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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 33   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 33 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 14, 2009 9:56 am

NOFUCK - 'Existenzminimum'

All is fair in love and war, and all the pain, love and suffering that comes with it. That is what the collective minds of Italian five piece Thrash Metal band Nofuck have in common, and it is a long running lyrical theme throughout 'Existenzminimum', the bands first full length album. First off it is really great to hear a Thrash band with a truly harsh old school sound. Many bands incorporate a modern sound and end up treading the waters known as Metalcore which I am not against, but sometimes a good old fashioned Thrash band is what is required, and that is what you get with Nofuck. From start to finish Nofuck dispense head banging richness with their hard hitting riff-age and the guttural way in which the vocalist slams out his lyrics all adds to the brutal nature of the bands style. Whats more they are catchy, and while the sound at times borders on mainstream, they still retain their integrity as the bash out violence and aggression at will. Nofuck are a balls to the wall no thrills and no gimmicks kind of Thrash act, and 'Existenzminimum' is a fantastic way to smash your path on to an already crowded scene, but this deserves to be heard. [7]

AEVERON - 'Existential Dead End'

Featuring two members of fellow German Death Metal troop Eviscerated, Aeveron unleash a slightly more melodic sound through their sophomore full length album by the name of 'Existential Dead End'. Further more with art work dipicting a horde of men marching into battle hundreds of years ago, you know this is going to be some old school rape and pillage brutality. Drenched in a guttural sounding vocal style and with some fast and flowing machine gun like riff-age, Aeveron come across as catchy but whilst in the process of this never let down their guard, meaning that the unrelenting pace and fury with which they play never for one moment wavers. At times though the lyrical style more than anything rises up a few notches and displays that brilliant tale telling pitch that is commonly used to great effect by Amon Amarth, where you are reminded of scenes featuring many a blood soaked battle weary Viking eating meat and downing much ale around a roaring camp fire. That is the file that you get throughout 'Existential Dead End' and that's how a good Melodic Death Metal band with designs on a truly Swedish style should sound, even if they are in fact German! [8]

WHERE SHE WEPT - 'The Deer Will Hunt'

From Buffalo in up state New York comes a blend of Gothic Metal meshed with a solid Death Doom back bone. 'The Deer Will Hunt' EP sounds like a terrific spin, and a social commentary on when nature will eventually bite back at mankind for all of our wrong doings, and it also opens this Where She Wept double header. Following a melodic and dark introduction track though, all hell is broken loose as it becomes distinctly clear that whilst this band are adept at sounding some what Satanic, they are also catchy and that can sometimes be a rarity when encountering this kind of style, but it does wonders for the pleasure of listening to it. The riff-age featured on 'The Deer Will Hunt' can only be described as crushing, a roaring booming sound that lurks up behind the evil vocal sounds and inter-mingles with the keyboard created melodies to fuse together an amazingly well balances and totally awesome sound. In places you will totally forget that this band is unsigned, and when you do remember you'll agree that it is a travesty. Putting those thoughts aside though, lay back and let the bone crunching riff-age, symphonic harmonies and immaculate brilliance of this release wash over you in waves, and bang your head away into the bleak night that Where She Wept creates. [9.5]

WHERE SHE WEPT - 'No More To Regret'

Following on from 2006's 'The Deer Will Hunt You' comes 'No More To Regret', the new full length release from Buffalo Gothic Death Doom six piece Where She Wept. Usually I would find a name like this rather cliched. However having heard the bands previous release I frankly couldn't give a damn about the clichedness of their moniker, for if you read the previous review you will know that this band rock! A theory and promise kept as soon as opening track 'A Dangerous Neglect' has made it's introduction. Without further stalling the darkness that came with the last release is intensified and whilst the production doesn't sound quite as good as before, there is no denying the musical quality, which in this instance seems to have incorporated a slight Black Metal quality especially when it comes to the drumming. despite this though the prominent Doom and Death feeling remains and topped off with some good old fashioned anti-Christianity sentiments in the lyrics, Where She Wept have once again produced a release of supreme heaviness and bleak mindedness, although the one small down point is, and it is only a small point, that the release before is a lot better!! Still though, there is no denying quality and Where She Wept have a seriously dark future, in the best possible way! [8.5]

CAP-GUN ROULETTE - 'Cap Gun Roulette'
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 33 M_70aa9e82c508447290e09c97222ed67c

Cap-Gun Roulette, a simple New York state four piece Metal band with a deceptively peaceful introduction track that then leads less than passively into the bands open and direct style of massive riff-age and powerful play. Displaying a vocal style both clean and guttural, the band mix styles in order to sound diverse but the end result is rather weak and amateurish. Musically Cap-Gun Roulette fail to back up their humorous and ironic band name, coming across as simplistic and lacking in qualities such as originality, complexity and the ability to sound entertaining. Don't get me wrong it isn't cover your ears bad but there is nothing on offer that hasn't been heard before, and nothing that hasn't been performed to a much greater standard. Cap-Gun Roulette try to create an intricate solo orientated grand arena styled Metal band but in the end they fall way short. [3]

