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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 8   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 8 I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:19 pm

ARCHAIC - 'Time Has Come To Envy The Dead'

Coming all the way from 'Budapest' in 'Hungary' comes thrash metallers 'Archaic' with their debut full length entitled 'Time Has Come To Envy The Dead', an enticingly named album from a country whose metal scene is coming along with leaps and bounds, helped in no small part thanks to bands just like this blackened thrash monster unleashed to release quality music. I haven't reviewed a good old fashioned hard hitting thrash band in an absolute age and 'Archaic' really do hit the honey pot with their high octane adrenaline fueled full power thrash-tastic new album! We are currently at a point in time where thrash has taken on a very modern edge with bands such as 'Trivium' trailblazing the new wave and new age, but thankfully for us metal purists 'Archaic' keep things progressively old school and terminally and perpetually dark. 'Time Has Come To Envy The Dead' will in time have other bands envious of its sound and style and its great to see more bands of this nature back on the scene make fast hard hitting metal in the vein of thrash legends 'Metallica'. 'Archaic' take you back to how music should be and will rip your fucking skin off in the process!! [8.5]

DESOLATE SUN - 'Desolate Sun EP'

Their self titles EP is Italian Gothic doomsters 'Desolate Suns' maiden release! Featuring haunting chant like vocals, gritty sounding double kick drumming and some monster riff-age, 'Desolate Sun' actually give out a good first showing for their first time out. I always have room in my stereo for uncompromising mixed pace flowing melodies and that seems to be this bands speciality with some well placed haunting interludes thrown in for good measure. Not only that but they come across as a band who have a very solid idea of where they want to go with their music and a band with a plan always sounds more professional. Now it could be argued that they do lack a certain spark that would propel them from being simply just entertaining to stalwarts, masters of their trade that can shock and devour their audience and have them eating out of the palms of their hands but you have to remember that this is the bands debut release and for their first time out this is pretty impressive. So brownie points for 'Desolate Sun' then and a huge amount of potential flowing our way from Italy! [7.5]

EVADNE - 'The 13th Condition'

The immaculate sounding 'The 13th Condition' is the debut full length album from Spanish Gothic doomsters 'Evadne' and my oh my does it sound good! Combining some serious darkness with grandiose atmospheric orchestral metal, massive riffs and a catchy hook infested dual vocalled doomtastic melodies, 'Evadne' mix and blend a combination of influences and styles to make one supreme sounding album of unlimited fury, subtleties and grace! 'The 13th Condition' from start to finish smacks with unrivalled talent and potential to last over the years with the promise of even better to come, but let me tell you that to top this album 'Evadne' will have to work extremely hard. The best word to describe their sound is epic, a cataclysmic melding of anger, frustration and bitterness that blasts out loud and volatile straight at you yet is cleansed with heavenly classical melodies that wash over your soul with magnificent presence and amazing beauty! 'The 13th Condition' is a contender, a contender that given the right air play and the right promotion will take this multi-talented band a long way and I for one hope it does! [9.5]

FATAL IMPACT - 'Law Of Repulsion'

Norwegian heavy and power metal band ' Fatal Impact' are following up their 2006 'Way Of The Witch' EP with a brand spanking new full length entitled 'Law Of Repulsion'. As a band they play a moderately catchy style of old school heavy metal and their choruses really do feature enough hooks and melodies to keep you interested yet at the same time they do seem to lack the final bit of oomph that could make them stand out as a band and distinguish themselves as one of the best. It is early says though and there is a lot of potential here laying just beneath the surface of what is a very easy to listen too metal band. As with any heavy metal act there are some hair swirling moments and huge riffs, and of course intricate solos a plenty as 'Fatal Impact' wind their way through the repertoire. Sadly though whilst pleasant and well played it never really gets your blood pumping and that is a real shame as I do believe the band could do this given more time but not to put too much of a downer on things 'Law Of Repulsion' is a good album with some good old fashioned old school sounds for those of you who prefer things the way they used to be!! [7]

FOREVER AUTUMN - 'Waiting For Oktober'

It's time for a step into the extreme dark side now with dark ambient bordering on the doom side of things, Forever Autumn! Those who are out for an easy listening rolling riff monster will be majorly unhappy, as what you get here is an ambling melodic flow, a sinister repertoire with deep rhetoric mutterings! Actually as each of the ten tracks winds its own path through your mind there comes across a distinct folk like pleasantness, to the incessant acoustic guitars, to the rhythmic chants and to the project as a whole. One thing you'll notice is the distinct lack of pace and of anything else actually. It is sad to say that 'Forever Autumn' and their new release doesn't seem to have anything else to add to its styles or sounds except for the odd raw vocal screech! That said though 'Waiting For Oktober' does have a nice feel, a pleasant mood too it and that for me goes a long way, so whilst this album doesn't shake the world around you it will give off a nice ambiance! [7]

FUNERAL MOTH - 'Funeral Moth EP'
[Weird Truth]

