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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 25   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 25 I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 26, 2009 3:58 pm

STILLBIRTH - 'Plakative Aggression'

From the northern reaches of the Rhineland in Germany comes Death Grind of a very high quality. They may be named Stillbirth, a word to put tears into the hearts of many but they don't give a flying fuck as their sole intention is to make nasty Death Grind to make you vomit in horror at their antics. Unlike a lot of Grind out there this band have a very enjoyable sound. Keeping things pretty mixed they have adorned their latest full length release 'Plakative Aggression' with a pig squeal mania which overlays some brutal grunting and all backing up the catchy riff-age and the sheer dexterity of the drumming. Stillbirth make great music, and the atmosphere is rotten and vitriolic whenever they are near so it is obviously job complete as far as these guys are concerned, and what you get as an avid listener is a lesson on how Grind should sound and a further lesson on how to make it stand out from the whole sweat covered putrid melee. [8]

NORDAVIND - 'Bekning'

So many Black Folk or Viking Metal bands list themselves such because they have the odd incomprehensible lyric buried deep within the mountains of stripped down raw repetitive riff-age. Not so for Norwegian troop Nordavind and their debut full length album 'Bekning'. The band do come equipped with stereotypically strangled vocals that are superbly exectuted by the music is melodic whilst still having a certain heaviness and whilst it winds it's bleak and joyless way you can imagine Vikings sat around the fire during the twilight telling stories of blood filled carnage, pilage and rape whilst knocking back gallons of mead and ale. Musically the guitars are enough but the violin is a perfect touch to a band who have found the right balance with their style and sound and who as a result sound ultra professional and totally dedicatded to making great Folk Viking Black Metal. This has been one of the easiest reviews I have had to write in a long time and it's because Nordavind and 'bekning' are just so amazing to listen too. [8.5]

BAL SAGOTH - 'The Chthonic Chronicles'
[Nuclear Blast]

It isn't very often I get to review a band from my home town and certainly not one doing as well as this bunch are. Signed to Nuclear Blast, slots on the mainstage at Bloodstock a couple of years ago, this crowd are living the dream and so now I write about their 2006 release 'The Chthonic Chronicles' from Sheffield Symphonic and Epic Black Metal troop Bal Sagoth. One thing that has to be said is that this lot like to do things grand and flamboyantly but then what do you expect from an outfit sporting an member of My Dying Bride? 'The Sixth Adjulation Of His Chthonic Majesty' is the longest intro track you'll ever hear and pays heed to the bands grand style before kicking into some fast and frantic Black Metal majestic godness. Think Dimmu Borgir of latter days but with a hell of a lot more synth and a fair bit darker in places and you are on the right tracks. There is a reason why a label of Nuclear Blasts resources and reputation have stuck by this band and thats a blossoming talent large as life and willing to try various things to make their blend of Black Metal stand out from the crowd, and all that is right here for 'The Chthonic Chronicles'. This is an album of satanic blackness that will crush your very soul, so why not take a peek? [7.5]


'Dreamer In The Deep' [demo]
'Titans Of The Northsea'


Featuring two members of the amazing and deeply conceptual, not to mention vastly original 'Axis Of Perdition' and also two members of 'Mine[Thorn]' are Middlesborough, UK based Industrial Sludge Doom fthree piece Hesper Payne. Their original demo 'Dreamer In The Deep' is a grating release that takes every sinew of muscle and strength to be able to sit through and thoroughly enjoy, but beyond the static sheet of noise and turbulence, behind the vicious vocals and slamming riff-age is a dark melody that gives this band their strength and creative streak. Sludge does not cover this bands style as there is a vastly strong element of Drone Doom in this, not even concealed beneath the rage and malacie with which Hesper Payne play with. Yes it is not far wrong to say that this the bands first release is a stomping affair that has blasted them on to the scene in a negative haze of their own creation, but if you can stand a little pain [payne] then this band are worth the listen. [7]

Hesper paynes second release is an EP by the name os 'Titans Of The Northsea', a title which I love as it is packed with connotations of british naval might, home grown talent and that stiff upper lippedness that we are so bloody famour for. It gives off vibes that say don't fuck with us, were British, were northern and were hard!! Musically they ahve added a lot more groove to their style since their debut demo release but be not fooled for one second as the intensity and volitile nature of their style is still very much apparent. I think the melody has been toned down a lot on this release and has been replaced with an intense savagery but the slowed down doom element to the band is still very much present. Overall then over the two releases this band have aquitted themselves superbly and their style is no nonsence grating drone and sludge of the highest order of pain. In short then everything you could ever want. [7.5]