MONSTERWORKS - 'Singularity'

With a career spanning over the last eleven years, London based Monsterworks are back yet again with another concoction of Thrash, Death and Heavy Metal in for the form of their sixth album in a discography of unrelenting pace, entitled 'Singularity' featuring some very Star Wars like artwork. This album takes the UK four piece forward following the excellent release two years ago of 'Spacial Operations' which gained the band many new fans. What you get from Monsterworks on 'Singularity' is a mesh of styles, a weaving of different influences that combined form the basis and end product for an album of diversity and entertaining value. This all sounds very arty and precise but trust me when Monsterworks pick up the pace, the harsher tones come through and this band show their true heavy values. Under laying all this though there is always melody and that is what gives this band their grace and interest, but always around the corner or under the surface is a bubbling rage and hostility that is itching to break free in the form of sensational intricate riffs and a hard hitting style that can mix it with the best of them. Monsterworks are the epitome of variety and 'Singularity' is a culmination of all the best that is Metal. [8]

FUCKLAND - 'Fuckland'
[Black Nostferatu]

Only with a name like Fuckland could this be Punk fused grindcore, and it is, hailing from Guadalajara in Spain. from the name all you can really tell is that this band don't give a fuck. Prior experience leads me to believe this will be filthy, grimy, gorey and sinister! What you actually get from Fuckland is seventeen shortened tracks That feature as you would expect movie audio clips, although some are a little surprising. Musically the band range from mentally aggressive to down right sporadic, but with no real flow to the songs they do tend to mesh in to one another. Fuckland suffer from what many a band suffers, a lack of direction and creative in put and as an end result they sound tired and stale. That is not to say that these grind happy Spaniards are not good at what they do, and they do produce an album rich with full on riff-age and relatively extreme intensity, but I've heard heavier, I've heard more intense and I have heard much much better! [4.5]

WINDFAERER - 'Glorybound'

From New Jersey in the US comes a two track demo a Folk Black Metal band obsessed with the history and the myths that emanate from the Iberian Peninsula, as well as nature. Windfaerer, even the name has an at one with nature vibe to it and their debut release is 'Glorybound', a testament to this three piece's ethics and morals. Although only ten minutes in length, Windfaerer who start with quaint folk like wisdom soon establish a dominating sound that is both fluent and catchy. Throughout the demo Windfaerer always come across as able and competent but more than that their folk fused Black Metal is endearing and pleasurable. They are musically very proficient but what is most striking about the bands sound, approach and style is that for a debut demo, this sounds amazing professional and well mastered. If you were to hear 'Glorybound' without knowing who the band was you would be taken aback, and never would you realise that this is a band so early on in their career. Expect big things from the very impressive new band! [8.5]

CORTEZ - 'Thunder In A Forgotten Town'

From Boston, Massachusetts comes four piece Stoner Doom Metal outfit Cortez and their intoxicatingly entitled debut EP entitled 'Thunder In A Forgotten Town'. Right from the outset of opening track 'The High Life' the band give off significantly groovy vibes with their slowed down rolling riff-age drenched in grime and sleaze and polished off nicely with southern rock styled melodies. There is something quite refreshing when you encounter a band who know deep down to their core that they are copying a style laid down by the masters of a genre decades earlier, but who execute it so well that it just doesn't matter. This analogy sums up Cortez down to the ground, nothing original but damn do they sound damn good at what they do. 'Thunder In A Forgotten Town' sounds majestic in both name and sound, and stands out as the kind of release that whenever your stressed, drunk, stoned or just need to chill, you'll stick it on the deck, turn it up full and just unwind with the melodies. [7.5]

BE'LAKOR - 'Stone's Reach'
[Prime Cuts]

Australian five piece Melodic Death Metal featuring two members of fellow Aussie band 'Rainshadow', 'Be'lakor' have unleashed their sophomore full length release upon their home land and the world. Often 'Melodic' Death Metal bands are nothing of the sort but in the case of Be'lakor the harmonies and melodies weave directly though the very core of the bands music. Having said that these guys know how to be heavy and with Amon Amarth style rhythm's [lacking of course the hordes of Vikings coming over the nearest hill and down through the fjord] the band take their aggressors apart with calculating riff-age inter-twined with terrific guitar solos. The whole band mesh together with superb finesse and whilst they are far from the finished item, they have a serious amount of potential. 'Stone's reach' is an apt title as the band are that close to having the talent and style from making is big and being heard by much larger numbers, but in the meantime their goal is clear, keep at it and keep it heavy!! [7.5]
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