The 'Funeral Moth EP' is a two track release of epic sounding funeral doom madness brought to you by Japanese doomsters 'Funeral Moth', released through 'Weird Truth Productions'. The tracks represented are 'Ignorance' which brings this dirge infested down tuned bleakness to a snail pace like start and then leads into the blackened proverbial mouthful that is 'Depressive Dawn Of A Dismal Misty Day'. Now like all great funeral doom bands 'Funeral Moth' follow a very set a specific plan and that is long winded down tempo tracks with the most lethargic energy you can, or in this case cannot muster! As each note, each chord, each blast of riff or pain racked vocal grunt rips out at you the sky blackens, the mood sours and the world becomes a bleak and unholy land cursed with paranoia and bitterness at every turn! These are the emotions that should be generated by such bands and these are the reasons why this Japanese three piece of eternal misery are so superb at their art! 'Funeral Moth EP' is not for those of you who are easily swayed when your emotions are concerned, those too weak of mind and spirit will be destroyed by the unpleasant vibes created within! [9]

GRIFTER - 'The High Unholy Mighty Rollin EP'
[Code 7]

If ever a name reeked of alcohol fueled good times, drinking large and partying heavily whilst rocking out to great tunes, then this is it! Exeter based stoner rock outfit 'Grifter' have released the brilliantly entitled 'The High Unholy Mighty Rollin EP' and my goodness lordy lordy this feels good! Utterly groove drenched, packing hook after hook, rolling riff after rolling riff and old school stoner metal 'Black Sabbath' style vocals, that is what comprises on of the most feel good old school releases of the year so far! No it is nothing original and no 'Grifter' don't strive to make a sound that differs from their main influences but when a release sounds this good and this enjoyable then who gives a damn? My particular favorite is a real stoner groove classic by the name of 'Sweat Like Horses' with its fast paced catchy rhythms that blast out at you like booze ridden vibes sent forth to sucker you in and rip up your mind with brain altering, cerebral bending melodies!! 'Grifter' are, if you couldn't already tell, simply fantastic and just like 'Sweat Like Horses' says, it's tastes so good yeah!!! [9]

I KLATUS - 'Surveillance & Worship'

Hailing from Chicago 'I Klatus' are an experimental rock project that dabbles in the dark side of music yet finds melody and subtleties a great medium when fusing their art with a hard hitting drone doom style of metal. If though you are expecting an easy ride, an easy to listen too stroll through the woods then you will be sorely disappointed as 'I Klatus' and their new full length release 'Surveillance and Worship' is capable of generating a dense wall of noise once the hostile side of their nature takes a hold of proceedings. The bass levels are astounding and at high volume this album could strip paint off the walls it is that vitriolic! 'Surveillance & Worship' is a collision, a melding of influences to produce one long melting pot of rage mixed with the need to destroy all senses, a feat that 'I Klatus' are well capable of achieving. As far as I am aware this band is unsigned but with talent like this that will soon be remedied, but in the meantime you'll have to make do with this American unsigned band who dole out brutality like it was going out of fashion, but lets be fair with the art of metal brutality will always be in a top commodity!! [8]


Australian death metal pioneers 'Imminent Psychosis' come packing a large amount of blast beat and double kick sorcery, huge levels of blistering riff and bass and an overall feeling of 'if we stop playing so quick then we die'! Indeed this could be the metal version of the film 'Speed' where if they drop under 100 riffs a minute the bus explodes!! It isn't all about the speed though and 'Imminent Psychosis' come hither with much groove and a whole bucket load of hooks and catchy full on death metal tune-age!! 'Ruthless' is an album name that serves the band well as pretty much describes their whole philosophy towards metal, indeed it seems that blistering heaviness is pretty much the one constant that the band rely on! On the whole 'Ruthless' and it's impressive and extremely violent ruthless streak are satisfying if your out for ill intent and unbridled savagery but if you are after anything else, melody perhaps then you may want to look else where. For 'Imminent Psychosis' though they set out on hell bent brutality and that is what they deliver from start to finish with impeccable results!! [7.5]

IMPENDING DOOM - 'The Serpent Servant'

You can always tell how awesome a band may be by the amount of beards of doom that a band is collectively sporting. On Californian deathcore crew 'Impending Doom' I'm counting three beards of doom! This is a good start! If ever a band name was apt to their sound though, 'Impending Doom' is it! Enormous riffs create a cavernous effect of hostile noise whilst the ear splitting vocal capacity of front man 'Brook Reeves' could shred the bark off a tree at a hundred paces! The irresistibly entitled 'The Serpent Servant' is a weapon designed and set loose to cause violent damage with unbridled musical fury! It is a bringer of chaos that executes superb down tuned darkened metal at sometimes volatile levels. Played at loud volumes this album could make ears bleed and that's the true brutal beauty behind 'The Serpent Servant', its entertaining due to well placed catchy hooks but not for one second do the band let the intensity levels drop and as a result you are left listening to a face melting example of vitriolic deathcore at its supreme best! [8.5]
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