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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 3   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 3 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 29, 2009 12:19 am

ASCEND - 'Ample Fire Within'
[Southern Lord]

"Ample With Fire" is the debut album from the Californian brainchild of Gentry Densley & Greg Anderson or as I like to refer to them the battle of the beards! Seriously they are both Epic! Ascend are signed to Southern Lord Records, home to so many superb Doom outfits and this duo are deservedly put on the same pedestal. Ascends Drone Doom style is winning them fans on an international level and it isn't hard to see why. "The Obilisk Of Kolob" [In the Latter Day Saint Movement Kolob is a star or planet mentioned in the Book Of Abraham as being nearest to the throne or residence of God] is a thunderous mountain of an opening track with roller coaster like tempo changes clattering you're senses one moment and then falling steeply to a peaceful din the next. Rather than being a monotonous noise polluter like some Drone bands can be, Ascend actually have a relaxing quality in places yet in others they can make the earth tremble with the might and fury of their aggression. An ominous vibe lingers over and around Ascends music, a man made oppressive mood cast out by the bands grinding axe play that keeps you alert and searching for the next change in style. "Divine" is a track that amuses me every time I listen too it simply because the vocal sound reminds me of "And I think to myself, what a wonderful world". You may think I'm off my rocker but just take away the Drone Doom and you'll hear it I swear! In a way though I feel that this slow winding track shows the level of diversity with Ascend that keeps their music so invigorating. As the lyric suggests, Ascend know how to ensnare you're soul and you're interest. Creating a vast cacophony of sound is no easy feat to accomplish but "V.O.G" really is just that. Tuned down guitars blast away the peaceful melodies of the previous track and once again Ascend rise resplendent in an ocean wave of vitriol and raw emotion. With a real groove laden riff-age and a slow droning tune being played at a laborious pace, Ascend have a calm slow flow to them, a sound that is well practiced and almost methodical in its approach, certainly nothing about the band has been rushed into and because of this their music sound crisp, clear tantalizingly entertaining. If you are after a true transgression though from song to sheer Drone Doom Epic, nine and a half minute long instrumental track "Her Horse Is Thunder" really will tickle you're pickle! This song is a collision, an explosion, a coming together of everything that makes Ascend such a high quality band. From the down tunes bass lines to the slow grinding riff-age to the atmospheric undertones entwined within, this really is a thunderous approach to Metal's greatest genre. Just when you think you have reached the pinnacle though comes the finale, a song that takes after its name and comes in at a staggering twelve and half minutes of pure unadulterated Doom goodness if the deeply sinister and blackened "Dark Matter" which shatters the conceptions of the previous track and lays down its own laws as to how things should be on the album. As finales go this is a killer and the perfect way to end what is an exceptional first release. Look out for future goodness from this highly talented duo! [9.5]

ATARAXIE - 'Anhedonie'
[Weird Truth]

French doom lords Ataraxie are a band I have really been pining for, a band I have truly wanted to review for a long time and thanks to the kindness of Weird truth I have my chance at long last! 'Anhedonie' is the 2008 follow up to 2005's 'Slow Transcending Agony' and consists of a thirty second intro followed by four of the most epic sounding long winded doom ballads you are ever likely to hear! If 'Silence Of Death' doesn't finish you off with its flaring tempo and unrivaled hostility then the equally long and brooding 'Walking Through A Land Of Falsity' surely will with its deep wailing vocals mixed with more atmospheric melodies created to cast darkness and shadow upon a bleak world! Yet it is title track 'Anhedonie' that really gets pulses racing with its blistering pace and its fearsome chugging riffage that rampages onwards into your mind and deep into your blackened soul. 'Ataraxie' are back with stunning vengeance and are intent upon doom laden domination! Mind how you tread! [9]

BILOCATE - 'Sudden Death Syndrome'