THE GATHERING - 'The West Pole'

Anneke van Giersbergen has departed after thirteen long years as the vocal front lady of Metal legends The Gathering. To fill her hard to replace shoes comes Octavia Sperati's Silje Wergeland, so would she do a good job and would 'The West Pole' be up to scratch? Well as you would expect on a Gathering album there is a certain sense of journey to their music as it slowly builds up the suspense even when played quickly. What i like is the distortion noise over the music at the start which although not thick does veil whats being done with a slight element of mystery. That is what this band have always done so well though, a sense of originality within their play, methoduically made music with class and grace but heavy and thought provoking and that is the same result that is brought out of 'The West Pole'. Silje does a wonderful job and her vocals are beautiful and delicate and whilst this is not the heaviest thing the band have ever released it is still a marvelous accomplishment after such a drastic upheaval. So are The Gathering as great as ever? Of course they are, and your going to marvel at the new vocals as they sing and dance their way to your heart and soul. [8.5]

ABYSMAL FALL - 'Immaculate Deception'
[Dystopic Triad]

Ten years is a hell of a long time to be in this business but this New York state based Black Metal band have done just that. At the same time though they seem to have done very little on the releases front. Indeed this is album, 'Immaculate Deception' is the bands third release and debut full length and they only have one other after this, a best of album? Seriously after 3 realeases, a best of. You couldn't scipt this kind of stuff. It isn't even as though the bands music is worthy of a best of compilation, as they churn out song after song of uninspiring Black Metal cliche. Nothing here is of any original value and there seems to be no end to the tedium by introducing, oh I don't know maybe variety. That isn't to say that they are bad musicians or that they play shit songs because they really don't but this is not something I would ever want to listen too again. I'd have held off on that best of idea. [4]

ELENIUM - 'Caught In A Wheel'

Progressive and Melodic Death Metal from the Finnish capital city, Helsinki and featuring the vocalist of proud extreme metallers Omnium Gatherum., as well as the keyboard player from Soulstream. That right there is a real pedigree of Metal that means this could be damn good. This band though have thirteen years experience of their own and this, 'Caught In A Wheel' is their second full length album. Elenium come with the full package, awesome artwork and a booklet packed with art, info and pictures. this is a band that take pride in what they do. Musically this band absolutly slays. It's as simple as that. The ehaviness is tantalizing but the melodic undertones created from the keyboard give this band a totally confident sense of flair and grace. I love the rhythm that Elenium produce, it quells the bands power and channels it so that everything flows beautifully even when the band are at their most savage. Melodic Death Metal is an art form and these guys have it well and truly sussed, and 'Caught In A Wheel' will catch you unawares yet you'll never wish to turn it off. [8.5]

RECUEIL MORBIDE - ' A Never Ending Fight'

Recueil Morbide are a French Brutal Death Metal band that have been slamming out tunes for the last nine years, and in that time they have released a lot of things, but this their third full length album 'A Never Ending Fight' has the potential to send this band further than ever. Firstly you have the artwork, and let me tell you this looks seriously impressive, packing colours yet still eerily dark and sinister. Once inside the realm of Recueil Morbide's music you get everything that you would expect. Most noticable though is the machine gun like drumming, fast furious and with a hint of malice, that really is the solid core and back bone of a truly heavy band who enjoys doing what they do. I like a band who can match up their music to their image, in this case an oppressive black veil that masks them and their true intentions and then explodes with sincere and severe heaviness. recueile Morbide have this done to a precise art form and thats why their third full length is a must own. [8.5]

PRICKROTT - 'Total Fucking Meltdown'

from the dark over bearing enviroment of twente in The Netherlands comes a blackened void of fury and inner rage by the name of Prickrott who like to spend their collective time and musings by writing songs along the lines of Industrial Black Metal that also incorporated Grindcore. They hate people, they hate the world with which we have to live in and they especially hate Christianity and the hypocrisy and brutality that this religion breeds. Now on their third demo, 'Total Fucking meltdown' proceeds 'Hate United' and the before that the deeply vitriolic 'Fuck Your God'. What you'll notice almost instantaniously is the furious drumming which plows through the wall of static created by the band in part, and also the stripped down slightly below production. This though only enhances the effect of Prickrott and their volatile aggressive nature and sound. This is by no means a cleaned up harmonious sounding release, what this is represents down and dirty Industrial Black Metal that grates on your mind and soul. It is not easy to listen too, it is not for the weak of heart, but if you persevere you may end up liking this an awful lot. [7]
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