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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 36   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 36 I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 1:19 am

DECAYOR - 'Re-Occuring Times Of Grief'

On to some dark and foreboding Death Doom Metal straight from the depths of Ireland, Decayor have released a four track EP entitled 'Re-Occurring Times Of Grief' complete with truly spectacular artwork. Following an intro of oppressive severity and a crack of thunder that heralds the arrival of some sledge hammer like riff-age, Decayor approach their style of Doom in the same way that Anathema used too early on in their career. First with the harrowing bleakness, the heaviness and the crushing vibes, followed by melodic intervals of equally dark and sombre reflection before once again hitting into the heavy stuff for good measure. Whilst not yet of the same standard as early Anathema [Lets be fair who is?] this is a very decent release and well worth a listen or two if your feeling partial to some gloom soaked Irish tom-doomery. The bands musicianship is sometimes simplistic but ever so effective and whats more they are truly in touch with what Doom Metal is all about. Still some way to go before they are the finished article but mightily impressive none the less. [7]

K3 - 'Garden Of Death'

Starting out life as a Joe Satriani tribute band, Hungarian three piece K3 have morphed into what they are today, a progressive Metal and Rock instrumental band who have no unleashed upon us their second full length release 'Garden Of Death'. In my opinion instrumental bands place a lot of pressure on themselves. With no lyrical themes are vocals to take centre stage the band in question has to make sure their musicianship is not only well executed but invigorating, passionate and above all constantly interesting and entertaining. Step into the spot light then K3 who sound simply marvelous. Superbly catchy from start to finish, fast and loud, flowing beautifully and as easily as water from a tap, this is a band who take the utmost pride in everything they do, practice every single note and chord until perfection is achieved and will not stop until they have the desired end result. Musically this band wail through intricate solos, crushing riffs, passionate melodies and breathe taking tunes like they have been doing so since they were in the womb. 'Garden Of Death' is perfect music for a guitar lovers dream, or just for people who want no nonsense no brainer great tunes. [8.5]

BROKEN MIRRORS - 'Seven Years'

Five piece Melodic Thrash Metal band Broken Mirrors hail from the Lyon and Grenoble area of France and have no unleashed their debut full length release upon us entitled 'Seven Years'. Melodic Thrash is not an often heard of sub genre, usually it being dominated by Melodic Death but these spirited Frenchman do indeed play with a very thrash like style fused with many melodies woven in to their sound acting as nice undertones. Not only does this add variety to a much needed genre but it keeps you guessing where the bands songs will take you next. there is a slight folk influence in places along with a vast amount of intricate guitar solos for those of you who like to see and hear some quality widdling, but on the whole Broken Mirrors churn out fast paced melodic metal of a decent standard. Maybe this won't be to every ones taste as it does not uproot trees in its approach but never let it be said that Mirrors don't know how to entertain with their highly technical style and sound. 'Seven Years' is definitely one to check out for all you tech heads and riff-age fanatics. [7]


Hailing from Northern Ireland comes four piece Death and Thrash Metal outfit Languished and their new three track EP 'Burn'. Although the production levels are not what you would call superb, mainly with the vocals sounding a little too prominent, that is the only criticism you will be able to throw at this very severe sounding Death Metal troop. Not only do the band reel off three tracks of unadulterated catchy Death Metal whilst still remaining devilishly heavy and true to their Death Metal roots, but they play with style and a blistering force that bludgeons with a sledge hammer blow of carnage. You can tell from the bands style of play and sound that they are fairly new and just starting to make their way on the scene but 'Burn' is a great way to get your name known as it slays all who listens too it. Northern Ireland is not exactly know as a hot bed of Death Metal talent but on the strength of these three tracks there is definitely a ray of light for their scene in the form and presence of the superb Languished. [8]

DARNFOYLE - 'Project Ola'

Darnfoyle are an Irish Progressive Metal band and have released a brand new EP entitled 'Project Ola'. Quite an odd and eclectic mix this one, with a low key sound about the band whose main style is that I can only place somewhere between Therapy? and US stoner lords Queens Of The Stone Age, with a vocal style lodged between the two with a little bit of Placebo thrown in for good measure. It's catchy for sure and very easy to listen too and the fact that Darnfoyle have chosen a pattern and formula that does brake away from the normal theme is definitely in their favour. 'Project Ola' is only four tracks and about twelve minutes long but in this fifteen minutes of fame Darnfoyle have done more than enough to earn them more than a few fans and a lot of respect. For those who relish or don't mind some music of a more mainstream sound whilst still staying true to themselves and cutting out their own path then this Irish Metal and Rock band are for you. [7]

WATCH MY DYING - 'Moebius'

