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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 20   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 20 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2009 12:08 am

KORPBLOD - 'Hymner'

For those of you who are familiar with, or even devoutly read The Evil Inquisition, you'll know that the two forms of Metal that takes a lot to impress me are Grindcore and Black Metal. mention early 'Napalm Death' or any 'Gorgoroth' and I am likely to be found in an almost catatonic state of slumber. As far as I can see the problem with Black Metal after you get past the almost mandatory folk like or intricate and mystical intro is that when it is all stripped down and raw, it generally sounds too generic to be listened too and always missing one or two vital elements. Now say with someone like 'Burzum you don't get this, and neither do you with what is on offer here. 'Korpblod' sound nothing like 'Burzum' but they have a rich pounding boom about their music, it grinds long at its own pace and whilst still chilling to the bone, frosty and somewhat hostile in it's approach, it still maintains that listenability factor. throw in some eerie chant like humming into the mix and this is damn dark and deceiving. Korpblod keep you interested whilst still clinging to their grim status and that for me goes along way. All the right elements of Black Metal mixed in, with none of the bad ones. Bleak! [8]

THE SEVEN GATES - 'Angel Of Suffering'
[Heavy Artillery]

'The Seven Gates' are the French answer to progressive death metal, in so much that with a sound and talent as high as this they could be the fore front of the countries scene. If the machine gun like riffs don't give you a towering erection then grand sounding heaviness that weaves itself around the band and their new album 'Angel Of Suffering' surely will. Complete with intricate solo's, deep and growled vocals of the highest order and a pace that says quite simply 'do not fuck with us', 'The Seven Gates' bludgeon their way through the weak and the chaff but do so with a sense of style and practiced showmanship that sets them high above the usual gore fanatics and those in the game simply to make a loud noise and shock the mainstream type folk. This French outfit have a plan and they are sticking too it, to blast and bombast their audience but to do so with class and a seasoned approach to brutality. If only everyone was so well mannered. [7.5]

THE DOOM - 'Echoes To Chaos'

Oooooh Dear! Oh dear me. With a name like 'The Doom' I was not really sure what to expect. On one hand it could be like calling the band 'The Shit', that they are so damn good at performing Doom Metal that they are simply and without question 'The Doom'. Not so though in this case as 'The Doom' is actually born from the fact that this Californian duo are firstly, you guessed it, a Doom Metal band, and secondly and probably most importantly, have absolutely no imagination whatsoever! Then again what would you expect from a pair of idiots who call themselves 'Cavedweller' and 'Nightstalker'. Maybe the afore mentioned duo should stick to their caves and carry on stalking the night like paedophiles instead of churning out this absolute garbage. Lets get something straight right now, making slow music that is the same in all six of your songs and having the vocal ability of a castrated elk does not constitute you being a Doom band. 'Reverend Bizarre' were a Doom band, your just doomed! [0]

HATCHET DAWN - 'Faith In Chaos'

From the land down under where sun almost always shines and the place names cause bouts of dyslexia comes Australian metallers 'Hatchet Dawn' and their nicely packaged and professionally made new five track EP entitled 'Faith In Chaos'. From the name I'd like to think that this is directed at those who in a world turned upside down [or down under in this case] they still stick to their ideals and beliefs whatever they may be. Yet from the track titles it is more obvious that it more a dig at the weakened position of the church and how despite such obvious shortcomings the sheep still stay close to the flock. If you want more proof then listen to 'Consuming Creation' or 'Demon'. Any of the five will do though and the band who obviously put a lot of effort into making sure everything looks and sounds great have done a spectacular job, hell they have even made their music insanely dark in places whilst still being a hook filled catchy saga shrouded in an audio attack against the holiest of hollies. I wouldn't want to be a member of the clergy right about now! [7.5]

[Great Dane]

Hailing from 'Montreal' in 'Canada' and featuring both guitarists from progressive metallers 'Tears For The Dead Gods', 'Deeply Confused' wield into action with their fancy riffs, blackened vocals and sporting a slightly more intricate sound than most bands of their ilk. The bands new EP 'Isolated' is their only release Barr a demo a few years ago and this signals a real sign of intent deep from within the heart of the French quarter Unless my geography is way off, and then replace that statement with English sector] I have to be honest, I have no idea what this death and thrash five piece are so confused about, but what i do know is that by combining their collective talents and drives they have created seven tracks of a mighty fine order and a rather dark persuasion. Some of their work shows a much higher thinking process than most also with examples such as 'Torments In The Shade Of The Totem Pole', yet sometimes they just go with their darkened gut with the likes of 'The Darkest day'. Yet whatever tickles your pickle this band should be one to listen too for you all. [7.5]

