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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 34   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 34 I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2009 12:06 am

SEPARATIST - 'The Motionless Apocalypse'

There is so much to like about this Australian Technical Death Metal five piece, the name alone screams of a brutal romance. Terrorists are dirty, under-hand and lethal, but a separatist is romantic, they stand alone and they fight for a just cause. there really is little difference between the two in actuality but human stereotype will prevail and that is how they are each seen. Another thing to intrigue is the bands location, the island of 'Tasmania' to the south of 'Australia' making them quite a bit unique. 'The Motionless Apocalypse' comes dressed in superb artwork and when the malice and dread that is the bands music kicks in, you'll know it's well and truly on. This release is the bands debut full length album and what a way to make a start! Although they are described as a Technical Death Metal band you will find yourself standing mouth open at just how brutal and Grind like Separatist can be, and when you've finished drooling you'll simply marvel at the battery of Death Metal ammunition with which these guys play. Not bad at all for a debut release, I for one can't wait to see what these Tasmanian devils [You all knew that pun was coming] launch at us next!! [7.5]

MINDLAG PROJECT - 'Mindlag Project'

French Thrash and Metalcore sextet Mindlag Project have followed up their three previous EP's with their debut self titled full length album. Putting aside some truly unremarkable intro audio clips that seem to trigger most of the tracks, Mindlag Project have an adrenaline injected sound that is both crisp and straight to the point, whilst in places can be down right catchy. Some times the band loses the flow a little and it can leave their music sounding some what disjointed, and adding to this their lack of imagination or originality can lead you to believe that this like many other bands out there are simply filler, another in the long line of 'core' bands that have swamped the Metal scene over the past decade, and in some ways you would be correct. However Mindlag Project do have some redeeming features in the form of a professional sounding album with some excellent riff-age and adequate vocal work. On the whole this release is not spectacular but is more than listenable when in the mood, but the band do little to distinguish themselves from the crowd. [6]

MAGNUSON - 'The Struggle Within'

Los Angeles is a metropolis where millions of people over the years have flocked to have their dreams ultimately crushed by sheer weight of volume. Magnuson however have the talent to break the trend. Alternative Rock is a genre that can often sound dull and dour and especially clone like in latter years but this trio fuse their sound with progressive inspirations, grunge like attitudes and fast flowing melody that keeps all four songs on 'The Struggle Within; fresh and catchy. Opening track 'Strange Lights' is a soul lifting heart warming sing-along tune mixing male and female vocals and sounding heavily like Veruca Salt. 'Don't Turn Away' slows down the pace and gives Magnuson a more serious edge. Emotionally hard hitting this track will main line straight in to your heart and snare your senses. It speaks of a pain long since suffered but still clinging on with much guilt and apprehension.Towards the end the tune turns very Muse-like with it's industrial rock connotations before leading into the bands more grunge like element of 'Hopeless Rerun'. By far the heaviest of all four songs, Magnuson attempt to shatter illusions previous dealt out and slam through this track with a severe lack of grace that was shown in the release so far, but needless to say a brilliant track and vocally it winds and rises and falls like a System Of A Down track, maybe 'Lonely Day'. The finale comes in the form of 'Tortola' and the heaviness continues and again the SOAD tinge is felt. Magnuson are currently organising a tour in the US, my suggestion is to get out and see them for this band has it all, amazing vocals, superb melodies and a gorgeous lady in their ranks, what more could you want? [9]

SKYPHO - 'Nowhere Neverland'

If you thought that organising a band was hard work, wait until you have had to do it with seven members. This is the daily toils and spoils for Portuguese Alternative Rock and Metal band 'Skypho'. Following a zaney trip like intro by the name of 'Walking In A Time Line', 'Skypho' kick into their signature style, that being of classic 'Incubus' rock with slightly harsher vocals in places. Indeed the weird progression through stoner focused cheese ridden hard rock and dulcet tones combination are very in keeping with the afore mentioned bands style, but then if you need a style to copy then why not pick a good one? 'Skypho' though are a talented band in their own right and should be seen as the individual, or seven individuals that they indeed are. 'Nowhere Neverland' is extremely listenable and in places are insanely catchy. In fact the only down point is that they are not very original, but then they make up for this one flaw by being multi-talented, very open and direct and making music that you'll want to cruise and groove a long too over and over again. Get your bong at the ready. [7.5]

SIXTY 8 - 'Before The Fall'

Straight up classic rock and metal from the United States, 'Sixty 8' have released 'Before The Fall', a much reviewed and highly regarded release. Or so you would think. Personally I feel the band whilst with a moderate amount of talent come across as bland and featureless, and seem to lack some oomph. Melodically the band have style and in places they are down right catchy but the flow often seems stunted although this may be down to the production standards. If you are after some intricate riff-age and solo's then they will be for you and there are occasions where you can totally lose yourself in the bands hypnotic guitar play, but it isn't anything you won't have heard before many times over. Their artwork depicts Eve in the garden of Eden holding the poisoned apple and is almost a replica of Spanish Doom Metal band Evadne's [Also featured on The Inquisition] artwork. Overall this is standard rock made by people who love what they do for people who just like decent tunes and melodies, but that is all you get, so if you want trend setting raging music, look elsewhere. [5]

