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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 22   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 22 I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 22, 2009 3:10 pm

TOTAL DEATH - 'Demonios'

They have been rolling since the distant summer of 1988 and have made more members over the last two decades than your average dysfunctional Scandinavian Black Metal dynasty. 'Demonios' is the bands 2004 release and forms the first of a two part review on these Spanish lords of Death & Thrash. 'Total Death' are exactly what you would expect from an old school darkened Thrash Metal band from the 80's. Big riffs, even bigger hair and anthems of Thrash in the place of songs. They follow a set tried and tested weather battered format and they stick to it well, churning out track after track of pure traditional Thrash. 'Total Death' stand for the old way of making music but they are still going strong well into the twenty first century, a true Metal pioneer flying the Spanish Metal flag so long after many of their counterparts have fallen by the way side. It has been one hell of a long time since the bands inaugural 'Alcoholic Death' demo but it's great to see these guys still going strong and making heads bang over all Spain and beyond. If your new to these death merchants then 'Demonios' is a great place to start your education. [7]

TOTAL DEATH - 'La Muerte Os Hara Libres...'

So to complete the second part of my 'Total Death' dual review is 'La Muerte Os Hara Libres...' released in 2007. As mentioned in the last review these wizened old times have notched up more than their fair share of experience on the road and in the studio but this album with it's more melodic twists as well as the usual blackened Thrash goodness and trademark native lyrics is an improvement on the last release which was again as mentioned really something. It's always nice when a band takes their time and takes pride in what they are producing and it shows in every fold and layer of this bands music. 'Total Death' are from the same veil as 'Testament' but have never gotten the full coverage they deserve, perhaps owing to their location or maybe just never getting the right opportunity. Maybe not speaking in English is a hindrance but then why should a band compromise what they want to do to make it big? 'Total Death' over the space of just two of their albums have me converted. They may not be the most prolific band in history but they did things their way and are a better band for it. [7.5]

AT ODDS WITH GOD - 'Earning Damnation'
[Self Produced]

Female fronted melodic Death and Black Metal, hmm where have we seen that format before? This 'Fort Lauderdale' outfit though are out to prove that they do things their own way and nobody Else's. Intro track 'Elusive Elysium' [Elysium being the Roman version of Heaven for those who need a point of reference] hints at the darkness that is held within whilst simultaneously being blessed with subtle charm and the soft intricacies of a band holding back, a band about to unleash the tides of fury, and indeed fury is what they unleash. Vocalist 'Nina Saile' is a match for any of the other female harsh vocal big hitters but 'Perpetual Agony' still feels like something is missing, like the ferocity that could have been is not quite tapped into. That said this still has a blisteringly heavy sound with full throttle in your face guitar play and drumming and all fronted by 'Miss Saile's' beautiful face by ravaging vocal expertise. Indeed it is hard to imagine that this is the bands debut full length release. Tips for the future guys, don't hold back, use the potential you so clearly have, but high points include their professional sound, amazing artwork and a band dynamic that works so well and in tandem. This then is a warning shot to their counterparts, more is still to come. [7.5]

OST - 'Inorena Ez Den Lurrean'
[Baga Biga]

Now let it please be noted that i am always one for new experiences, so that having been said let me introduce you to a Metal band from the Caribbean country of 'Antigua and Barbuda'. 'Ost' have released some old school goodness upon us in the form of their new release 'Inorena Ez Den Lurrean' [Is it just me or does that name switch from Spanish to Dutch half way through?] 'Ost' have a simplistic catchy style that incorporated massive riffs, mind boggling solos and powerful vocals that all scream quality and give off a lets get down and dirty and rock the night away kind of vibe. With military sounding guitar chords being rammed out hard through your speakers it will be hard to deny 'Ost's' charms and before this album is through you'll be planning your next vacation to their charming country. Indeed there will be plenty of head banging where ever these bunch of sun kissed metallers go and the new album definitely deserves a listen or two. Complete with dark and bizarre artwork this is the complete package and for anyone who likes a good old sing along, if you can understand the lingo in places that is!! [7.5]

AWAKE BY DESIGN - 'Sentiment'

It seems like such a long time since I reviewed some home grown talent from right here in the UK so thank goodness Gothic Metallers 'Awake By Design' have come along, although surely we are all awake by design are we not? Anyway I digress, 'Sentiment' is the bands latest release, and although a slightly cliched name 'Awake By Design' do give off powerful vibes and also have a slight doom like presence which naturally moves them up in my estimations. The vocals are clean and precise and carry over the bands message beautiful and the catchy and steadily played guitar work is more than a match for it. Whilst what this outfit are doing is by no means original they do possess a certain charm and are way more than adequately listenable. In fact as long as you are in a melancholy mood or feel like a sombre thought or two then this band may be right up your street. indeed for me they do hit the right chords and will make a welcome addition to my collection. The musicianship is first class, the songs structured perfectly and the overall ambiance divine. What more could you need? [7.5]

