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 Chinese Skyscraper Reaches For The Stars

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PostSubject: Chinese Skyscraper Reaches For The Stars   Chinese Skyscraper Reaches For The Stars I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 07, 2010 12:17 pm

Chinese Skyscraper Reaches For The Stars

As one would expect from an emerging superpower, China has ambitions. Above all these can perhaps be crystalised in the burgeoning space programme the country has which is now planning a new headquarters in the city of Shenzhen.

The complex in the Nanshan district has been designed for use by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation and features two towers of a similar design with the shorter one of 31 floors set perpendicular to the taller 50 floor, 230 metre tall affair.

With crossbracing framing a transparent glass entrance, the main tower fronts on to a new public plaza. With it set on one block, and the shorter tower set on the next, a planned road will divide the site into two separate city blocks thus the development is linked together by a podium that straddles between the two towers.

Apart from the entrance of the main block, the scheme is largely clad in a monotonous fa├žade with a heavy level of repetition, and perhaps a small hint of sixties space-age. Breaking it up along the sides of the towers are single vertical incisions that expand out near the top with the taller of the towers having, in effect, a massive enclosed terrace.

For all the claims by the likes of the British government about how they encouraging investment in the space industry, the CASC towers are a real and serious symbol of just how much the People's Republic is looking to the stars.

Ground breaking began on site in mid March and construction is now in full flow with work underway on the basement and foundations. The CASC International Center is set to be completed in 2013.

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Chinese Skyscraper Reaches For The Stars
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