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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 14   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 14 I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:25 pm

ABSU - 'Absu'

With an already expansive and illustrious career behind them, Texan blackened thrash icons 'Absu' have released yet another mystical daemon upon us in the form of their new self titled album. Dealing with the main steam taboo areas of occultism, as well as the enchanting lore of Sumerian, Celtic and Mesopotamian cultures, 'Absu' strive to break the mould of conceived metal and in doing so try to expand their minds as well as the minds of their audience. With a heritage spanning back to 1991, 'Absu' are now onto their fifth full length release although they have been far busier than that with so many splits, EP's and demo's dotted about the place! The secret to so much success is change! When they started 'Absu' were a full on death metal band but now they tread the waters of thrash with a deep oppressive black veil shrouding it! It sounds great too with blistering heavy tracks adorning the entire repertoire and an air of real dominance as they wield their axes and growl menacingly for all to fear!! 'Absu' are back with another stunner that I sorely advise you to obtain. [8]

ALUNAH – ‘Fall To Earth’

If you are looking for irresistible music then you can't go far wrong with English female fronted doom band 'Alunah' and their latest tempting release 'Fall To Earth'. 'Alunah’ have the kind of vocal style that is so open and catchy that you find yourself picking up the lyrics in a real hurry and singing them along, yet despite all of this they never let their doom standards slip into main stream mediocrity! That said 'Alunah' do have an almost charming style of girl rock sublime-ness that just gushes out of everything that they put their mind too and after just two tracks you will be forever hooked. Speaking of hooks, 'Fall To Earth' have plenty of them from the down to earth and oddly sensual vocals to the grime smeared riff-age that grooves along majestically! 'Alunah' are simply stunning, when you want catchy soaring melodies, you got it! If you’re looking for deep and meaning full lyrics that sing a tune directly to your soul, you’re in luck. Plus if you just simply want to get stoned and head bang the night away then again 'Alunah' are for you. Truly a band for all occasions this 'Birmingham' based doom pioneer are simply superb, words fail me. [9.5]

ANDROID EMPIRE - 'Android Empire EP'

Naming their brand new EP after themselves, German sludge death doom outfit 'Android Empire' beg the immediate question, what would an empire made by and ruled by androids actually be like? A world of automation's that move as one and think collectively whilst the remnants, the few remaining dregs of mankind live below ground like slaves to the well oiled machine. Doesn't bare thinking about really. On the other hand though this sludge band do demand a great deal of attention as they slam their way whole heartedly and with not an ounce of grime spared through a repertoire of demanding riff-age and fast flowing alcohol fueled vocals. Although I'm not aware of 'Germany' being a hot bed for the sludge variety of band it has to be mentioned that they have produced a fairly decent one with 'Android Empire' and with their modern influenced style of hook filled sleaze they future is looking allot brighter, or should that be murkier thanks to this bands presence. 'Android Empire EP' is the epitome of brutal grinding guitar work and sore throat vocals so it stands to reason that this is a band you must hear! [7.5]

AUSTERE - 'To Lay Like Old Ashes'

Austere are a rare breed. A black metal band who can have a full on unreadable black metal logo that is actually not so much unreadable, rather readable. Go figure! 'Australia' isn't well renowned for it's black metal, more it's techno grind and classic rock so it's good to see there scene making an appearance in the hostile yet addictive style of 'Austere' and their new album 'To Lay Like Old Ashes'. Actually they are not so much addictive but adrenaline sapping and not the easiest to get into. This is mainly due to the wailing vocals that meander in the most haunting of fashions throughout the repertoire. Musically 'Austere' don't differ at all from any other black metal band that you can hear anywhere in the world but the vocals whilst difficult to comprehend do offer some originality as well as giving you a glimpse of the bands inner torment and fragmented life. 'To Lay Like Old Ashes' offers much in the way of deep blackened entertainment with a sharp biting methodical twist and as long as you can stomach the deep seated pain entrenched into the very grain of this album then you'll really enjoy this! [7.5]


German hardcore band 'The Blackout Argument' have a name that reeks of a deeply planning thought process but also a stench of on coming emo waves of self gratification and low self esteem. indeed the name may be the best part of the whole package as musically the band fall way short any pre-conceived expectations you may have had. Vocally they sound powerful yet it feels strained and just a little sissy, like 'Killswitch Engage' but without the grace! Musically though 'The Blackout Arguments' do have some half decent melodies and some modest sounding riff-age but overall the whole 'Remedies' sound is worn out and rather mediocre. Indeed there are many bands just like this one putting up all over the world, all demanding to be heard and all sounding exactly like one another. yes the emo clone band generation is in full swing and seems to be out of control but no matter how hard you bombard the scene with this whiny pretentious self pitying tripe it still won't make it any more enjoyable! [4]


