for metal acts but from this land comes forth zany 'System Of Down' crossed with punk influence 'Nervisequin'. Quite a bizarre occurrence really this band which incorporates electronic sound samples, Spanish guitar, punk rock and a definite 'SOAD' feel! It really works actually if you are after a lighter sort of metal, an interlude from all the black and death metal pulverising your senses on a daily basis! One thing you have to say is that 'Nervisequin' have a very original sound and whilst they blatantly draw influence from many bands and elements around them they have converted it all into their own unique blend of metal rock and utter bizarreness! True metal elitists who feel that metal should all be extreme and follow set para metres will hate this with a passion only known to Satan and people sick of hearing about 'Jade Goody', but those with an open mind with embrace this band are their craziness and come to welcome it with open arms in to their music collection for the impressive and talented piece of musical magic that it is! [8.5]

ORCUSTUS - 'Orcustus'
[Southern Lord]

Hailing from 'Bergen' in the wintry climates of hostile 'Norway' comes a straight up traditional black metal band who are releasing their first full length album after the production of two EP's and a demo, and better yet they have gotten it released through renowned American doom label 'Southern Lord'. 'Orcustus' is derived from 'Orcus' and means something along the lines of 'Hell' which is quite an apt sentiment from a band that brings you unadulterated black magic, an apocalyptic reign of terror and punishment and of course good old fashioned hatred for mankind! 'Orcustus' put simply is an explosion of hatred, of vitriolic sentiments or lack there of! Musically the band creates a wall of unbridled hostile noise pollution that shreds skin and pummels senses to an oblivion of eternal torment. Many black metal bands out there, even some of the ones that hail from the homeland of 'Norway' put a classical emphasis on their music but what you get with 'Orcustus' is straight edged venom spewing filth, traditional black metal that is meant to be played at loud volatile levels showing no mercy and no compassion, just an unprecedented rage that spreads fear throughout the populous! Better yet though this band does it so damn well, so maniacally and with some much talent and bitter skill that you will all be obliterated... willingly! [8.5]

PLASTIC GODS - 'Quadriplegiac'

Iceland is currently having a very hard time of things what with the economic crisis biting down so hard on the countries financial sector, but things are never as bad as they seem and luckily the tiny arctic island of geysers and ice palaces still has the time and resources to export fine upstanding epic drone doom metal direct from it's capital city of 'Reykjavik'. Although only three tracks in length, 'Plastic Gods' and their debut full length 'Quadriplegiac' weight into the metal bout with some heavy duty doom epics under their belt and a grim perspective on the world around them, maybe the credit crunch has effected them worse than I feared!! Now down to the music and apparently 'Plastic Gods' have a drummer by the name of 'Hossi' but he doesn't feature until six minutes in to the opening track, this has to be some kind of record! As far as drone doom goes this band has everything, long winding songs with no end in sight, down tuned riffs that bang out at a snails pace yet seemingly destroy all around them and an all round sense of apocalypse, catastrophe and blackened minds collaborating to form one single doom laden entity hell bent on making the world an even more grim place than it already is. That is 'Plastic Gods' and their oddly entitled new release, maybe its a band time to be a tourist in 'Iceland' right now as you definitely do not want to incur the wrath of this five piece drone doom militia!! [7.5]

THE PROPHECY - 'Into The Light'
[Code 666]

I have been holding off reviewing this album simply because I want to savour the experience. Usually when writing a review it is a learning experience, finding out about a new band and reporting to the unsuspecting masses on whether they are any good. Not so in the case of 'The Prophecy' and their brand spanking new full length 'Into The Light' which is an apt title, or maybe it's ironic for a band so deeply shrouded in the dark side of the psyche! Having said that this album has so many lighter interludes to entice you with softer vocals that this mix bag approach to death doom is somewhat refreshing! 'The Prophecy' though represent something far more important than fantastically made metal. They hail from the UK and this alone would be enough but no, they hail from my part of the world, the mighty 'Yorkshire'. now we have down the years produced some of the greats including 'Paradise Lost' & 'My Dying Bride' and now we have the new breed of metal coming direct to you from the greatest place in the world. 'The Prophecy' combine dominating metal fury with a soft side so delicate it could have been taken straight from a male sensitivity training manual! Words like genius spring to mind as the bands gripping melodies flow endlessly into one long metal heaven and so there is only one way I can think of to end this review and that is with a good old fashioned neanderthal like football chant. YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE, YORKSHIRE!! [9.5]

SAPROPHYTH - 'Consumed By Moths'

'Saprophyth' is the brainchild and one man project from Norwegian black and death metal head 'Sabizz' who creates and performs a very traditional style of old school Norwegian black metal, so much so that I don't see where the death metal part comes into it! 'Sabizz' is high on energy and creates a vast and oppressive blackened mood and vibe that hangs in the air like a palpable force whilst his music is being played loud, and as the demo continues the intensity that was lacking in the first moments grows to a solid wall of violent grimness! That is pretty much all that is on offer though and as the riff-age grinds on and on it becomes a distinct reality that this is a definite one trick pony, but seen as the one trick in his arsenal is played reasonably well you cannot complain too much! 'Consumed By Moths' is certainly a scary way to go but as a musical release it lacks penetration, penetration into your psyche! It lacks the final bite and on that note it has to be summarised that 'Saprophyth' whilst a decent sounding black metal project has a long way to go before its ripping up trees, metaphorically speaking. [6.5]
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