TREMOR - 'A Falakon Belul'

For the last nine years this Hungarian Thrash Metal band have served up blackened guitar antics over the course of one demo, two EP's and now their debut full length album 'A Falakon Belul'. Sorry guys but after nine years I'd expect something better. This is Thrash completed with Jazz like interludes and almost Black Metal style vocals but the effect doesn't really hit home. The Thrash is mundane and ordinary, the interludes ludicrous and totally unappealing and the vocals just don't sound like they should be a part of this band. In the artwork it is plain to see that no effort has been put in, in fact it is just plain. So there you have it, they may have called themselves 'Tremor' but this is one band that apart from the very occasional catchy riff solo will make absolutely no impression or impact on the Metal scene's global Richter scale. [3]

CAVALCADE - 'Into Bolivian'

First thing is first, the artwork, what the fuck is it all about? I giant blotch of a monster with two faces, seven eyes and all rather purple. Very bizarre. A bit like the music really which for me does absolutely nothing. This 'Michigan' based band list them self on Myspace as Nu-Jazz and Metal. Where does the Nu-Jazz come in? This is just a poor mans thrash band with overly dark vocals that flow like a ten tonne truck with no wheels and have all the song writing ability of a ferret. I'm sure there are folks out there that may 'get' this or even dig it but frankly I fail to see the point of what this band are doing. It takes three tracks before anything even remotely like a Nu-Jazz feel comes into it and that just reminds me of a badly edited 60's super hero soundtrack. No cohesion, no plan, no great vibes and no clue. Please go back and try again, or more preferably as Blackadder said to Charlie Chaplin, please please please stop. [1]

SAPROPHAGOUS - 'Dimensions Of Diverse Brutality'

Ok first of all for all of those out there who need a point of reference I believe Saprophagous is some kind of work that feeds off bodies and helps with the decomposition. That would make sense then for a Brutal Death Grind band to name themselves after it. Hailing from 'Long Beach' in 'california' and following up a demo with their debut full length release entitled 'Dimensions Of Diverse Brutality', 'Saprophagous' are like 'Ronseel' quick dry and wood stain. [Probably a pun for the British readers this one] in so much that they do exactly what it says on the tin. That is to play loud, play fast and be totally brutal, a job that this band does spectacularly well. Indeed Saprophagous are technically proficient but utterly at home and ease with the sheet mayhem their music unleashes upon your ears. Indeed whilst change and variety is not really in the bands nature, stunning violence is. That's why for all those people who like their music to almost strip their skin from their face, I think this band will suit them down to the ground. [7]

NEURONIA - 'The Winter Of My Heart'

A blend of Heavy and Death Metal from 'Poland' now in the shape of 'Neuronia' and their debut full length album 'The Winter Of My Heart' which incidentally is the only lyric I can make out from the opening track of the same name. Ok so yes the skeletons on the front cover like they are doing the 'Genesis' 'We Can't Dance' walk but this is old school dark Metal played at loud volumes through and through. Don't get me wrong this is not a stunner by any stretch of the imagination and nor does it set the music book on fire but it's decent, it's dirty and it's hard hitting. 'Neuronia' are not trend setters but they are a band who take things very seriously and you can see many a metal head getting some serious neck busting head banging going to this band at a late night gig or a festival, anywhere really where amber is flowing freely. So if your heading to 'Poland' any time soon make sure you check these guys out. They may not be the biggest thrill you will ever hear but they should make your night. [6]

SOUTHERN EXTREMITY - 'Hymns Of Darkness And Hate'

Ten tracks of rampaging Italian Black Metal fury from deep within the blackened bowels of 'Southern Extremity' and their new full length release 'Hymns Of Darkness And Hate. Indeed the perpetual angst of this release is rather cliched and with some woeful, or at least woeful sounding drumming and/or production not really bringing out the blast beats all that well it is off to a mediocre start. That said though it is only the blast beats the suffer and the rest of the drumming sounds pretty good, the zaney twisting riff-age is well thought out and the vocals are everything you would expect from a serious Black Metal outfit. So yes the production standards to rob 'Southern Extremity' of their full sound and ambiance but as well as that there is nothing in the way of originality and the band do sound a little short on inspiration and ideas. I'm painting a grey picture though and it has to be said that you will hear a lot worse than this on your travels, but overall the end result is somewhat disappointing. [5]
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