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PostSubject: BRITISH BLACK METAL SPECIAL ISSUE 1   BRITISH BLACK METAL SPECIAL ISSUE 1 I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 16, 2009 12:01 am

DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT - 'Hatred For Mankind'

You may be one of the lucky few who witnessed as I did this Liverpudlian five piece at this years inaugural Deathfest at Leeds University, but for those who were not there let me tell you what their set stood for. It showed to all present that Dragged Into Sunlight are in control and you will see only what they wish you too, a point proved as onlookers were treated to a backs to the audience slab of smoke screened Black and Doom Metal fronted by a picturesque and Gothic candelabra. This theme is continued into their debut release entitled 'Hatred For Mankind' for again thou shall not see the faces behind the evil within even on the accompanying information sheets. 'Terminally Slow and Loud As Fuck' screams the bands hyperbole and rhetoric and for once it is not just idly put together words but hard fact! 'Hatred For Mankind' may sound like a simplistic cry of angst but here in lies three brutal visages of Black and Doom pomp and splendour blasted out with such force and malice it is a wonder people make it through their live sets. If 'Boiled Angel' is pure omnipresent oppressive Doom then 'Buried With Leeches' is this plus the swift kick in the face that is a cold solid stab of unbridled Black Metal fury. 'Volcanic Birth' acts as a finale and a statement. It shows why a label such as 'Mordgrimm' want this band after spawning such names as Anaal Nathrakh, and why producer Billy Anderson [Eyehategod/Neurosis] has stamped his own legendary mark upon Dragged Into Sunlight's release. If the UK scene is thriving then Dragged Into Sunlight are sinister rage held deep within it's bowels waiting for the UK to reach the pinnacle before exploding with malice to suffocate the world many times over, or simply they could just be a band who play severe and blistering songs really rather well. [8.5]

[Grim Being]

From the bleakest and blackest minds in the United Kingdom comes this split EP through Grim Being Records from two English Raw Black Metal acts intent of soul polluting domination and brutal shredding Black Metal superiority. First up is Wojna who play a slowed down in places grinding style with some surprising almost Prog Rock style intricate solos in places to add depth and a variety that is much needed quite often in Black Metal. You can argue that the production is not of the greatest standard but the quality that Wojna display on their segment of this release manages to come through. It isn't pretty and their sound and style is far from complete but this is a band with good prospects and a true hope for the future of British Black Metal with their stripped down simplistic style and gravel like raw vocals. Fellow United Kingdom based Black Metal outfit Whorethorn play a very similar style of Black Metal to their label mates and have a zaney sound to boot just to add that layer of mystique and intrigue. what separates the too bands is the rawness that Whorethorn screech out their vocals. painful does not cover it. Musically they sit on a par with Wojna as they slam through their Burzum like repertoire. Again this band represents good times ahead for British Black Metal and whilst neither band tear up tress with their approach, both are worth keeping an eye on and this split release is a must own for all you true Black Metal kvltists. [7]

ETHERNAL - 'Grim Ethernity'
[Unholy Design]

It's time now for a look into the cold black heart of Buckinghamshire in England at two Black metal bands both signed to Unholy Design Records. First of all comes Ethernal and their debut full length release entitled 'Grim Ethernity'. Ethernal play true kvlt Black Metal with dire bleak misgivings but more importantly superb riff-age, fantastic blast beats and a vocal style that could double up a paint stripping agent. More than all that though, Ethernal play with melody, they utilise real song writing skills to produce interesting and entertaining tunes. Many a Black Metal band lose sight of the music but this band play true to themselves and whilst still being a true Black Metal outfit do not feel the need to over step the boundaries and flail aimlessly into noise. 'Grim Ethernity' is a statement of things to come and it all looks damn good. The state of the British Black Metal scene is becoming rampant and this band could spearhead the entire movement. For now though just make do with these words of comfort, that Ethernal are a true Black Metal icon in the making with great songs to boot. [8]

SPEIRLING - 'The Piper'
[Unholy Design]

For the second part of my Buckinghamshire Black Metal feast comes folk lore inspired misanthropic duo Speirling and their debut full length release 'The Piper'. With an audio clip giving their music a thunderstorm backdrop Speirling do much to make scenes as bleak, wet and miserable as humanly possible. indeed the whole album gives off the feeling of being perpetually rained upon from a great height whilst an evil force pummels you with stripped down fury and malice. Nechtan the drummer also resides in Ethernal and as a result the great traits that the previous band aspire too come across prominently in this band also, that being the bands great use of melody and the urge to write actual songs whilst still remaining blisteringly heavy and truly Black Metal. Indeed Speirling do have a catchier edge to a lot of their play and as a result you'll find your head nodding along fairly frequently. 'The Piper' is yet another example of Black Metal done how it should be, and once again it has something else in its favour, the fact that it is true British Black Metal. Unholy Design have two great bands here, and Speirling have a great future ahead. [8]

TEUTOBURG FOREST - 'Anti-Subhuman Scum'

