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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 1   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 1 I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 28, 2009 11:47 pm

o.68/AMELOTATIST - 'Todeskvlt EP'
[Swallow The Feeder]

Some may see a split release featuring only two songs as slightly pointless, but with Doom nothing is pointless. Nothing is trivial or unrequired. "Left" is 8:12 of slow paced tuned down heaven from Germany's Industrial Doomsters o.68. Starting with a haunting narrative that builds deliberately into a churning wasteland of deep inauspicious sense of longing, this is pain and anguish personified into musical context by a band in total control of the mood that dilates around them as their music uncoils. One song is never usually enough to get to grips with the message and the thought that said band are trying to portray, but as the creeping riffs fan out and haunt your senses, backed by the cavalry that is crushing growling vocals and a slow simplistic but also devastating drum beats, one cannot help but become immersed in a dark shrouded world that o.68 ordain. Indeed I say all this on the strength of "Left" and offer up a final food for though. Imagine a whole album by the band, that would be truly apocalyptic and furious! [7.5] As far as I am aware, "Todeskvlt" is to date German Funeral & Black Doom Metal outfit Amelotatis's first release, and their half of the demo is taken up with the gut wrenching and almost soul destroying noise pollutant that is "Erniedrigung". Black Metal influences are overly abundant, harking back to the frost bitten Scandinavian winters when true Raw Black Metal was formed, yet the Doom element is also clear. Wailing vocals rack this ten minute long melodrama of pain worship and bitterness and whilst the tempo remains oppressingly slow in true Funeral Doom tradition, it is not until a violin enters the fray after four and half almost agonizing wail ridden minutes that the song comes to life, at least as much as it ever does. Still this part of the track is chilling and beautiful to listen too and one could almost lose ones self and totally forget the bleakness from which this came. All too song though the throng of raw riff-age and the wailing of the condemned is returned with no particular flow. Indeed it has to be said that after the gripping nature of o.68 this is a little bit of a let down, but if you want a band that can create a pure blackened atmosphere then Amelotatis don't disappoint. [5]


German Giulio Pitta's one man creation A Dawn Serene is no ordinary demo. Within three fairly short songs you will be taken on a journey, and the man is so clever that even the song titles alone show you the direction. "Fragile Embrace" is a melancholy two minute intro featuring enticing Spanish guitar and an almost leisurely mood. From such gentle beginnings comes the harsher darker sounds of "Nightingales, A Sigh, A Whisper" which again is only two minutes in depth yet explores Giulio's haunting voice and the blacker side of his creation. At six minutes long "The Return To Light" is the epic doom track of the demo and as the name suggests it does have an inspirational quality, like the curtain being drawn back and the light rushing in on you. Here is where the real doom hits in with it's intricate guitar solos, booming riffs and gradually winding melodies. Vocally delicate but ever so chilling, musically superb and instantly exciting, A Dawn Serene, ten minutes of varying styles, doom laced drama and one hundred per cent illuminating theatre! [8]

[I Hate]

French one man Funeral Black Metal act The Austrasian Goat is the brainchild of Julien Louvet and in past centuries was a powerful realm of Merovingian Franks located between France, Belgium & Germany! Signed to Scandinavian Doom label I Hate Records this black musical project may not be the most widely received but it most definitely packs a back and angst ridden punch played at seriously high volumes. "Piano & Stump" is the latest in a long line of recent releases as Julien keeps himself forever overworked. In fact this release is one of about four full lengths released since 2007, prolific stuff!! Musically you cannot really fault The Austrasian Goat too much. Subtleties arn't something you'd expect and nor is it something you get either. Its tone drifts somewhat aimlessly through a depressive fog of its own creation and appears to meander zombie like through the darkness endlessly searching for the light. What is "Piano & Stump"? Its a fourteen track epic of mourning and blistering hatred towards to world and the more The Austrasian Goat release the more you realise just how much vitriol there is for our tiny planet. Vocally Louvet spits out so much scorn and venom that any living entity within his path could be seriously injured bringing a whole new meaning to the proverb "If Looks Could Kill". Musically the melodies [If that's what you wish to call them] grind along like razor covered candy and designed to inflict as much brutal damage as is humanly possible. I am painting an overly raw picture here though as certain songs duly prove with the odd softer and much more eloquent intro scattered about the place but as always the hostility prevails as I knew it would. I think the Austrasian Goat is all about the awkward balance that exists in all our lives. Far from the happy go lucky world landscape that the mainstream media and music paint for us, this project represents the bitter harsh truth that is real life. Pain and agony though never sounded so glorious as when told through the medium of crushing Funeral Black Metal played by one pissed off Frenchman! [8]

