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 Huaian Set For First Supertall Tower

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PostSubject: Huaian Set For First Supertall Tower   Huaian Set For First Supertall Tower I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 07, 2010 12:14 pm

Huaian Set For First Supertall Tower

UDG are one of the many architecture firms in Shanghai that have been getting fat on the Chinese skyscraper boom. The latest of the projects that they have designed is the Yunrun International Tower, a 312 metre tall office building to stand in the Chinese city of Huai'an.

As well as the office tower there is also a shopping mall on the lower floors complete with a new public space, and two shorter attached towers with horizontally rippling rising above it which will host a luxury hotel and apartments respectively with a grand total of 350,000 square metres of space within the scheme.

The main tower is designed around the idea of an equilateral triangle that has had its corners removed and slender convex curves added to its three main sides with these three glass facades projecting past the edge of floors. On the top of the tower, the extended facades rise above roof level creating three slender sloping shapes.

Huai'an is one of a number over large cities in the coastal province of Jiangsu that have seen rapid development such as Suzhou and Wuxi with many towers proposed for them.

However, despite having a population of over 5 million and being one of the largest urban areas in the province, Huai'an has yet to have a supertall skyscraper built. This will all be about to change thanks to the developer, the Yunrun Group planning on starting the Yunrun International Tower in the third quarter of 2010 that's all about to change. Given the patterns of growth for Chinese cities it's unlikely to be the last.

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Huaian Set For First Supertall Tower
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