If the thought of a one man Norwegian industrial death metal project doesn't interest you then you may want to reconsider after you have heard 'Oslo' project 'Cease And Desist'. The production quality has a sub standard feel to it yet for once it really works well for the albums ambiance. Packing some unruly industrial samples and sound effects, the next phase is to unleash pure hell on earth with some blitzkrieg style riff-age and a grief stricken growling vocal style that tears painfully through your thought process. On the surface of things this is a sub standard one man project but if you delve just a little bit deeper you'll find something really worth the listen. It has a severely raw quality that belongs from an age a couple of decades ago when most production was so totally black metal. 'Bliss' is a very odd name for such a volatile piece of musical art featuring some rather disturbing techno monk style music as well as the random brutality of its usual riff-age. 'Cease And Desist' really is a smattering of random effects and hostile intentions and somehow it all collides in unison to create one very enjoyable album. [7]

CHAOSUC - 'Bleed The Walls'

Polish Gothic doom band 'Chaosuc' feature an effective electronic introduction and then wail straight into a melodic passably catchy style of doom. 'Bleed The Walls' builds atmosphere reasonably well in a mundane yet enjoyable kind of way but the only thing that really excites about 'Chaosuc' is the electronic interludes and undertones that permeate the entire album. For the most part though the band are content to widdle away the time by knocking out modest sounding solos and semi-heavy riff-age to match the moderate vocal style. Indeed throughout the entire repertoire 'Chaosuc' really don't spark much in the way of imagination or creativity and as such whilst they are busy creating adequate music they really do little else! Everything about the band and about 'Bleed The Walls' screams of the average yet at no time do they come across as untalented and so it is simply better to end with the old proverb of it could be worse. [5]

CLAIR DE LUNE MORTE - 'Just Seconds'

This three track Gothic doom metal demo from Chilean band 'Clair De Lune Morte' by the name of 'Just Seconds' seems to have a production floor, that being that the vocals are too quiet when the highly powerful atmospheric doom riff-age is in full flow. If I had to name influences on this one I'd say any early English doom bands although 'Clair De Lune Morte' do swathe an impressive wave of full throttled doom goodness. I have personally reviewed doom [my favorite of all the metal genres] from all over the world and I imagine 'Chile' is not the easiest place on the globe to start any kind of band, never ind one so perpetually mired in the darker side of nature and with that in mind it has to be noted that whilst 'Just Seconds' is not the most stimulating demo you'll ever hear, nor is it the most imaginative, it is rather entertaining with its own modest charms and hooks scattered throughout its blackened repertoire. 'Just Seconds' have a moderate amount of potential but is nothing particularly earth shaking but I think there will be many who dig this and will be ready for more! [6.5]

COME SLEEP - 'The Burden Of Ballast'
[Version Studio]

Releasing their debut full length album 'The Burden Of Ballast' is the follow up to the bands 204 'The Skull Of Ahab' and sets Sweden's 'Come Sleep' on their very own journey of sludge laden glory and self discovery. Playing with an adrenaline fueled methodical style of sludge this Scandinavian four piece play by nobodies rules and stick to a sound that they were in no rush to make as it adds to the determined and positively hook filled sound that this band have worked so hard on! 'Come Sleep' are a slow sluggish sounding group but with an addictive catchy repertoire that makes them almost irresistibly like able. Some will find this style hard going or hard to get into but that's because they are weak, those of us who can tolerate the bands hostile yet subtle in places sound will be better for the groove drenched experience and will feel richer for the grime that 'Come Sleep' and in particular 'The Burden Of Ballast' has brought upon us! In places it is grinding to the point where your ears may burst when played at loud volumes but that's the way i like it, and this band was made for it. [8]

DAKRYA - 'Monumento'
[Another Sphere]

Letting loose their debut album this symphonic Gothic metal doomsters from 'Athens' are setting their sights on new shores and new people to hear their wares. 'Dakrya' and their new album 'Monumento' sports a well used formula of the growling male and clean female vocals as well as a journey like sound that winds and twists its way through ten songs of enchanting fantasy like Gothic metal. That said there isn't much going on here that you won't have heard in a thousand other European female fronted or dual vocalled metal bands, the one difference being that this one does sound a lot blander and weaker than say the classics like 'After Forever'. There is much to be said for pleasant sounding euro metal and this band like the rest are easy on the ears but when all is said and done does the market really need more of the same? 'Monumento' has some nice melodies and deep enriching undertones that flow beautifully into one another with a great sense of grace but when all is said and done this is just another album from a Euro clone band trying to find their way in a sea of their brethren! [6.5]
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