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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 27   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 27 I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 02, 2009 11:24 pm

MEDAMAKI - 'Warbird'

from Evesham in the UK, there is a Metal and Rock band who like to keep things simple, hence the name of their brand new four track EP simply entitled 'Warbird'. The name alone incites aggression and power, or Klingon fans. Take your pick. What you get though is not flat out adrenaline fueled aggression, but a groove drenched stoner rock style that rolls out effortlessly and bathes the proceedings with a hazy, lazy light. It isn't get up and go music but it's flow is pleasing and you'll be nodding your head along to it within seconds. Throw in to the mix some intricate guitar solos, awesome repetitive rolling riffs and a fast paced sound that exudes an I don't give a fuck attitude and your all set for a good time. 'Warbird' is laid back, chilled out but still at the same time pretty heavy, so roll it up, spark it up and enjoy the fatty you've been wanting to smoke because Medamaki are the perfect accompanyment. [7.5]

TROKLE - 'Trokle'

From the winter lands of Norway comes a simple band, trokle and their self titled release featuring just two songs comes wrapped in what looks like a hand drawn pencil sketch of a stream and forest with a man or beast reaching into the water. It is to say the least compelling stuff. Fusing Black and Death Metal together, Trokle have a sort of Burzum or Nargaroth like sound going on and it makes them very appealing. The end result of all this is a winding grinding sound, bleak and dark and definitely loaded with ill intent and malice. Trokle's demo may only be two tracks in length but it is more than enough to hook you in. I love Burzum like Black Metal and this band has it down just right. Yes it is nothing original and yes it is copying a classic style but when it is done correctly and with such passion and anger then who really cares? trokle make things around you turn black, they are severely underground and they sound superb. [8]

ROTE MARE - 'Corruption'

From Adelaide on the sun drenched coast of Australia comes a three piece traditional heavy metal and doom band who are spewing forth with their third full length release simply entitled 'Corruption'. It is always nice to find a band whose lyrics you can decipher whilst the music plays through it's repertoire and that is what you get with Rote Mare. It's funny really because the music isn't overly heavy, nor is it dripping with intensity yet the flat rhythm remains interesting and sounds fantastic, and when Rote Mare decide to take 'Corruption' up a notch it makes it even groovier, all adding to the slowed down Doom like effect. Rote Mare are from an old school up bringing if their musical style is anything to go by and it truly does show when it comes to the quality of this EP which is extremely high. 'Corruption' will cast darkness around you then pull you in for a lesson on traditional doom style values, so let the class begin! [7]

HEXENTOMB - 'Far Beyond'

Blasting out of Italy with talk of cosmic horrors comes Hexentomb, a straight up Black Metal band who have now released their debut full length album 'Far Beyond' which packs some mightily impressive art work. The introduction track acts as a warning, a forboding ominous marker that beyond this place lays darkness, deceit, malice and pain. Rightly so in my opinion, as afterwards Hexentomb bring on the fury with Satanic vocals, grinding riff-age and a machine gun like drumming style of double kick and blast beats. You don't get the best production here but what you do get is furious adrenaline fueled Black Metal hell bent on flaying the skin from your body with it's evil fused intensity. if you are after something original you will be disappointed, and nor is this Black Metal's finest hour, but if you just wish to wallow in some melodic in parts Black Metal savagery then Hexentomb are well worth your time and attention. [7]

NECROPSY - 'Deathprayer'
[Noise Head]

Oddly this German Death Metal band have no original members remaining in the band, but they are still going and have now unleashed their debut full length release entitled 'Deathprayer'. be prepared though, line up trouble or not this is a band with sledge hammer like heaviness, rolling repetitive riffs that simply roll out of your speakers and smash into your skull with dynamite like effects, and all backed up with insanely dark and sinister vocals and a hard hitting double kick drumming style. Take nothing for granted with Necropsy, they will eat you alive. 'Deathprayer' is pure old school Death Metal, no modern influences, just break neck beats and a blend of killing urges and rampant unrelenting fury, the ingredients for any self respecting Death Metal act. There is some melody in there too that keeps this really entertaining but on the whole this is just vicious, and you'll love it! [8]

