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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 5   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 5 I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:09 pm

BRUTART - 'Arab Dream'
[Unsigned - At The Time]

In the August first edition of 'The Evil Inquisition' I brought to you the latest release from Slovenian death doom lords 'Brutart' by the name of 'Mimic'. Well I liked them so much I'm delving into the past now so please cast your mind back to 2005 and I bring you 'Arab Dream'. I mentioned it in my last feature on the band but it deserves another mention. 'Brutart' really do care about the package as a whole and as with 'Mimic' and the hardback booklet approach they have also made a sustained effort here too with the demo artwork actually etched on to the CD box and the artwork in the booklet which is hallowing yet brilliant! Musically I feel that 'Brutart' get heavier in sound the older they get so 'Arab Dream' is a little more on the thoughtful side especially with songs like 'Sarajevo 94' an obvious reference to the conflict in the former Yugoslavia that racked and rocked the Balkan area for years in it's aftermath. 'Brutart' are without a doubt an 'Evil Inquisition' favourite and it's nice to be able to discover and ponder over the bands roots as they emerged onto the European metal scene. The bands music always carries with it a slightly raw quality and I like that but they also always seem in control and content with the sound which they have created. 'Mimic' was released in 2007 so doing the maths I'm hoping 2009 will see more from 'Brutart' and I'm sure they are a band with much more to say!! [7]


Melancholy inspired French Atmospheric Doom hailing from the town of Tours, Douce Morphine play a slow melodic brand of Doom with opposite dual vocals, gruff male growling and a much more haunting and clean vocal style. Taking many of their cues from nature and the world around them Douce Morphine's 2007 EP MMVII is the follow up to 2005's "Des Mots". I found them to be rather easy to listen too and during "La Derniere Chandelle" Douce Morphine do pick up their pace as well as adapting their more sinister side. On the whole though I found that while Douce Morphine are relatively pleasing to listen too they also come across as rather uninspiring and rather than bringing something fresh to the ears of the masses they have travelled a road upon which many band has trodden in the past, the same weary melodic heavy mix that you will hear countless times over and over. That put aside though and it cannot be denied that "MMVII" is a decent EP, well produced and performed by a band who enjoy and know how to play easy to listen too music. they keep things pretty mixed with a heavy style in start contrast to some of the bands more peaceful interludes. Personally though I like the bands ability to slip into a cold black mood entwined with sinister ominous feelings. Douce Morphine may not be the most original of bands but they keep their sound varied and they know how to entertain. [6.5]

ELLIOTT'S KEEP - 'In Medias Res'

From what I can see 'In Medias Res' is the debut release from Dallas based doom band 'Elliott's Keep' and when you look at the staggering artwork and the professional sound of the music you cannot help but be impressed. That isn't all though, with many of their choruses being sang in what I presume is Latin the band have a diversity that some others just cannot emulate these days. Style wise 'Elliott's Keep' have a laborious sound that ebbs and flows well and has an all round solid nature to it. Enjoyable, dark and gritty this is a doom album made to last the ages and all this from a three piece? Superb! I like the drumming personally. It responds well to the nice bass lines and the riff-age that is powerful and poignant as well as the old school doom vocals that could have come direct from some lost long ago British doom outfit. Many say that 'Rage Against The Machines' debut self titled album is the perfect debut album and as we all know it is a peach but 'Elliott's Keep' have weighed in to that list with a specular and controlled effort of precise and solid doom glory that really packs a bite and sounds superb!! [8.5]


Five Star Prison Cell, a clever pun on today's cushy penal establishments are just a cool sounding name? Who knows. This Melbourne based technical metal band have more to occupy their time than simply queries and quandaries like the dolling out of raw and aggressive beats in a high octane yet sporadic fashion! Boasting a style that sounds extremely similar to Dutch progressive tech heads Textures, Five Star Prison Cell do weigh in with some deeply technical riff-age that slams home like a sledge hammer to the skull but quite often their flow is somewhat off kilter. That said though there will always be room in metal for some good old fashioned adrenaline fueled audio pummelling and that ladies and gentlemen is this bands speciality! Not only that though but for an unsigned band this is an all round professional looking and sounding package and the music on display although not overly to my tastes is impressive to say the least! Five Star Prison Cell have the ability to take you from an almost jazz like interlude to a solid impenetrable wall of noise in the space of seconds and when the bands overly tech based sound drops a little to let in some catchier melodies they really do hit the sweet spot! 'Slaves Of Virgo' is the dawn for a band with huge potential to take the scene by storm! [7.5]

FIVEWILLDIE - 'Slung From A Tree'

Hailing from Cork in Ireland and featuring more hooks than a fishing tackle shop and a vocal style that is more gravely than the drive at Buckingham Palace, 'Fivewilldie' bring a whole new meaning to the word sludge and sport a production level that is on the right side of sounding good but also raw enough to give the band that truly awesome underground sound. In a couple of months this band hits the UK on tour and I for one may have to check this out because from every pore of their music they sweat alcohol fueled ferocity mixed with a true willingness to dominate their audience with aggression and a fever pitch of rolling repetitive riffs and a barrage of some of the most brutally raw vocals you will ever hear! 'Fivewilldie' are the kind of unrelenting doom sludge band that this world needs, a band where subtle melodies and intricate guitar solos just don't seem to feature because they take up valuable heavy time and their new release 'Slung From A Tree' can take up as much of my heavy time as it likes. [8]

FOREVERS FALLEN GRACE - 'This Burden, My Cross To Bear'