With ten years experience as a band and four members steepled in Hungarian Metal legend through various bands, Watch My Dying, a Hungarian Technical Thrash Metal band have now released their third full length album upon the world. And what an album it really is as well, brilliantly packaged with fantastic artwork and musically slamming forth with molten slabs of progressive technical savagery, yet with a beautiful and softer under laying nature, created by many melodies woven into the very fabric of the bands sound. In places it is very stop start which won't suit everyone but the bands style of musicianship and writing abilities cannot be knocked. Track four 'Mindanart' will really throw you a curve ball as they put into the mix some amazing sounding female vocals, yet for the rest of this truly amazing album it is their own style and blend of crazy technical riff wizardry, harsh in most places and with a raw quality but always well executed and always daring you to speak up and express a problem with it before slamming you back down into your place. [8]

ETERNAL HELCARAXE - 'Palest Kingdom'

Shrouded in Pagan mythology, Irish three piece Black Metal band Eternal Helcaraxe have struggled through the grimness and released their debut demo entitled 'Palest Kingdom'. This Irish trio play with tremendous grace and create a very sombre but special atmosphere with opening track 'We Stood As Kings' that could actually find a home in any top dollar battle style film such as 'Braveheart', it is that emotionally stirring and creative. Indeed as the track winds along it's theatrical way you get not a sense of Ireland the bands home country but or the frost bitten battle fields of the old Norse lands long since forgotten. Like with so many bands they create to deceive and as 'Demon Breed' kicks in a whole new side of the band emerges, dark, sinister and loaded with pagan mythology. Here is where the stripped down raw sounding Black Metal ruthlessness really kicks in and whilst the production values seem to take a down turn once the first track is complete it in no ways takes away from the grim sounding savagery that Eternal Helcaraxe produce. 'Palest Kingdom' is a five track example of how Black Metal should sound, not over the top and in this not shattering the trees with it's aggression but nicely level, harsh sounding and true! [7]

NAETU - 'The Burning Lands'
[Blood Black]

A three piece Black Metal band from Australia with blunt and blatant music directed around pain and suffering, Naetu have rolled out their debut full length release entitled 'The Burning Lands'. Their intro track 'Black Storm' sets the scene firmly in place building atmosphere and a fair amount of mystique before the crushing sounds of a truly dominant and triumphant Black Metal tirade take a full and unyielding hold on the proceedings. Once their style is established Naetu embark on a tour of grueling unrelenting punishment, a cycle of unhindered and unashamed Black Metal brutality that never ceases in it's aggressive tactics, crowned by audio samples of battles raging underneath the hot bed of malicious music. The third track 'Misanthropic Nightmare' really sums up everything you need to know about these Aussie pain bringers and if you are after melody in your Black Metal then go somewhere else because Naetu and 'The Burning Lands' are pure old school balls to wall thunderous Black Metal with no respite, no let up and simply no mercy! [7.5]

CYPRUS MASSACRE - 'Cyprus Massacre Demo'

Not much information is available about this band, but what I do know is that they are a three piece Metal band from Kansas. Sadly there is not a great deal to be said about the bands music either, ranging over five very poorly recorded tracks spanning to a very short eight minutes. Following an overly si8mplistic introduction track with widdly guitars but nothing else there is only what i can describe as one track with heavy guitars, harsh vocals and a decent level of melody in place for the music to sound somewhat catchy, and this is simply surrounded by four tracks all less a minute in length of pure filler. It's a shame because their Black Metal leanings are not the worse you will hear, nor is their Whitechapel like Deathcore moments but there is so little on offer here, and what there is sounds so distorted through the terrible production that i could not really class this as enjoyable. However i will say that with better production and a little more thought about their song structures and they could be a lot better. [2]

ST MADNESS - ' Saintanic'
[Nasty Prick]

What a great way to finish this issue. American Metallers St Madness have already made a name for themselves with their last release which included covers of 'Arizona' and Pantera's 'Walk'. Now their new release 'Saintanic' is upon us as they throw out another piece of hard hitting quality. I was fortunate enough to review St Madness's last release under a previous web-zine incarnation and I thought it was so good I named it as my album of the year so as you can probably imagine this US Metal outfit's sophomore release is something that I have been severely looking forward too. 'Saintanic' continues the bands trend of fantastic artwork and a dark professional approach and musically packs as much spectacular fire power as it's predecessor did. The riff-age is full throttle and adrenaline fueled, the vocals harsh and pulsating and whilst a much more mainstream band than is usually featured upon my zine, they are without a doubt true Metal right to the core. Not so much though that they cannot create some well integrated comedy moments such as '70's Porno' and the insanely entitled 'Demons In My Nutsack', but if your after a balls to the wall thriller of an album, an alcohol fueled dark loving sing along then you have come to the right place with St Madness and their insanely catchy 'Saintanic'. It's got fast tunes, strong opinions and George W Bush, enough said! [9]
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