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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 29   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 29 I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 02, 2009 6:41 am

IMMORTAL ANGELICA - 'Reminiscence'

This mixed sex Symphonic Gothic Metal four piece are extremely new to the scene and this release, 'Reminiscence' is their debut nine track album. Introducing the band is a track that could be straight from the Gladiator soundtrack at first until the heavier sounds kick in but afterwards this is all Metal. I like the melodies that Immortal Angelica produce yet at the same time in places there is a severe lack of beat that makes the music sound as if it is hiding something or maybe holding something back. Indeed whilst the tunes flow gracefully there is often a total lack of direction that leaves some of the music stagnant. What the band do get right though is the dark mood and this is seemingly thrown out at will. So overall then 'Reminiscence' does come across as a beautifully crafted and professional sounding release of ordinary tunes and mediocre song writing, but it does have it's charms, I guess it is just a matter of what you are in to. [4]

(THORLOCK) - '(Thorlock)'

(Thorlock) are a genuinely intriguingly named Metal band from Missouri in the US and this is their brand new EP of the same name. With an image of cliched darkness and beasts of the night, this hard hitting big riff-age band play loud and lively. Packing enough groove to satisfy a stoner rock convention but being heavy enough to make yourself a nuisance to the neighbours, (Thorlock) play nothing or original value but by sticking to a formula long since written stay entertaining and interesting throughout. I can't think of much that would attract a person to visit Missouri but this band is definitely one thing the tourist board should start listing as a feature. Until the very unlikely day that this does happen I suggest you get on to this bands Myspace, they may not be the greatest band that you will ever hear but they make one hell of a racket and they know how to make alcohol soaked Metal in all its grimiest finesse. [7]

BEESTSPAWN - 'Nature Of The Beest'

From Danvill in Virginia comes an Industrial Metal band of old school value, the awesomely names Beestspawn and their brand new album entitled 'Nature Of The Beest'. What you will gather immediately from listening to a few minutes of this is that after the Industrial intro this isn't all that much of an Industrial Metal band but more of a Metallica fan worship but with momentary darker vocals. That isn't totally the case as there are some melodic undertones produced by the keyboard but in general this is 80's slowed down Thrash and with a vocal style very reminiscent of Mr Hetfield. It's decent though and well worth a listen, but if you were after fast flowing tunes, synth powered mystery and an original concept here and there then you will be sorely disappointed. 'Nature Of The Beest' is a rather tame effort in the end but again like I say worth checking out for curiosities sake if nothing else, or you could just go and listen to Metallica. [5]

INCORPOREA - ''Tongue Of The Moribund'

Keeping things dark and oppressive comes Spanish Black and Doom Metal band Incorporea and their debut demo 'Tongue Of The Moribund'. This here is not for the weak of heart and sensitive of bowels. What this is, is three tracks of intense darkness and deep forboding and brooding. At least that is the rhetoric that i should be handing out, but instead this is all rather tame. It does have a slowed down grinding theme but it is so stripped down and poorly produced that it lacks all intensity that a true Black and Doom Metal band should have. Similar in style to some Burzum or maybe Nargaroth but with a lot less to offer musically, Incorporea and 'Tongue Of The Moribund' take up far too much time trying to be bleak and vitriolic and have forgotten to include the quality that is needed to make this a worth while project. They are decent musicians and they do have potential, but on the strength of this it will take a lot of work. [4]

AHERUSIA - 'And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces'
[Emotion Art]

Over the last twelve years this Greek Symphonic Black Metal have been casting darkness and deceit all over their native land and now they have unleashed upon the rest of us their debut full length album 'And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces'. Ok yes the intro reminds me of a cheesy 80's song for the first few seconds [the name escapes thank fuck] but it sounds professional and the mood it creates gets you off on totally the right footing. Once the guitar kicks in though I'm in heaven as I am reminded of early Anathema in their days of darkness and debauchery. Then it is all change again a the bigger riffs kick in and a folk element takes full swing and it becomes clear that this band has a hell of a lot of influences as well as styles. Finally in full flow the full magnitude of this bands malice takes a hold and the tortured vocals kick in displaying genuine horror and pain. Aherusia are a band of extraordinary talent and grace, as well as being heavy as hell and even more intense and furious. 'And The Tides Shall Reveal The Traces' is masterful and with its arrival comes a band you simply have to experience. [7.5]