Many Metal bands throughout the world lash out using dominant violent lyrics as a weapon. They speak of all the sorrow and injustice that they have suffered or of the horrific tragedies that have befallen them, of personal wars they have been forced to wage against various people or restrictions. Now I am of the opinion that all pain is relative to the beholder but in the case of Bilocate, a Metal band haling from Fuhies in the turbulent area of Jordon in the Middle East, the wars they have faced are very much real and a hell of a lot more devastating. Through all the turbulence and destruction that emanates from their little corner of the globe comes methodical and calculating Doom/Death Metal, forged from the sporadic bloodshed and fallen tears that have been shed around them. That thought is all politics in one way or another but this is the music that it all inspires. Bilocate have featured heavily in magazines as well known as Terrorizer recently and despite where they come from and what they have no doubt been through, it is their music that is standing out most of all and quite rightly so. Sporting an extremely dark sound and a style that labours under the weight of its own heavy emotional burden, "Sudden Death Syndrome" is a winding journey of blackened moods and exhausting riff-age that will darken the sunniest skies and pollute the clearest waters. Musically the bands talent is superb and each track flows well into the other. Its fresh too with each song bringing a new variance to the table, all of which keeps you entertained and interested. With their own Eastern influence on guitar thrown into the fire in some majestic interludes it all adds up to make an EP of the highest quality. Bilocate may have many a hindrance in their lives but nothing will stop them getting their music through. [8.5]

BRUTART - 'Mimic'
[On Parole]

Everything about Slovenian doom mercenaries 'Brutart' screams quality from their high end monika to the hardback book containing their artwork, lyrics and CD. 'Mimic' pushes the boundaries of central and eastern European death doom and crushes the joy and happiness from the room as eleven rampantly uncompromising tracks spew forth from tonsils of Blaz Kelbl! Although a bit of slow starter, the groove really kicks in around track four 'Delirium' and from there never looks back. 'Mimic' grows in confidence as it progresses through it's impressive repertoire and packs enough hooks to give you an interest injection right until the very death. In the modern technological age where music is so easy to make but made badly it's great to see a band such as 'Brutart' take such care and pride over their material from the music right down to the artwork and these qualities make 'Mimic' stand out just that little bit more! [7.5]

DETHRONED - 'Prophecies Of Doom'

Hailing from the unlikely metal breeding ground of Jounieh in Lebanon, Dethroned have unleashed their new down tempo release "Prophecies Of Doom" upon us. Delving deep down into the world of dark forboding prophecies and strange myths, Dethroned keep things on the more nocturnal side as the release title would suggest. The opening track of this five song EP is "Grief" which opens solemnly with well used piano play very reminiscent of Anathema on the "Alternative 4" album. Vocally Dethroned are chilling and haunting in equal measures in the intro which then makes way for a much heavier crushing sound of title track "Prophecies Of Doom" that brings to the fore magnificent sounding double kick drumming and a deep throaty growling style of vocal work that stand out in stark contrast to those of the previous track. Under laying synth melodies are entwined throughout to give a blackened sense of mystery to the music. Dethroned sport a well practiced style which moved slow and almost laborious as it struggles through its sluggish repertoire but all this is planned and executed with a great deal of finesse. What I love though is the zany winding organ undercurrent that makes up the many interludes from the usual brutality. What it brings to Dethroned is an exaggerated sense of overwhelming darkness and a really sinister edge. "Prophecies Of Doom" the song is a real epic and leads majestically into "Renaissance Of Thy Goddess" which again captures the positively evil vibe that Dethroned seem to thrive on. I personally like the riffage that this song generates with the melodic undercurrents entwined within it rather than used as interludes, this draws you deeper into the experience. "My Eternal Love" is pure groove laden Doom with seriously sludgy riffs in places and a real "My Dying Bride" sound to the vocals. What the band bring to the table cannot be labelled in any way as original but what it is, is well performed and excellent at casting out an ominous mood as all good Doom bands should. They even throw in some Eastern influence occasionally to spice things up. The finale takes the form of "...And Darkness" featuring a whispered intro before the brutality kicks in with a much faster style of play. In summary dethroned keep it mixed and varied and above all its a great dark bruising EP and always interesting to listen too. [7.5]