DAWN OF DESPAIR - 'Dead Heart'

German Gothic Metal here from Nuremberg in Bavaria in the form of Dawn Of Despair and their new full length debut release entitled simply 'Dead Heart', cliched but fairly relevant. As proceedings kick off it has to be said that their mainstream but fast flowing style is definitely catchy and easy to listen too, and vocally they are exactly what you'd expect, clean, clear and soft. Dawn Of Despair offer nothing of original value and instead stick to a very well trodden path of adequately dark melodic rock that always sounds decent but never really gets pulses raised. That said this is a very nice sounding, and the musicianship is good also. There is nothing wrong with the approach or the execution of the music featured on 'Dead Heart' but you do have to question how many of this kind of band can keep going. That said though this is pretty good and for those fans of this genre you'll be pleasantly surprised at what this German troop come out with. [7]

HOUWITSER - 'Sledgehammer Redemption'

This is an odd release really, a two track demo entitled 'Sledgehammer Redemption' [What a great name for a demo] after the band, Houwitser [What a great name for a band] have released in the past four full length albums. but the band have suffered many line up changes so maybe they feel this is the best way forward, and who am I to argue with this twelve year old Utrecht in The Netherlands based Brutal Death Metal band? Once this kicks in though with it's massive beefed up riffs and dark sounding ominous presence you will know that you are listening to a band who knows how to make seriously heavy as fuck music. Twelve years well spent if you want my opinion. yes they are not original, but who the hell is these days? They have a Cannibal Corpse sound about them but will More intensity and actually a much more catchy nature, an odd thing to say for such a brutal band, but there you have it, thoroughly entertaining are Houwitser so grab a copy and break your neck to the grooves. [8]

AND SUMMER DIES - 'The Chaotic Chronicle'

A great name for a band this, and this French Avant Garde Doom band mean serious business with their second demo entitled 'The Chaotic Chronicle'. During the introduction track though you are hit with a sense of peace and serenity, and although fairly dark sounding this does give off a false impression, a great start then from And Summer Dies. The false impression though does not last that long as deeply sinister vocals soon kick in to an entourage of deadly riffs and blackened melodies. There is something instantly like able about And Summer Dies, and not just because I'd love summer to die, seriously I am bad in the heat!! 'The Chaotic Chronicles' just sound great, the pace and tempo is right, the melody and under laying harmonies are working to full effect and in great contrast to the darkness not the bands heavier side produces. It is just everything slotting together to make a great release, and as an added bonus when the vocals are softer and cleaner it sounds like the singer from Crash Test Dummies. So all in all just a great sound release, what more is there to say? [8.5]

THUNDERHORSE - 'Fire Blood & Steel'

From San Jose in California comes a Thrash attack by the name of Thunderhorse and their new release 'Fire Blood and Steel'. How mighty do both of those names sound? Powerful and full of Metal tradition. The first let down though is that the production values are pretty poor and leave the music with a strained sound, like its fighting all the time to get through to you. That aside though the fast action Thrash riff-age is excellent, unrelenting in its ambition and its adrenaline soaked aggression. Thunderhorse do have a tendency to stick to a style that has well and truly been moulded and grooved by many a band before them but that said, they do play it rather well. With a name like 'Fire, Blood and Steel' it was never going to be anything other than a power house but I do wish that the production was better, because played loud and without the muffled sound this would be a truly spectacular album for getting ready for a night on the beer. [7]

FINAL STAGE - 'Through The Mirror'

Following up their debut Ep entitled 'Flights Of The Phoenix', Canadian Power Metal trio Final Stage have now released their debut full length album entitled 'Through The Mirror'. It does have to be said that this is pretty cheesy but then what do you expect from Power Metal? there is always an element of the cheddar not too far around the corner. When you compare this band to the likes of Edguy, Hammerfall and Metalium for example though, they are way short. I am no expert in the Power Metal field but I know what I like, and this just seems a little too ordinary, and in Power Metal you need to be very extroverted and flamboyant in order to get really heard. Musically this band are very competent and play really well, with nice grace and a good flow about them, nothing can be criticised but the end result on 'Through The Mirror' is simply ordinary and run of the mill. [6]
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