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 The Fresh Foster of Bel Air

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PostSubject: The Fresh Foster of Bel Air   The Fresh Foster of Bel Air I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 09, 2010 7:56 am

The Fresh Foster of Bel Air

Foster and Partners have been busy of late, yet another one of there schemes is beginning to come to fruition, this time in Hong Kong. Work has begun on the Bel Air No 8 towers, a name that suggests Will Smith flouncing around biggin' it up.

The PR blurb of which says has the rare distinction of having been designed by Sir Norman Foster himself rather than one of the partners returning to the roots that made him a star in the seventies with his design for HSBCs headquarters.

The scheme which is made up of four sets of twin towers on completion will stand at 50 floors. They will provide a stunning and iconic focal point for Hong Kong's coastline on the exclusive Island South, part of the archipelago that resembles a tropical paradise.

They've been designed to create a gleaming, wave effect wall of luxury and expensiveness that gradually undulates as it progresses. Bel Air No 8 will stand on a terraced podium featuring themed swimming pools and landscaped gardens that overlook the ocean giving a distinctive layered effect. The most impressive of these pools will be an infinity pool a whopping 60 metres long making it longer than any swimming pool in the United Kingdom.

They are also designed in such a manner as to maximise natural light filtration and make the most of the views and sea breeze which hopefully for the residents smells and looks a bit better than Seascale beach. An atrium features in the middle of the towers serves to break up the façade somewhat and help avoid a complete wall effect whilst providing another little oasis for residents.

All of the luxury apartments, which are selling for around $HK17.6 million and definitely not for average joes will be kitted out with all the latest gadgetry that would do Steve Jobs proud and have individual balconies from which the spectacular views can be enjoyed.

The build is located near the Cyberport Development in Pok Fu Lam, which has a large retail and entertainment complex so shopping and fun is close to hand and both the main Hong Kong shoreline and Kowloon are only a short boat ride away.

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The Fresh Foster of Bel Air
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