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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 18   THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 18 I_icon_minitimeThu May 07, 2009 7:56 am

SACRILEGIOUS - ''Sacrigegious'

Sporting their debut self titled demo this Norwegian one man black and death metal project come fully armed with four tracks of dense hostile noise pollution created with the purpose of causing sheer darkness and blackened rage! Noise pollution may be right though as this is more noise than music in places although there is much to be said for the raw underground feel to the project. Yet despite the grim nature of this particular beast you have to look at things realistically, the vocals are far off and distant and occasionally go right through you in a high pitched painful way and the riff-age masks allot of the drumming with its stereotypical black metal melody! 'Sacrilegious' seems more intent on creating the darkened hostility known to permeate all things black metal and forgets to make the demo at least semi-entertaining so that unfortunately you'll want to turn off shortly after switching on. [3]


I am not entirely sure that I am listening to the right band. According to this bands 'Metal Archives' page they are a thrash metal band with death metal influences yet what I am listening too is a 'Fear Factory' during their 'Resurrection' era rip off clone band with no idea what the hell they are doing. No flow, no imagination and nothing at all to distinguish themselves as Thrash or Death metal. Who made that page? I have checked the links and yes this is the right band. So what the hell have they done to themselves? Vocally the band are very 'Burton C Bell' but musically they lack bass, style and heaviness, the overall effect being weak and slightly tedious. I have no idea what this band are setting out to do but with an end result that is even worse than the most dire of 'Fear Factory' albums they are not going to get very far! [1]

STAGEWAR - 'Living On Trash'

A German Speed Metal band? Whoever heard of such a ridiculous notion? I jest of course! It seems that the Germans are reverting to a tried and tested method that has worked so well for them in the past. Massive riffs, lots of flair and widdly guitar solos and of course long hair flying in your face at break neck speeds. Nostalgia, It's fantastic! Sadly though the music on display doesn't really match the grand build up I have given it and whilst the band do play competently and with a great deal of energy their generic and slightly flat sound barely raises the pulse level. At times the vocals seem totally detached from the music being played and while there is some rather aggressive flair shown in places the end result is far from satisfactory. Maybe German Speed Metal has had it's day in the limelight, or maybe this is just one band that is incapable of restoring the former glory years. I'll leave you to decide. [5]

VON DOOM - 'Second Sight'

Hailing from Portland in the US sate of Oregon, 'Von Doom' tally up their extremely unimaginitive moniker with a style of metalcore that makes them one of the worst bands I have ever been forced to endure. Failing to utilise their dual vocalled style, the pathetic riff-age and average drumming takes an immediate back seat to two singers who have a different style from each other but who both sound utterly dreadful. Nothing about this band is redeeming and how this could have been released is beyond me, surely out of a band with a compliment of five people one of them must have realised that they lack all the basic levels of talent for making and writing music. This is truly dreadful and an insult to your ears. This is a public health warning, may cause you to throw your stereo out of the window. [0]

THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 18 M_0fbb62292650e97526d848e737664c-1

Ok so here is the information and vital statistics for this project. 'The Whorehouse Massacre' is a Canadian one man band and is the brainchild of 'Willy P'. This may sound like a rather ludicrous moniker but when it's meaning is uncovered there lies a much more sinister motive for it is in homage to serial killer 'Robert William Pickton' that he is named after and his work dedicated too. For those of you not in the know, 'Pickton' killed prostitutes and then buried the remains on his 'British Columbia' pig farm. As you do!! 'The Whorehouse Massacre' and his fifth demo to date 'IV The Death Tree' is a brain straining ear damaging slab of evil and bowel rupturing sludge/drone/funeral doom which lacks all compassion and subtlety but bludgeons it's way through a whore heartedly venomous repertoire that is missing neither vitriol nor hatred. If 'The Whorehouse Massacre' wanted to make a music style that slays in a way that 'Robert William Pickton' would have been proud then mission accomplished. This is hostility taken to a maximum level and unleashed unashamedly on to an unsuspecting market. [7.5]

