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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 15   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 15 I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:26 pm


What are the requirements of an obsessed doom band? I think that any band with the word doom in both their name and their latest release moniker has to be pretty obsessive. With a brutally down to earth and seriously down tunes bass sound 'Doomsower' pack the poor production quality that keep this band on the majorly raw side. Yet despite such a huge floor you cannot help but adore the full on doom goodness that exudes from their new release 'Ov Doom', my goodness this is a 'kvlt' release isn't it. 'Doomsower' have a very real old school wrath of all ages sound to them, it's grand and large and almost indescribable but the sens of nostalgia you'll get whilst their melodies wash over you will be powerful. Yes the vocals sound like he's singing in a church and the drums pretty much drowns everything else out but holy shitballs this is old fashioned down tempo doom like it used to be made, bad sound, dirt covered doom mania with all the trimmings. 'Ov Doom' is for all those old enough to remember early 'Cathedral' and for those of you wanting shiny pro tools metal, jog on! [8]

'A Way To Scream Your Hate'

A culmination of the best extreme metal from the island of 'Sardinia' and also 'Calabria' in 'Italy' is kicked off by three tracks from the darkened thrash/death antics of 'Land Of Hate' who rip their bloody way through their repertoire with a less than subtle blend of ferocity and carnal force! When they are finished ramming your senses with some brutal gore fueled hatred they lead onto their fellow thrashers the 'Sardinian' band with the simplistic name, 'Smashhead'. These island metallers pick up the intensity of the album with a deafening roar of blistering riff-age and impressive growls as well as the well controlled but always angry drumming. If the band before were heavy then these insane bastards are off the chain, and so lead us into the next act which would be fellow Sardinian brothers 'Deathcrush' who change the landscape and complexion of the entire album by fusing it with their brand of brutal black and death savagery! We have already been through intense but now the more satanic rolling riff side of things really takes hold as the blast beats and maniacal guitar play take a hold of your already dented soul and rip it to shreds!! To finish up though it is back to 'Calabria' and a band that have already featured on 'The Evil Inquisition' in the shape and form of brutal death metallers 'Zora' who play with lightening speed and a real penchant for destruction and death! Overall this album has proven what these two regions of 'Italy' have to offer in the ways of metal and let me tell you that it feels and sounds like having your head ripped off and your neck filled with shit! Totally brutal!! [8]

THE FACELESS - 'Planetary Duality'

For those of you who read metal magazines and webzines allot you'll know from experience that there is always a buzz about many a band at any given time, but one of the main artists getting some real high praise at the moment is a Californian technical metal band of the new breed, the up and coming saviours of the scene that have been emerging over the last few years, in this case the mightily talented 'The Faceless'. What you will find almost instantly intriguing and like able other than the sporadic intricate guitar solos in the rapid fire machine gun burst riffs that permeate the entire album. indeed 'Planetary Duality' is just one long broadcast for the modern sounding technical brutality that is sweeping the scene at present. [Save for an awesome computerised voice at the end of 'The Ancient Covenant' which is cool and science fiction like] 'The Faceless' have come hither with some real apocalypse like artwork with the new album and a musical sound and style to match, indeed the explosion of noise as the band let rip with their own brand of brutality is nerve racking but oh so joyful in a blackened kind of way! Many out there don't like the modernisation of the metal genre but when the talent on display is this good then who are we to argue? [9]

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR - 'Wisdom Calls For Sacrifice'

'The Flight Of Sleipnir' have packaged their new four track release 'Wisdom Calls For Sacrifice' in a unique and almost collectible cloth case emblazoned with the bands logo. This doom loving 'Colorado' duo of 'David' and 'Clay' have obviously put a lot of effort into the thought process behind 'Wisdom Calls For Sacrifice' and as an end result what you have is a pleasant sounding down tempo collection of trippy melodies, hardened groove riffs and psychedelic vocals that mind fuck your head and give out cravings for cerebral bending hallucenogenics. In places they can really up the decibel level with some sinister aggressive and harsh vocals but it is always loosened up with some more intricate solos and almost 'Tool' like slowed down strains! 'The Flight Of Sleipnir' keep things constantly changing so you never quite know what turn they will perform next, it can be disorientating and I find that to be the mark of a truly impressive band. In places the bands music may not be as soul searching or ground shaking as some doom bands that are currently plying their trade but what it lacks in flair it makes up for in thought and in potential! 'Wisdom Calls For Sacrifice' actually sacrifices nothing in quality and constantly makes you think, a great combination. [7]

GRND_O - 'Destroyer/Creator'

Featuring a damn peculiar name, Greek death metallers 'Grnd_0' have unleashed their debut full length release, the aptly named 'Destroyer/Creator'. With a lyrical repertoire journeying through the thought patterns of man, humanity and universal factors that shape our everyday lives, 'Grnd_0' lash out at those around them with a pummelling style of mass hatred and brutality. Yet they bore me, to put it simply. 'Grnd_0' knock out tune after tune of blistering heavy death metal that almost reaches grind speeds and the intensity they play with is impressive yet nothing in any of their songs has anything to reel me in, no hooks to interest me and at the end of the day the whole thing comes across as bland and unimaginative. That said I am but one man and this band does have talent and potential and because of that there will be many a person out there that find this Greek band of brutality very appealing and the potential shown will guarantee them many more fans in the future, but for me this just doesn't do anything except ensure a lower rating. [5]