Based upon the Burgess novel "A Clockwork Orange" and later the movie brought to you by the legendary director of such films as "The Shining" and of course the greatest movie ever made, "Full Metal Jacket" Sepultura have started 2009 early knowing that this will be one hell of a tough year for the Brazilian four piece after the departure of co-founder Igor Cavallera, and so have slammed home with their new release "A-Lex" which is all things, a concept album. "A-Lex" as previously mentioned in based upon "A Clockwork Orange" and in particular it's main character Alex, the misguided youth who sports hobbies such rape, pillage and vicious beatings! [Maybe a Viking Metal band should have released this album] All this of course before being locked up and becoming the victim of an extremely experimental treatment administered by Government officials and then put through a rigorous rehabilitation program. All this the price paid for some of the old in out, in out and a touch of the old ultra-violence mt little Droogies! With a haunting intro to start off the proceedings, Sepultura then launch into "Moloko Mesto" which brings on an instant nostalgia shock as you're transported back to a distant time, a time known as "Beneath The Remains" [The greatest ever Sepultura album may i add] "A-Lex" is split into four acts to keep the film vibe alive and spans across eighteen songs that takes up a mind blowing hour of none stop frenzied Metal. It really is a Goliath of an album. What I love in particular about this album is the constant diversity with which Sepultura hit you, whether it be the trailblazing riff-age, the gripping melodies that weave throughout this album or the deep and soulful intricacies of the ambient interludes or perhaps it's simply the smashing grace of the "ultra-violent" vocals. In recent interviews front man Andreas Kisser states that the Stanley Kubrick adaptation to film misses out the final chapter of the book where young Alex chooses to lead a normal life and it would have been so easy for Sepultura to make the same mistake. To make sure this isn't the case the orchestral-metal version of "Ludwig Van" is added towards the end of the final act. Alex couldn't bear to live a life without music and thanks to Sepultura the full experience is laid onto disc so you won't have too either. Musically this album is phenomenal. Anyone who states that Sepultura is worthless without the Cavallera's should listen to this mighty offering and re-evaluate their position! You have been warned Droogies!! [9]

SERPENTCULT - 'Weight Of Light'
[Rise Above]
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 3 Serpentcult-weightoflight

Once upon a time in the land known as Belgium there was a small Doom band by the name of Serpentcult trying to spread their wings, their message and their name throughout the land. In their quest for unrivalled Doom dominance they signed with I Hate Records of Sweden and released upon the world "Trident Nor Fire" a four track EP, and let me tell you it surely was something wondrous to behold boys and girls, oh yes it was so very very good. Then cometh the year 2008 and serpentcult moved away from their label and signed for the prestigious Rise Above Records where they released their first ever full length album by the glorious title of "Weight Of Light" and in the full and time honoured Monty Python tradition, they're was of course much rejoicing... To put to bed all of these ye olden times folk tales, "Weight Of Light" put quite simply for even the most basic of village idiot to understand is the shit, the dogs bollocks, the top banana all of which is rolled into one eight track album. If opening track "New World Order" doesn't set you're pulse racing and you're heart hammering into you're ribcage then for those who can please cast you're mind back to "Trident Nor Fire" to a certain "Screams From The Deep"! My god this song was good even before but now with it's feedback intro and its beefed up slowed down chugging down tempo brutality Serpentcult have released the untamed beast upon us and it is running rampant!!This is a metaphor for the entire album which in time will have to be considered an undeniable classic of Doom Metal, from the haunting yet beautiful structured female vocals to the precise drumming, through the deep bass lines and the sledgehammer heavy riff-age, "Weight Of Light" is simply fucking superb! [10]
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