DUSKBURN - 'Soldering The Seven Streams'

From the ever growing Metal scene of Croatia comes Death and Sludge Metal in the form of four piece outfit Duskburn and their new release, the captivating and enigmatically entitled 'Soldering The Seven Streams'. Musically the band come across instantly as very harsh and weather beaten. Their sound grates against your senses as it rampages upon it's bleak trail. Some times the riff-age is simplistic but it all adds to the effect and within moments Duskburn will have you nodding your head enthusiastically. In places the vocals sound strained but again this is totally by design and you could almost imagine Duskburn breaking into the darkest forms of Drone Doom at any moment, although they do refrain. This is where the extent of their restraint goes too though, as 'Soldering The Seven Steams' explores and expands the limits of your tolerance with their no nonsense attitude, and will test your senses with their grinding winding riffs and menacing vocals. Duskburn are not for the weak of weak of heart nor the easily irritated, but for those who can persevere, there is a lot to enjoy. [7.5]

DR SATAN - 'Microwaved Uterogiblets'
[Morgue House]

Time for a return to basics with Indiana based one man Death Metal and Grindcore specialist Dr Satan. This is no thrills stuff, just pure energy, malice, hatred and shredding in the form of his 2007 EP release 'Microwaved Uterogiblets'. This is about as bleak as it gets, with grim vocals eating away at your soul whilst a drum machine spits of blast after blast of super intensified noise that forms a wall of pure evil. Morgue House Records have seen fit to release this and if you are after intensity, heart felt aggression and a blistering attack of noise, pressure and venom then it really isn't hard to see why. Vitriolic doesn't cover it, aggression doesn't do it justice, but what the doc gives you is both of those things and so much more. Yes it has to be said that musically it is simplistic, stunted and caught in the 90's but it is also so perverse and gore laden that you cannot help but stand back and gape in awe at the brutality with which Dr Satan creates. Think jack The Ripper, Rose West and the man who invented the Big Brother reality TV show and you still have not reached the sufficient level of sinisterness or evil. [7]

4 CHAMBERS OF IVORY - '...A Bitter Taste Of Sin'

One upon a time in the deepest darkest parts of Bavaria, [That's Oettingen in Germany for those who need a point of reference] came three men obsessed with Metalcore, with Doom Metal and with Sludge. So bored with their hum drum lives in two other bands, those being 'Donnergroll' and 'Several Stabwounds' that they decided that the three of them would form a third band, entitled '4 Chambers Of Ivory' or as they were previously known 'The Broken Souls'. So together once again they released '...A Bitter Taste Of Sin' and let me tell you, it grooves. Yes some might argue that it sounds overly simplistic in approach but it is also raw, rough and definitely ready. Featuring five tracks of unadulterated Sludge, these lads plow through the murk and grime and offer up a simple taste of blackened Metal served with extra filth and a side order of raw blistering vocal work. If you don't mind your music being stodgy and hard to swallow then this is for you, so let 4 Chambers Of Ivory into your kitchen and root around for a while with your spices. [PS I do not know where all these kitchen analogies came from but you get my point.] [7]

WILLOW WISP - 'Enmity'
[Full Moon]

With a full length slam of Anti Religious Gothic Black Metal comes Hollywood Satanists 'Willow Wisp' and their third album release entitled 'Enmity'. With a stirring introduction track regarding how tough and hard to burn the human heart is, 'Willow Wisp' quickly kick in to their signature style of raw and enduring Black Metal with some trippy and zaney synth undertones. It does have to be pointed out that riff-age wise this band are fairly standard and ordinary, and the wailing gnashing vocals too have been cloned many times before, but the weird and wonderful horror like melodies that run through 'Willow Wisp's' music does make them stand out some what. having said that this is not gripping stuff and does seem a little cliched throughout. Still not everything can be for everyone and 'Enmity' whilst not for me will appeal to many others, especially people looking for a starter band to get them into the bleak world of Black Metal or for those who just like their music a little bit strange. Either way 'Willow Wisp' are a band who will find favour in many places, despite their odd name! [6]

HATRED ANGEL - 'I Don't Wanna Die...'

Just when you thought you had seen it all, along comes a three piece Melodic Death and Black Metal band from the island of Japan in the shape and form of Hatred Angel and their debut full length album with a title that is a little bit of an about turn on the usual darkened Metal theme, 'I Don't Wanna Die...'. This band have gone through their fair share of line up changes in the past but they are hoping that this one will bring them stability, and now seemed right to release their debut and let me tell you it has been worth the wait. Whilst there is nothing particularly of original value here and although the drumming is tinny to say the least, the bands blackened spirit and melodic Black Metal remedies are great to listen too. In places 'Hatred Angel' can be down right heavy and in your face but throughout it all they keep their harmonic undertones that give the band a sense of purpose and direction. 'I Don't Wanna Die...' is far from the finished article, but if your into dark Metal straight out of Japan like so many people are, these are worth the money! [7]
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