HOLLOW SCORN - 'Chemical'

Gothic doom metal from Sweden, 'Hollow Scorn' follow up their two previous demo's with their brand new release going by the name of 'Chemical'. Despite some pretty decent grime fueled riff-age 'Hollow Scorn' flatter to deceive with the main culprit for their dour sounding music being some overly aggressive yet poorly sounding vocals which just sound messy and not in touch with the tunes being played. In fact it has to be said that in general 'Hollow Scorn' seem pretty directionless with songs that end without warning and a sound that is just so inadequate it feels painful to listen too. 'Chemical' offers very little in the way of entertainment or value for money [Luckily I didn't pay for this] and I think that 'Hollow Scorn's' third demo really ought to be their last. [2]

IXXI - 'Elect Darkness'

'Elect Darkness' is Swedish black metal progeny's 'IXXI's' third full length album in two years, a band then that likes to keep themselves active and busy on a daily basis. What could be better then to keep them occupied than a black metal campaign trail? You can see it now can't you? Four corpse painted black metal villains going door to door canvassing their native 'Stockholm' asking for your vote to elect the ways of Satan for a darker damper future! Actually though 'IXXI' tend to cover different areas of lyrical waters, moving away from the stereotypical Satanist viewpoint and looking at the world as a whole and tackling more urgent subjects such as the current terrorist threat, the wars that are plaguing the world such as 'Afghanistan' and of course the constant conflicts that arise in 'Africa', but as well as that they go into some depth on the subjects of ascension and theology! Not then your average black metal band. They are in many ways pioneers and despite releasing albums frequently they have not omitted any of the quality needed to make this a great piece of work. It's heavy without going overboard and has some magnetically haunting melodic interludes! 'IXXI' do black metal credit and I'm sure in the next two years there will be more albums for you to feast upon! [8]

LEPER LUPUS - 'Industrial Crust'

Industrial doom metal isn't something that you are likely to hear on a day to day basis but this Norwegian duo have certainly give it their best shot with their sophomore demo entitled 'Industrial Crust' ... original moniker! It has to be mentioned that the production isn't brilliant with the vocals coming across allot more loudly than the rest of the music. Not only that but the drumming sounds very sub standard and the riff-age dumbed down and hidden behind the rest of the music. However it does carry with it a raw underground charm and that goes along way to redeeming the album as does the groove laden zany twists and turns that 'Industrial Crust' takes as it deviates away from the normal doom road and treads its own waters. If all a band needed was originality and a weird sound then this band would be the greatest thing since a man realised sliced bread isn't everything and got off his lazy ass and cut the damn bread, but as it is there is room for improvement but also bags of potential for this intense atmospheric band to make things even better. [6.5]

LINGUA - 'The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been'

From the boys of 'Come Sleep' comes an alternative rock project vastly different in style from their alter ego yet grasping and utilising so many of the vital principles that makes their music so enjoyable. 'The Smell Of A Life That Could Have Been' is deep and meaningful and musically they bring in the methodical approach yet again but apply it to a more main stream style similar in places to 'Roadrunner' stars 'Khoma' or to Australian rockers 'The Butterfly Effect'. Many metal purists will hate this but frankly this is more enjoyable than the other project and packing allot more soul and compassion into it's cold and graceful sound. In places though these vastly talented Swedes prove that they know how to crank up the volume and give us a taste of their truly brutal leanings with some aggressive riffs and more powerful vocals but the main difference between them bands is this ones willingness to try new experiences and sounds as well as delving deeply into their feelings and lives to bring you a superbly impressive album and a full on pleasure/pain trip that you'll always want more of. [8.5]

OBSCURE - 'On Formaldehyde'
[Dark Essence/Karisma]

Bringing to your empty metal plates a fresh blend of heavy and power metal, 'Dark Essence' bring you their latest signing 'Obscure' and the bands debut full length album 'On Formaldehyde'. Featuring powerful clear vocals and an instantly catchy riff-age style, 'Obscure' lace their entire sound with multiple hooks and a traditional old school metal sound and the end result whilst nothing original is thought provoking and incredibly entertaining. 'On Formaldehyde' is an impressive debut album from a band who layer their every sound, chord, riff and beat with potential and a barrel full of talent. If you want deliciously heavy rolling riffs, you have them. Yet if you want a melody that travels throughout the length of the album to give it great diversity then you have that too and whilst the band don't offer much in the way of originality they more then make up for it with a great sound that reeks of a good night out with real ale and plenty of fun and frolics! 'Norway' isn't famous for it's heavy metal but this could be the start of the trend and if all of it comes out as good as this they have the makings of a new reputation. [7.5]
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