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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 32   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 32 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 9:37 am

NECROPSY - 'Bestial Anatomy'

From France with brutality, Brutal Death Metal quartet Necropsy have let loose the beast with their first full length album 'Bestial Anatomy'. Necropsy delivery sledge hammer blow after blow of crushing Death and Grind savagery and brutality. Vocally they are spectacular in their grinding horrific aesthetic and musically they simply slay all comers and devour the remains. 'Bestial Anatomy' is everything a BGrutal Death and Grind band should sound like and their unrelenting style never ceases to devastate or corrupt. How this band are unsigned is beyond me but I doubt very much that it will be long before some up and coming Grind label will pick them up, but in the meantime get a hold of this slab of gore drenched putridity, because before long this band will be hot property on the gore scene, and if they can should make their way over to the Uk shores and show some youngsters how to make horrific music!! [8]

FARTGOD - 'Promo 2008'

Needless to say there will be a fair amount of blaspemy involved in this 2008 Promo, but what else does this Swedish Death Metal duo have to offer? Well a pretty fast flowing and intense sound for one thing, and that is always a good starting point. The blistering pace with which this band shoots out of the starting blocks is pretty devastating and the way in which they keep up their unrelenting none stop tempo is mind boggling. Nothing about this promo release dissapoints me. In fact in places I find Fartgod to be monsterously catchy as well as sinister and grinding all at the same time, and three qualities I always look for in my music. Over teh years Sweden has produced some of the finest Metal bands to ever grace this planet and I would seriously put this one in that catagory. In time this band will get even better and I will eb proved one hundred per cent right, but in the mean time sit back and enjoy the darkness. [9]

NEUROTHING - 'Murder Book'

Sporting a mixture of Hardcore, Death and Thrash Metal, Polish five piece Neurothing have released their debut full length album entitled 'Muder Book'. The introduction track features a desolate swamp in it's sound effects, or possibly a running sink where I imagine blood is being washed away and it all builds terrific suspence. Afterwards comes the heavy slabs and stabs of neurothigs stop and start machine gun fire riff-age style. You can really sense the hardcore influence and the Thrash influence is very modern. sadly though thsis band seem to have forgotten the flow like element and all melody is lost as the band try to sound if anything too over technical. The musicianship is pretty damn good but when it comes to writing songs I feel they have a long way to go. They sound a lot like Meshuggah, but I've never been a fan of them either and so sadly this is just not for me. [5]


This Brutal Death Metal five piece hail from the darkest depths of France and this release simply entitled 'II' is their second demo to date. Sadly after just a few seconds I was wishing they had ended after their first as other than creating an absolute cacophony of noise and mayhem, they actually create very little else. No flow is evident, all the riffs and drumming just blend into one long noise that frankly i couldn't wait for it to end. 'II' shows a real sense of imagination and Diktat should really think about what they are doing before releasing thjis kidn of jumped up crap intot he world. I'm sorry the review is so short but this is so bad and so directionless that I simply want to turn it off and forget it existed. [0]

VELVETSEAL - 'Lend Me Your Wings'
[Dark Balance]

Following two demo releases, Hungarian Gothic Metallers Velvetseal now come armed with their debut full length album entitled 'Lend Me Your Wings'. With a grand sounding intro that does tend to drag on way too long, It is a blessed relief when the super cool fast flowing riffs do finally kick in. Vocally Velvetseal are melodic, tinged with beauty and very attractive. I am always up for some groovy female fronted Metal and thats exactly what you get there. Whilst nothing original comes from this Hungarian groove master, it has to be said that what they do, they do really well. Everything about 'Lend Me Your Wings' just fits so well together that you almost forget that there are so many bands of this ilk currently on the scene, but if we are to be honest most of them to do not have the talent, flair or style of this one. By the end you will be hooked and begging for more of this temptress and her exotic sounding band of Gothic Metallers. [8]

ABRASIVE - 'Awakening Of Lust'
[Nice To Eat You]

