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 Freedom Hawk - Sunlight - Magic Lady Records

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PostSubject: Freedom Hawk - Sunlight - Magic Lady Records   Sat Jan 31, 2009 12:24 am

Freedom Hawk - Sunlight - Magic Lady Records

Freedom Hawk is comprised of a group of veteran musicians who claim to have
never been in any of the 'cool bands'; until now. Freedom Hawk is the coolest
band I have heard in a while. This group exhales massive new energy into hard
rocking Heavy Metal. The energy this band exudes is a hard rocking, head
banging, good time. The power of these Virginia based rockers compels you to
rock out. The catchy, throw back riffs will remind you of past lives all the
while offering new tones, catchy riffs, classic vocals, and brilliant leads.
I often find myself wishing the songs would continue on because the bluesy
riffs never seem to wear out their welcome. Freedom Hawk is clearly
influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Led Zep, and C.O.C., but they are
not a wannabe band. Freedom hawk strikes out on it's own all the while
having a healthy respect for the old timers. These guys are not trying to
recreate, imitate, or copy any band, they have new energy and tone to offer
first genre of Metal and to Hard Rock. This band does not sound like they are trying to
relive ages long past, instead they sound like a hard rocking band who is well aware that
it is 2008, who happen to play Hard Rock and Heavy metal. Must hear songs from this band include
'Stand Back', 'Land of the Lost', and 'Executioner'. Listeners who like Heavy
Metal, Doom Metal, Classic Rock, Stoner Rock, or any other related genre will
definitely get a kick out of this band. You can find their music at
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Freedom Hawk - Sunlight - Magic Lady Records
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