81db - 'Evaluation'
[Orion's Belt]
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 20 Evaluation_out_now

Hailing from Italy comes '81db' with a haunting intro that never touches upon but is blatantly talking about the tragedy of 9/11. Listen and you'll see what I mean. On to the bands style and what you have is a catchy rock band with a heavier than most sound and a vocal style that sometimes takes you off in a direction you don't fully expect. not for everyone I would say but if you can get to grips with what is being played I reckon you will find 'Evaluation' a rather enjoyable experience. On to the artwork and again you have class, a band who take pride in the appearance of their work with this dark and haunting, almost spiritual piece. From what i have heard '81db' are a band that look at the world and don't like what they see and so wax lyrical about the things around them. 'Italy' recently has had its own tragedies and their prime minister is a buffoon, I wonder if the next release will pass comment? [7.5]

THE EVERSCATHED - 'The Devil's Cross'
[Open Grave]

'Chicago' style Death Metal served up with a cruel helping of twisted Black Metal styled vocals, 'The Everscathed' have returned with their 2008 released EP 'The Devil's Cross'. Spread over five tracks this release is a full throttle diabolical slam of venom fueled hostility and speaks of unsavoury acts of violence and degradation. From the somewhat pushy 'Forcing Diabolic Doctrine' through to the bludgeoning 'Murder Most Foul', through the crushingly heavy 'Baphomet's Throne' and the scathing 'Hung Drawn And Quartered', right until the final 'Demonscorned', the band never lose their unrelenting bludgeoning style and are forever going directly for the jugular in attempt to bring about as much audio inflicted pain as possible. Throughout all of this though 'The Everscathed' retain a sense of self and hang on doggedly to a sound that they can truly call their own and this goes a Long way too, so all in all this is a cracking release. [7.5]

DALRIADA - 'Szelek'

If I am going to be completely honest I was all set to hate this album. I had read two reviews on the Metal Archives giving the band almost full marks yet as I sat listening to the most irritating intro you are ever likely to hear I doubted these scores were accurate and had already made up my mind that they had been in fact by friends of the band. This may be the case but after a couple of minutes of unorganised jabbering this album takes on a life of it's own, the dual Hungarian worded vocals come into their own and also, this is damn heavy for a folk metal band. yes the start wasn';t great and gave me some massive misgivings but it cannot be denied that 'Szelek' grows on you at an astonishingly rapid pace. Fast frantic and always energetic, this Hungarian troop of tree dwelling metal folk really know how to turn on the charm, so when you listen and you get annoyed at the start, please persevere!! [8]

SETBACK - 'Unfinished Business'
[Crash Course]
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 20 M_bde88a06f076a74fd3c96aeb809c360b

It's been a long time since I reviewed a proper hardcore band, so what could be better than a band hailing from 'Queens' in 'New York'? Well it's a shame that the band to end my duck would be 'Setback' and their new album 'Unfinished Business'. from the album title you know it's going to be violent and bloody but frankly the music isn't. yes it has a great deal of bass but that's about it. 'setback' are irritating to say the least, a band who talk none stop about people talking shit, yet they do nothing but!! This is one long ego trip from men who blatantly have to talk big in order to fuel their hard assed image but when you look through the never ending surge of bullshit you'll realise that's all these guys have. Bullshit! Talk of having an X on your back, watch your back, your a marked man etc, boring, repetitive and not fun to listen too! If these guys have real issues, I'd suggest taking it out and those who they have a beef with so that people like us don't have to listen to them spout off about crap! [2]

ATTACK - 'Death Engine'
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 20 AttackDeathEngineposterprinters

If you are after thrill a minute booze inspired punk orientated thrash metal, look no further than 'Melbourne' in 'Australia' and at the simply named but aptly also, 'Attack'. 'Attack' don't try to be original, they just try to know your black off and with their new release 'Death Engine' they do just that! This then is ten songs of not quite ferocious, but certainly ill mannered rude and crude dirty metal with a strong punk presence in the vocals and a southern rock influence through the centre to give this band a large element of groove. 'Attack' are a feel good band, the kind of band that gears you up for a full throttle night out on the piss with the lads, or the band that makes the night out in a live arena. yes many an ale would be consumed while thrashing about to this one! So if you are after that simplistic metal and rock sound to get you cranked up for the night ahead, look no further! [7]
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