They say that men think about sex almost constantly. Now i don't believe that is true. Yet if the people who make up these stats met Germany's Abrasive then they would probably be vindicated. Sex obsessed Brutal Death Metal, Abrasive have released their fourth full length album entitled 'Awakening Of Lust'. The introduction track is that of a cheese ridden gore obsessed 80's zombie film, but instead of the gnashing and wailing there is a lady in mid coitus screaming as she is pleasured, presumably by someone with a massive tool. Abrasive seem to linger poignantly on these sexual parts but it isn't long before the riff-age kicks back in after such interludes. Musically Abrasive are everything you could ever want, mixing their fast brutal style with film samples [For example Hellraiser if I am not mistaken] and whilst they are not the most cohesive band you will ever listen too, their heaviness mixed with all the porn and samples will more than entertain. [7]

EXCARNATED - 'Homicidal Decimation'

This Australian three piece features Chris on vocals, the man behind two bands already featured on this zine, The Nihilistic Front and also Sanguineous. This Brutal Death Project take us all the way back to 2002 for their debut full length release, 'Homicidal Decimation'. What you will notice about Excarnated shortly after their album kicks in is that they are unrelenting in their approach and unstoppable in their quest to grind out track after track of undeniably heavy and full throttle Brutal Death Metal mania. They do come across as slightly generic and there is not much in the way of originality or indeed of variance, and as a result after a few tracks of the same crunching style you may get a bit weary, but it cannot be denied that Excarnated make this look easy when it comes to the mechanics of making such brutally heavy tunes. If the riff-age doesn't hook you in then the vocals will, and thats all that matters.[7]

MIOSIS - ''Albedo Adaption'

Progressive Rock and Metal from Gothenburg in Sweden, this five piece band by the name of Miosis are currently riding on a high after their release of debut full length album 'Albedo Adaption'. As well they might, as releasing an album, demo or EP is no easy feat and as the long winded but easily listenable music plays on through it's journey you will notice how well they have crafted their own sound. Vocally Miosis are very clean and clear and that adds to the whole harmonics of the band who like to keep thinsg rather melodic and fresh. I have always had rooma for progressive rock or metal, ever since I was young and these guys really appeal to my sense of style. they are not afraid to tread new waters or to make music that others may not deem to be the most up to date or coolest, but that is waht progressive music is all about, being yourself and adapting your style as you go and Miosis are damn good at what they do! [8]

[On Parole]

So many bans are obsessed with bukkake these days, and this Slovenian Brutal Death Metal and Grind band are no exception, as their debut full length album 'Bukkake' surely proves. there is nothing like opening an album with a Japanese dominatrix fiend getting abused before the serious business of making aggressive metal starts, and Vulvathrone are right up there with that theme. A lot of Brutal Death Metal these days is all about making as much noise as possible and trust me this bunch of crusty metallers are no exception, but the groove which they add into their music from start to finish is sincerley refreshing. 'Bukkake' is one of those albums that just grabs you by the balls and pulls you in, inviting you to have agreat time with some seriously heavy tunes. Musically Vulvathrone are everything you could ask for, from the vicious sickening vocals, break neck drumming and essential riff-age and as an end product you have a putrid pile of gore infested Grind and Brutal Death splattered all over your face like a cheap whore in a bukkake competition. [7.5]

PANDEMONIUM - 'Whispers'

Releasing their third sucsessive full length album comes Swedish Death Doom pioneers Pandemonium and their new release 'Whispers'. For all who know me and my work you will know I am all about the Death Doom so Pandemonium are a band I have been looking forward to writing about since it dropped on to my desk. You get everything you would expect too, from the growling vocals of death to the amazing hallowing riff-age, but the keyboard created under laying melodies are a really nice touch and give 'Whispers' a real air of mystery as well as a refreshing touch to keep things varied. I have said it before that sweden produces some of the worlds greatest metal and once again they have proved me right. Pandemonium was well worth the wait. The oppressive nature with which the band casts out it's dark and ominous vibes is fantastic but again I come back to the keyboard player who for me is the very heart of what is an incredible band! [8]
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