WIRE WEREWOLVES - 'Bloodletting'
[Elephant Graveyard]
With a number of EP's already behind them this 'Los Angeles' drone doom duet of 'Jay Howard' and 'Evan Pacewicz' take very little time at all in blazing into a stripped down blackened form of drone that really has very little to do with anything doom and sounds very much black metal through and through. Lacking even some of the essentials such as a bass guitarist 'Wire Werewolves' really have approached their music in the most minimalist of ways and with the drums all programmed into a machine rather than played on an actual kit the only thing authentic here are the shredding riffs and grim styled screeching black metal vocals. As 'Bloodletting' winds through it's perpetually twilight repertoire a doom element starts to enter the fray but the lack of real instruments is a real turn off for me as it is so easy to spot. That said there are some good riff-age sections and the vocals really do have the energy and bleakness to tear your soul into a million pieces but that aside 'Wire Werewolves' don't offer too much in the way of quality music, just a sense of evil backed up by very little. [4]

ZOMBIE HATE BRIGADE - 'Zombie Hate Brigade'
[Get Up & Kill]

With artwork mimicking the 'Dawn Of The Dead' poster from 1978, 'Littleton', 'Colorado' seemingly has another one of those zombie apocalypse efforts currently on going in the blurred shape and lurching staggering form of the 'Zombie Hate Brigade' and their infernal yet hard to switch off self titled album of blistering death grind carnage. Packing a whole load of film audio clips and an amount of bass to make your ears bleeds, 'Zombie Hate Brigade' take no prisoners as they engage the masses in a blood soaked carnival of zombie induced gore ridden annihilation. Out of all the blood and tearing of flesh, not to mention the wailing and gnashing of diseased teeth is the distinctly short track four, 'Zombie Snacks' and the following track 'Vimuville' both of which feature clips from the 'George Romero' classic 'Day Of The Dead' and in particular the argument between on of the lead characters 'Captain Rhodes' and the crazy scientist 'Dr Ted Fisher' who you may remember was using the corpses of butchered soldiers for his zombie domestication program. I'm going off track here so I will finish with a statement and a question! Question? 'Howard Sherman' played the zombie 'Bub', how did he not get an Oscar for that performance? Statement! 'Zombie Hate Brigade' unlock the doors of sheer brutality and are in fact one of the best death grind bands on the planet. In the words of 'Bill Hicks' [RIP] this is a fact, and I can prove it on a home computer! [9.5]

BARON HAZE - 'Blood Hook'

If you look at the basic facts then this Australian two piece of Black and Death metal fury probably doesn't sound overly interesting. Their name doesn't hold much credibility and their debut four track demo only contains four songs which combined span all of five minutes. Look past that if you will though to the pure stripped down 'cvlt' goodness of the artwork, black and white and grim all over and then thunderously backed up with four songs of pure animal ferocity, never relenting and never giving any mercy. Yes it is hard to get a full on feel for a band on five minutes worth of material, some bands can take over that length of time with just one song, but 'Baron Haze' are truly worthy of that five minute time slot in your daily schedule and after a few repeat listens to this monster you'll be making more time for this partnership in ungodly Black Metal crime. [7]

DEATHLIKE - 'Demo 2007'

Again with the two man bands, Norwegian Death Metal duo 'Ar' and 'Torment' make up 'Deathlike', a Death Metal band that incorporates many of the native Black Metal elements whilst making their sound as truly dark and ominous as possible. Throughout this ten track album the precession of hateful bile never ceases and whilst the band have a rather repetitive edge, it is all the best parts that they insist on repeating so you can have no real complaints. With quite a few session musicians helping out on the project I suppose that there is no shortage of idea's which will put this years planned demo release in good stead. On the basis of their debut it will be furious, tinged with malice and will drown out your day in a sea of bitter darkness. So until the new release get down and deep with this 'Deathlike' album until they provide you more to badness to feast upon. [7]

PRIME SINISTER - 'United In Violence'
THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 18 M_74322a33e9adb1871dbfeeef2895aa92

French Metallers 'Prime Sinister' are not just a colourful play on words, but an inter twined blend of catchy hook laden Metal with a deep and serious under groove that gives the band their sinister edge. Some bands make music for money, some to be the most underground, this band though just want to sound good, a dream to accomplish with flying colours. true the title for this album 'United In Violence' may lead you to believe that this was going to be heavier than it actually is but do not be fooled by this Thrash like French outfit for they do pack a punch or two. Completed with some immense solos and intricate riff-age this is one band you can get up and go too or stand back and groove along with, the choices are all made possible by this extremely talented band. At times it isn't always mouth watering intensity but more of the same as the album includes some filler tracks as many these days do, but on the whole this is a natural born crowd pleaser. [7.5]
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