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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 10   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 10 I_icon_minitimeWed May 06, 2009 3:21 pm

SAVANON - 'Demo 2007

So now it is time for another two parter, I seem to be doing a hell of a lot of these at the moment but so far they have all been of a great quality so I have high hopes for this one too. So here is the first part of Greek doom and black metal outfit 'Savanon' and their 2007 demo. Now this demo actually stands as being the bands debut release and if they were hoping for an immediate impact of blackened tidings and sinister black moods then they passed first time. Rather than coming out with all guitars blazing 'Savanon' have a much more methodical approach that borders on sheer grinding. It isn't a furious sound nor is it an angry pace yet the sheer volume of vitriolic menace that they produce is still pretty frightening! Indeed 'Savanon' seem more intent on creating an arduous uphill climb of a sound than anything catchy that rolls off the guitar and for this you have to give credit as they stick to their goal superbly, but better than that is the fact that the band sound good in their hostility and their cold methodical approach, so good that I'm very much looking forward to the second installment!! [7]


So hear is the second part to the tale. When last we looked at 'Sabanon' we were back in 2006 with their debut demo. Now though we have fast forwarded straight back to the present with their 2009 release of 'II'. It has to be said that not much has changed over the course of the last three years, the same slow folk like bleakness is still present as is the methodical cold approach to dark ambient metal with which 'Savanon' seem to excel at. It's a shame that there is a three year gap between releases here but this probably means that the band have sat down and have a long hard think about their direction and their sound instead of just bashing out any old tune. This time around they have hit homer with the same vitriolic disorder which they wielded with such animosity on their last release and it seems that they have opted for their old tried and tested method. What i have learned here over the course of two releases is that whilst 'Savanon' will never be 'popular' or glass shatteringly electric, they do have a certain charm and a definite sinister presence that is most appealing! Stay tuned for more, lets just hope it doesn't take another three years!! [7]

SHEVER - 'Ocean Of Illusions'
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 10 Shever_ocean_of_illusions

Rising up high from the deep dark depths of the land of neutrality, across the plateau of ice capped mountain terrain, 'Shever' burst the illusion of on the fence politics with some down and dirty all girl witch doom metal! The bands 2007 album release 'Ocean Of Illusions' is a slow grinding winding example of true down tuned gore influenced epic doom created from a pit of darkness and hell bent on making that black state of mind a global reality! 'Shever' do their very best to fit in a large amount of chug into their music and that's what gives the music its irresistible hooks, but the vocal work is raw and biting, predatory and cutting and gives off a maniacal vibe to all those who are only half heartedly taking note of the true 'Shever' mood and message! To take this Swiss vixen doom monster lightly would be a mistake, to bask in their shadow ridden glory and let the doom riff-age and groove laden beats sink into your skin would be a pleasure! Keep it dark! [8]

SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI - 'Sons Of Alpha Centauri'
[Sound Devastation]

As you might expect the 'Sons Of Alpha Centauri' really are from a different world. These funky and catchy UK rockers have melded together a super sonic sound that gels instantly and pleases thoroughly. One hundred per cent instrumental, one hundred and ten percent fresh and original, you would be hard pressed to find another band and another sound like that of the 'Sons Of Alpha Centauri'. That said in places they do have a very 'Tool' like vibe but generally the bands sound is much more chilled and ethereal that that of the afore mentioned band. Completed by their numerical track names and the stunning artwork that accompanies the music the 'Sons Of Alpha Centauri' really are something special and manage to be deep and meaningful without ever having to utter a single word. So if you are looking for a band to help expand your mind, stretch your thinking and warp your world, you may want to give this a listen. [8.5]

SOUL DESTRUCTION - 'There's No Profit In Truth'
[Union Black]

British experimental heavy metal band 'Soul Destruction' have released their new album 'There's No Profit In Truth' through 'Union Black Records' and weighs in with a heavy political punch of slaying riff-age and anti society diatribe slammed hard in the face of the politicians who are putting us through their daily fuck up agenda! There are some very immediate influences involved in this album such as, and this is just hazarding a guess but Gibraltar's flamenco metallers 'Breed 77' probably mixed with 'One Minute Silence' and possibly some 'Rage Against The Machine' but at the same tile 'Soul Destruction' have made their sound their own and built upon the bands varied collective influences. Aside from the overly obvious grooves though, and the Eastern and Spanish influences within the melodies there is a significant message being screamed from the rafters during the repertoire of 'There Is No Profit In Truth' and that is don't believe what you are told just because it is being told, don't hold back from your suspicions and don't forget to question all that you behold! [8]

SVARTEDIKET - 'Svartediket'