FALL OF THE IDOLS - 'The Seance'
[I Hate]

Gloomy, atmospheric Traditional Doom Metal that is by no means to be taken lightly. Hailing from Tornio in Finland this Doom sextet's new release "The Seance" [Released through I Hate Records] is quite simply put a force. A force to be reckoned with no less, but then when a band packs three guitarists you know you're in for a culmination of pure noise slingshot violently into a groove laden repertoire that will make the earth move around you like an unexpected earthquake of unbridled fury and animosity. It isn't just about the crushing riff-age though. Fall Of The Idols produce superb harmonies to give their sound an undercurrent, a deep seated melodic flow that grips and ensnares throughout the duration of this epic sounding Leviathan! Add on top of all this music flair the haunting vocals that dwell in the centre of Fall Of Idols and you have one hell of an ominous sounding oppression maker. Although not the bands first release and not even their their debut album, with talent like this you know instantly that they will go far! "The Seance" is a release that invokes emotions throughout and although pretty much all performed at a sluggish pace you never get bored or tired of what Fall Of The Idols have to offer. Not that this band don't change things up a little as is proved in the thrilling "At The Birth Of The Human Shadow" which ups the tempo whilst still staying true to the bands style and sound. This is pure unadulterated Doom from start to the very finish [Finnish?] and should surely serve notice to all that Fall Of The Idols are pure Doom heavyweight contenders and one definitely for the future! [8.5]

GODSWILL - 'Forest Lake Demo'

True to the demo title of "Forest Lake" the intro to "Time I Should Leave" is created by extracting forest sounds, playful birds singing cheerfully as well as the rustle of leaves and a babbling brook and underneath it all a slow almost pan pipe like melody casting a folksy eye upon all that it surveys. That is right up until the point where the crushing guitars and brutally raw vocals kick in to destroy the calm and tranquillity that once was, like a logging company from Satan. This is the way of all things. This... is Godswill, a seemingly one man show from the information that I have at my disposal that hails from the wintry climbs of St Petersburg in Russia. Specialising in some good and honest down tempo atmospheric Doom Metal which borders on Black/Folk Metal in places and has a distinct Burzum-esque vibe. What grabs my attention though is that the lyrics are audible, this instantly appeals and musically Godswill takes you on a winding journey, this also appeals. "Lost The Sense" has a more rain reliant intro but once the music kicks in the brutality continues but this time with a more a more stepped up feel similar to that of Nargaroth. Godswill pull you in, there can be no denying it. Ever present is an ensnaring factor at work here and it derives from the music being so well crafted and performed with a dark finesse. Melodies that thunder out at you are always a pleasure/pain experience but this is gripping, infiltrating but also melodic and subtly in its own way. To finish things off is the title track "Forest Lake" with its mandatory landscape themed intro and harmonious flowing moods. Once more the vitriolic music sets in again and this could be the one criticism that I can throw at Godswill, that all their songs follow a set pattern and never reach the adventurous heights that their potential suggests, but it has to be said that this grinding winding demo most certainly has its charms. Its almost as if it is indeed Gods will that this demo be liked. [7.5]