Teutoburg Forest is the brainchild of Donn from the United Kingdom and is a one man Black Metal project with a live drummer for shows. This will be the first part of three reviewing the bands full discography starting with their debut release 'Anti-Subhuman Scum'. Before the review though has to come a history lesson. In 9AD a two day battle raged between the united Germanian tribes and the Varus lead Roman Legions located, yes you guessed it in the Teutoburg Forest. A fitting and inspirational muse for any thriving Black Metal act. To put the learning aside though and kicking straight in with their first ever song entitled 'Seeing Gods Creation & Despising It', Teutoburg Forest display that grinding style of Black Metal that Burzum do so well and it is a style I love. I always find this way of doing it adds a lot more atmosphere to the proceedings and and is also far more charismatic. 'Anti-Subhuman Scum' is a social commentary, a bleak look around at the world as a whole and then sending out a blistering statement of hatred to all that is perceived. Musically this will test your perseverance in a good way as yet another great young British Black Metal act is born on to a scene that is growing and rising with great promise all the time. [7.5]


'Chao Ab Ordo' is the sophomore release from English Black Metal brain burst Teutoburg Forest. On their debut release Teutoburg Forest made it completely clear that they are a band of talent and rigid Black Metal value. On their second release they looked to capitalize and improve their form and 'Chao Ab Ordo' is as atmospheric, vicious and satanic as its predecessor. What is very apparent once the usual static like introduction is over with is that vocally this time around Teutoburg Forest is far more intent on screeching in to your brain and a cataclysmic rate. Other than that it's all systems go again for another grind it out blast of sinister Black Metal fury. Lacking somewhat in melody since their last release, Teutoburg Forest have compensated for this by being just that little bit more vitriolic and brutal in their approach and overall sound. 'Chao Ab Ordo' is eight tracks of malicious dominating Black Metal, still rough and ready but more than a little fun. [7.5]

TEUTOBURG FOREST - 'Cult Of The Individual'

To finish off this teutoburg Forest trilogy is their most up to date release entitled 'Cult Of The Individual'. This their most modern release is their longest yet at ten tracks and they look to include all the great qualities they ave shown over the last two releases and utilize them to make this their best yet. What this band does so well is create an atmosphere using warped and eerie introduction tracks and this release is no exception. Musically the band use a lot more static and feedback to give them that true Black Metal stripped down feeling and it does them a great service. What i like about Teutoburg Forest is that whilst the key ingredients always stay the same, that being the grim bleakness, the rigid grind of the guitar, the screech and squeal of the raw vocals etc, they still inject something new into each release that keeps things fresh and varied, and it is the same again on 'Cult Of The Individual', the name alone almost being a joke at how it would be a cult of one. Teutoburg Forest are named after a historic battle, and their music is just that, a battle between furious forces and rioting Black Metal savagery and in the end they always end up sounding good. [8]

BLOODDAWN - 'Funeral For A Despised Icon'

Featuring Donn of Teutoburg Forest, this two piece Black Metal band from the United Kingdom are called Blooddawn and they have released their debut full length release entitled 'Funeral For A Despised Icon'. Over the course of six tracks Blooddawn let rip on a furious tide of almost overwhelming Black Metal but not before an eerie introduction that sounds like a constant strong breeze whistling over bleak darkened moors. Brutal is the word that will instantly spring to mind though once the music kicks in with raucous and simply electrifying blast beats, cruel and menacing riff-age and blackened sadistic vocals. Here is a band who totally believe in one hundred per cent full on, full throttle Black Metal played at very loud levels, causing major aggravation and giving off seriously unsettling vibes. There may not be a lot in the way of variety but what they lack there they make up for with a blistering tirade of malice and hatred. To top it all off you even have a cover of Marduk's 'Panzer Division' so what more could a true Black Metal fan need? Blooddawn may be a little rough around the edges but there is a lot here to feel evil over. [7]

A FOREST OF STARS - 'Transcendental Creations Promo'
[Transcendental Creations]

Hailing from the north west of England comes A Forest Of Stars, a Psychedelic Black Metal whose beautiful crafted logo already sets a wonderful scene before their music has kicked in, displaying the bands name topped by a forest of hands reaching up to the canopy of stars. Influenced by the common themes of life, philosophy and all things abstract and surreal, this four piece band also feature the violinist Katheryne of My Dying Bride fame, so the credentials are also in order. This release is just a promo sent out to raise aware ness of their new up and coming release entitled 'A Corpse Of Rebirth'. With the shortest song coming in at nearly ten minutes in length, A Forest Of Stars write truly epic material. Their music is chilling, cold and barren. An atmosphere builds slowly and quietly as their melodies unravel slowly and delicately and at the bands own pace. As they delve deeper into darkness A Forest Of Stars take on an even greater mystique as their music gets heavier and more harsh. All in all it sounds like a culmination, a crescendo of rising tension that suddenly unleashes itself upon you in wave after wave of well executed and beautiful Black Metal, soft in places, always haunting and simply stunning to listen too. This then is a must for all Black Metallers, especially those who like their music warped and varied. A Forest Of Stars are great for the British Black Metal scene. [9.5]
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