If a band could be supreme world overlords just on unfathomable satanic chanting and rhetoric alone then this bands intro would have given them the crown already! 'Svartediket' and their self titled debut full length album is nineteen tracks of black folk metal that combines melodic periods of folk like vocals spoken in the bands native tongue that suddenly relinquish the limelight to sparse frozen satanic growling that kick in as the riff-age and the tempo rises to a blistering and volatile fury! Add to the mix some almost cheerful female vocals and what you have here is a much thought about well rehearsed and completely challenging black metal album worthy of much attention and one or two gold stars!! 'Bergen' is considered to some the home of Norwegian black metal and on the evidence put forth from 'Svartediket' it isn't hard to see why, but do not be fooled. Whereas some black metal outfits churn out the same old tired blast beats and riff-age, this band have thought long and hard and have come up with something much more entertaining and cerebrally inspiring and for this they have to be praised. 'Svartediket' is a robust and shocking first album containing unlimited potential from a band who surely have great things ahead of them! This may not be to every ones taste especially with some of the bands more wackier aspects but one thing is for sure, it beats the norm!! [8]

TOXIC - 'Fear'

Everything about this Norwegian heavy metal band screams with evil! The name 'Toxic' and the album name 'Fear' are both short and straight to the core of the issue, hell the band even hail from 'Stavanger' in 'Norway' which is just too close to scavenger to be true! You couldn't write this shit!! With an intro of rhythmic chanting to the theme of that evil sounding 'Beethoven' symphony, [The one I can never name but always gave me nightmares when I was three and I turned the TV on and it came booming out... I digress] 'Fear' the follow up to 2005's 'Intoxicated' is made for fun but also made to dominate the listener and whilst the bands sound ain't as scary as say a full on nihilistic funeral black metal act from way up north where the buses just don't run, they do possess a much more subtle brand of fear with their lyrics speaking of dark times and those things that lurk in your subconscious! Putting the lyrical themes aside though this is an album made for alcohol fueled fun with its big old school simplistic riffs, catchy and ever so effective and the bands eagerness to fill a stereotype of old fashioned Satan loving rock! 'Fear' is a good time album from a band who obviously love to party and love true metal and its hard to not get into the spirit of things with them! [8]

ULTRA PHALLUS - 'The Clever'

Following their 2007 debut full length release entitled 'Lungville', Belgian sludge and stoner doom band 'Ultra Phallus' have returned with their second full length by the name of 'The Clever'. Sludge is a sub genre of unlimited groove and a large amount of hard hitting down tuned riff-age that blasts you in the face and makes many an alcohol fueled night head banging your way to a chronic whiplash!! Good times!! 'Ultra Phallus' though like their rather chauvinistic name come across as, well lame! There is a distinct lack of melody or rhythm here and all that the band really conjure up is a wall of noise, and I don't mean in the way that say a good old fashioned drone band can. Yes I admit that they have their moments with the odd repetitive riff here and there but in general the band flatter to deceive and sorely disappoint. There may be a market out there for this kind of thing, indeed 'Comspiracy Records' certainly think so but for me this frankly does nothing!! [3]

VOLKMAR - 'Blessed Sins'
[Danse Macabre/MIM]
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 10 Redcovermyspace3ed0

Releasing their new full length album, Australian Industrial and Gothic Rock band 'Volkmar' quite often sound like they would have been at home on the soundtrack for 80's cult classic film 'Lost Boys' [Minus the sax of course] with their moderately paced flowing and catchy style of brooding darkness that bites just that little bit deeper and creates just that little bit more of an atmosphere than your usual rock band. In places 'Volkmar' sound almost 'Pete Steele' like [Of Type O Negative fame] with it's low rumbling and often haunting qualities. In places though the bands style is typically stereotypical and often a re-hash of an often reproduced gothic cliche, yet be that as it may 'Volkmar' possess a large amount of talent and flair for entertaining and that goes a long way. So whilst nothing ground breaking or fresh is conjured up for your musical pallet you will be reasonably happy with the outcome and suitably sucked into the bands dark world. [6.5]

WIZARD OF DOOM - 'His Eternal Rage Of Inner Nature'

It's time to check in once again for the second part of my doom-athon with Swedish doom one man band 'Wizard Of Doom' and this time it's his 2006 demo release, the juicily entitled 'His Eternal Rage Of Inner Nature'. In his last release 'Mikkel Refsahl' showed an extraordinary amount of talent as well as a whole bunch of darkened doom ridden riffs and blackened lyrical gems. Now though it is time to look at the origins, the genesis of 'Wizard Of Doom' and where better to look than his debut release? With a front cover depicting 'Jesus' looking to the heavens wearing his crown of thorns but tinted into a dark ominous green motif, Musically it is more of the same with old school down tuned slowed down doom-foolery and haunting vocals that entwine around the melodies and riff-age. When not booming out laborious riffs though 'Wizard Of Doom' has some extremely groove laden fast flowing beats that really hits the spot. 'Mikkel Refsahl' is a man of much talent and better yet he channels this towards the darker side of music, to the down tempo element of metal, what better way could there be to show the world your potential and your art than by cranking out loud doom classics? Beware his eternal rage!! [8]
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