BLACK FLAME - 'Imperium'

With their brand new full length release entitled simply 'Imperium' comes Regain Records band Black Flame, an Italian Black and Death Metal band. If we are talking dark introduction tracks then look no further than this, the mood it casts is oppressive in it's vitriolic tendencies and blacker than the Norwegian Metal scene. Once the full metallic force has kicked in though it is like being transported to another realm, a dimension of full on aggression, intensity and dynamic pain. Black Flame are the absolute epitome of furious Black and Death Metal, they lack nothing in intensity and are as unrelenting as a coke high bull in a chine shop selling only red china. A shit analogy i know but I like to be original, and while this band are not overly original they make up for this small minute fact ten fold but being simply devastating to your health, your ears and to anybody who has the misfortune to cross them while they are in full swing. 'Imperium' is simply put, Brutal!! [8]

GHOULS - 'Until It Bleeds'
[Despise The Sun]

If you are hankering for some Brutal Death Metal then check out this Italian powerhouse by the name of Ghouls, and their debut full length album 'Until It Bleeds' which is the follow up to four previous demos. Ghouls pack a seriously sinister sound, deep and booming vocals rampage down upon you from a great height and cast an ominous if not oppressive mood throughout the duration of this release. Sadly though apart from the vocals that is all there is to cheer about as the music is lacking bass and the brutality is almost none existent. Very basic is this style and it totally lacks anything to really draw you in. Occasionally the drumming will pick up a heavier pace but it never lasts and cannot mask the bands obvious bass deficiencies. I have no idea if it is due to production although i doubt it as the rest seems fine, so maybe it is simply a case of this band being unable to take their Death Metal to the next level? there are some good slowed down doom like moments, and the vocals are superb, but that's all she wrote folks. [4]


Continuing the extreme Italian theme of this issue comes Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore band Indecent Excision and this duo's promo 2009 release. There is not much time to full get to grips with this band as they only have three short songs, but the 'Stupid Fucking Cunt' intro goes a hell of a long way to helping you settle in. All wasted of course as this bands vocalist will unsettle you almost immediately with his vicious Grindcore singing which is full on sinister and intense. brutal, i love it. Actually three song is not required, one song is all i need to love this band. There is nothing original on offer here at all but it really isn't needed. this band are intense unrelenting Grindcore done the way it should be, fast, methodical and seriously gore ridden and horrific. I can think of nothing more to say other than Indecent Excision and their new promo release are the grindcore shit, and you must let it dominate you [7.5]

OPHIOLATRY - 'Transmutation'

Filling the world with hate, spewing forth vitriol and rhetoric regarding God and their blasphemous beliefs, Satan and general Anti Christian tendencies comes Brazilian Brutal Death Metal band signed to Regain, Ophiolatry and their second full length release 'Transmutation'. The intro really does sound like regular music mutated into something utterly distorted and wrong, but the brutal tunes that spill out afterwards are anything but wrong. Not much thought has gone into originality or diversity with the band, instead sixteen tracks of unspeakable brutality thrown themselves out at you in an orgy of unbridled fury and aggressive animosity. There could be a hint of melody used here to keep things a little more interesting and overall 'Transmutation' does have a generic feel to it, like the band have put all their eggs in the basket of lets be heavy and fuck, but if that is what your after then this band will suit you down to the ground. [6.5]

HYBRID CIRCLE - 'Post Murder Reflections'

Yet more from the boot shoot country of Italy with Progressive and Melodic Heavy Metal band Hybrid Circle and their brand new full length release 'Post Murder Reflections'. At first the music comes across as muted and tame and then after a few second the sound just explodes out at you and the fast flowing heaviness washes over you. Its gripping and they use that initial deception to great effect. Vocally they are a little subdued as the riff-age takes centre stage but overall Hybrid Circle and their release 'Post Murder Reflections' just let the tunes flow into one another with sheer simplicity. It has to be said that this is kind of standard, they have some great head banging moments and they do sound good heavy and old school but as the course of the album winds and grinds on you realise they do not have that music to distinguish themselves from other acts of the same ilk. Credit where credit is due though, it isn't a bad album. [6]
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