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 Kenzo Tange Do Chongqing Supertall

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PostSubject: Kenzo Tange Do Chongqing Supertall   Kenzo Tange Do Chongqing Supertall I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 07, 2010 12:19 pm

Kenzo Tange Do Chongqing Supertall

The booming city of Chongqing in China is set to get yet another supertall skyscraper thanks to Sino Land, CC Land Holdings and Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd.

The project has been designed by Kenzo Tange, or rather by the firm that the late architect has left behind since his death in 2005.

The enormous scheme called Jiangbei District spans three city blocks, and is of the scale that many of the larger property developers are now aiming for - no longer are single buildings enough for them, they want to develop entire urban districts where development can be done en masse.

The supertall has been designed to address the gateway location of Jialing River Bridge, and from here the heights of the skyscrapers step down as they ring the exterior of the site.

Dominated by a 320 metre tall tower, it will feature 1.03 million square metres of floor space in total spread over 20 towers, plus other associated buildings sitting in the sites heavily landscaped interior. The emphasis on the floorspace in the scheme will be towards the upper end of the office and residential market.

The developers paid a then record price of 4,000 yuan (590 US dollars) for the land in 2007, and with a development cost expected to be 2,500 yuan per square metre, they still expect to make 2,500 yuan profit by selling each square metre for an average of over 10,000 yuan.

This high price contrasts strongly with elsewhere in Chongqing where the average sale in the first half of 2010 was only 5,233 yuan. Whether they can reach the levels they are aiming at remains to be seen, particularly as the market is currently being flooded by office and residential projects.

Groundbreaking on the 12 billion yuan scheme (1.77 billion US dollars) began yesterday proving that at least some developers believe Chonqing's streets are still paved with gold, or perhaps yuan.

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Kenzo Tange Do Chongqing Supertall
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