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 Dimension Zero - He Who Shall Not Bleed - Vic Records

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PostSubject: Dimension Zero - He Who Shall Not Bleed - Vic Records   Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:25 am

Dimension Zero - He Who Shall Not Bleed - Vic Records

There is something very refreshing about hearing good new Gothenbourg Thrash. Dimension Zero can certainly be counted on to keep the tempo and aggression up as they have churned out another maelstrom of an album. The band features the veterans of the Gothenbourg scene who still remember how to write a fast, no compromises type of album. This band is more important today than it has ever been. With the mellowing of Dark Tranquility, the selling out of In Flames, and the softening up of Soilwork, Dimension Zero is one of the last of the once mighty Gothenbourg Thrash scene who still play fast and aggressive. While the new album is slightly, and only slightly, more melodic than the previous albums, 'He Who Shall Not Bleed' is by far the best album to come out of the area in years. This album was like a breath of fresh air that revisits the Gothenbourg Thrash standard. Songs to check out include 'Unto Others', 'Hell is Within', and 'I Can Hear the Dark'.
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Dimension Zero - He Who Shall Not Bleed - Vic Records
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