HUKKUNUD HINGED - 'Tuhjusesse Suurde'
[Boyanov Gimn]

Estonian Doom Metal isn't something that you're likely to hear on a daily basis so make sure you pay special attention. This two track single entitled "Tühjusesse Suurde" is creeping and oozing with Black Metal influence but is too slow in pace for that moniker and so fits quite nicely into the Doom category.As well as the obvious there is a small element of folk leanings in opening track "Loojangu Laul" mainly in the vocal area and that along with an extremely prominent bass player makes this adequately eye catching. It has an Eastern European feel to it also and although there is nothing specific within the melody that hints at it's ex-Russian state beginnings it does have a raw brilliance that reeks of frost bitten winters, hardship and toil. Where I feel that Hokkunud Hinged really come into their own though is finale track "Juurte Nukrus" with it's intricate melodic intro and it's rasping Doom fury as it plunges headlong into sturdy deep riffs that shatter the peace splintered ice when met by a vicious force. Vocally these Estonians often come across as almost Satanic and musically they are pleasing whilst never really stepping up a gear. You may say that there is nothing too original here but "Tühjusesse Suurde" definitely has it's folksy charms and above all is well worth a listen. [6.5]


OK how to spot a great way to start an album in one easy step? "Rocktopus!!" That is the sweetest opening track name I have ever seen. Much Kudos already to Wiltshire's [England] Iron Hearse who have come forth with their first full length release and follow up to the 2005 EP "Peddle The Metal" ... This is the irresistibly named "PsycheDOOMelic". Right from the offset this is groove laden Doom at its best and what thrills me even more, it's British, the way things should be. British Doom is making a comeback!! Traditional old school Doom and nothing else here with sounds dating as far back as Black sabbath, the vocals are clear and clean, the riffage is dirty and back tuned down with the bass and drums giving Iron Hearse that extra kick as they search for Doom dominance and glory. For you're listening pleasure Iron Hearse have been good enough to add on four live tracks, two which feature on the album plus "Ruins Of Doom" from their 2004 demo of the same name and also from 2005's "Peddle The Metal" comes "Winter Of Discontent" with a sound and mood hailing from centuries ago when times were bleak wars waged daily for power and land. [Not unlike today then] What is irrefutably true is that the Iron Hearse live experience is full on and casts an oppressive mood and something I would gladly experience, lets hope they're in my area soon. As an album though "PsycheDOOMelic" makes the ground shake with it's deep down tuned bass lines and pure whiskey stained steaming riff-age! definitely one to check out. [7.5]

KAVIAR KAVALIER - 'Bukkake Express'

Now here is something you won't see every day, not even once in a blue moon either I would wager. Kavier Kavalier with the most oriental sounding brand of fast tracked Doom Metal, with songs titles along the lines of Hong Kong & Tokio, where else would they hail from? You guessed it, the Czech Republic! Stand to reason really doesn't it? Never was there a more sexually perverted band, totally obsessed with the erotic and the ludicrously filthy but when you look past the filth you actually have a hald decent band. Kaviar Kavalier may have severe spelling difficulties but they ain't half catchy you know. Now yes at times "Bukkake Express" makes me think of the Kubrick film "Full Metal Jacket [Ooooh you have girlfriend Vietnam? Me sucky sucky, me love you too much] but the further you listen the more you start to appreciate the bands quirky sense of humour and intriguing melodic sexual remedies. Whoever listen the band as Doom was pushing the boat in a big way, in fact the closest they come is Groove Metal but frankly i just see them as good old fashioned good time party styles rock music, made to be fun, made to thrill and made to disgust you're grandparents! To be the Devils Advocate for a minute I think I'll stick with Atmospheric Metal, that seems the best way to describe the random sounds currently bombarding my psyche right now, but call them what you will, Kaviar Kavaliers are enjoyable, funky and just a little bit mad in the head! Terrific!! [7]
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