It's time for another feature band double header. 'Forevers Fallen Grace' a US doom band come prepared with ancient monument styled artwork and an old school style descending straight from the glory days of 'Black Sabbath'. A clone band though this band isn't and they incorporate their own style heavily and really stamp their authority on their sound. OK first thing of note is the bands over usage of the drum symbols. Now you may find this to be a bad observation but happily you would be wrong as I totally adore too much symbol in metal, I can't explain it but it really floats my boat! secondly the bands completely groove orientated sound really fits into place well and flows majestically out of your speakers and into your mind's deepest recesses. 'Forevers Fallen Grace' and their 2004 full length release 'This Burden, My Cross To Bear' has hidden depths throughout in the shape of vastly entertaining melodic undertones and stupendous solos intricately played with amazing amounts of talent and a real fun seeking attitude. This is the perfect album to be inebriated too and failing that just a great album in general! [8]

FOREVERS FALLEN GRACE - 'Herald Of Twilight'

Completing my 'Forevers Fallen Grace' brace of reviews is the 2008 full length release 'Herald Of Twilight'! Straight away you'll notice a much slower pace overall with a folk like undertone but still the same heaviness that you'll hear on the bands previous album. Another thing that has remained exactly the same is the 'Forevers Fallen Grace' quality which once again shines through like a torch beam in a murderers basement. All the same intricacies are present as the music bonds beautifully with the bands dynamic style but the piano based interludes for example add a graceful respite from the barrage of riffs that come hurtling your way throughout the album. 'Herald Of Twilight' feels like closure. It is an odd sensation to describe about sheer music but this album just has lone of those sounds, one of those moods, those feelings that is close to musical bliss. The learning curve that the band have undertaken since the previous release is enormous and as I recall that was a damn good release too, but 'Herald' just feels good in a way that a lot of other bands simply cannot re-create. 'Herald Of Twilight; is doomtastic to say the least and shines, shines bright when all around is dark, [9]

THE GODDAMNED - 'Disaster Comes Along'

The Goddamned, now there is a name that oozes with character. instantly you know you're probably in for a good time. This Stoner Doom band hailing from Falkenberg in Sweden nearly got off to a bad start with me though and a bad review, not through any musical issues but through their box being harder to get into than an airport chicken kiev. Damn near cut my fingers off [Joke] Anyway on to the serious stuff... Teo Dahnberg, Henrik Allbjer, Kim Gustafsson & Fredrik Johansson make up The Goddamned and have been kind enough to send me along "Disaster Comes Along". Kicking off proceedings with the instantly catchy "Hard To Believe" The Goddamned furnish you with a look into their alcohol fueled souls with a pure groove laden riff-age monster sporting loud and up front vocals, awesome sounding bass and drumming and a hard hitting guitar style that is pure filth right to the bone! They may be Swedish but their sound is pure New Orleans with their melodies rolling over you in perfect crisp waves! The title track "Disaster Comes Along" picks up the pace but keeps the same whiskey drenched goodness coming as you head bang along to the irresistible riff-age. "I Got A Reason" keeps the fast pace going and acts as the EP's finale with a rapid tune that again pumps out loud and hard! The Goddamned are not one for finesse, they're all about big riffs interspersed with audacious solos and slamming lyrics. When Disaster Comes Along make sure you're ready with plenty of alcohol and pitt mentality! [7.5]

THE GODDAMNED - 'Head First'
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 5 Thegoddamned-headfirst

It's time for another rolling back the clock moment now to a band already featured on 'The Evil Inquisition', Yes its time for those Swedish stoners who use those unopenable CD cases to come forth yet again with their 'Head First' demo. So here goes another three track example of why the groovier a riff is the better. Actually though there are changes from the newer demo the most noticeable being a slower style, more drenched in filth which begs the question why did the band ever change? It's not all slowly slowly though and the band do hit out with some more mixed pace stoner groove that delights and entertains as it dances out of your speakers. Inside the box it says in massive letters 'Play It Louder' and that is exactly what 'Head First' encourages you to do. It's often simplistic if you leave aside the odd intricate solo that permeates all three of the songs but its brilliant in its simplicity and proves that 'The Goddamned' were put on this planet solely for the purpose of entertaining. [8]


On the whole, Metal as a musical art form is about power, intensity and crushing oppressive riffs that churn and boil into a full on head fucking crescendo of noise. You have hard hitting names like Slayer, or Megadeth. In extreme bands you have The Berzerker, Cannibal Corpse or The Rotted. None though give off the same vibe as the mighty metal brethren on Greek band... Erm... Guinea Pig. This is no laughing matter, Guinea Pig from Patras, Peloponnese in Greece play thumping Sludge Doom Metal and apparently are all about being taken seriously. It isn't a hard thing to do though really once the mighty "King Monkey" kicks in with full abrasive force and starts shredding you're mind. This song isn't so much groove laden, more like taking a chainsaw and making it spit out venomous pure sludge driven hostility and mixing it with brutalised screaming vocals and sturdy well pronounced drumming. Guinea Pig's music reeks of death, putrification, doom and destruction, it totally slays any pre-conceptions you may have had about the band and it shreds and chugs along to its own totally mind mashing brutality! If you liked that though wait until you hear "Hog" which drips with alcohol fueled intensity as it picks up the pace and bounces along with crushing effects. This one is best listened too whilst savouring some Jack Daniels my friends! As a finale to what is already a damned fine demo comes "Lizard Skin" which again cranks up the volume and the tempo another couple of notches so that now the stoner grooved melodies are churning out at a phenomenal rate. Guinea Pig may not sound the most Metal on paper but when it comes down to the nitty gritty they turn up all guns blazing and packing a real booze ridden punch! Its the revenge of the Guinea Pig, run for you're lives, or failing that you're whiskey! [8.5]
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