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 New Residential Approved For Greenwich

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Adolescant Doomster
Adolescant Doomster

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PostSubject: New Residential Approved For Greenwich   New Residential Approved For Greenwich I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 6:19 am

New Residential Approved For Greenwich

Alan Camp Architects have secured planning permission for yet another tall residential building in London, the Elmgrove scheme.

Located in Plumstead, SE18 in the Borough of Greenwich, the two building project consists of a 20 floor tower and shorter 13 floor one next door that's been designed for the ASRA Greater London Housing Association.

The project had had a rough ride through the planning system with the local council originally refusing permission for the scheme and it was only when it went to appeal that this decision was overturned by the planning inspectorate so that it can now proceed.

A large chunk of what's been approved will be affordable apartments including those up to four bedrooms in size that are suitable for families and much needed in London where the market prefers to accommodate young childless professionals. Adding further to the social aspect of the housing is the inclusion of flats specifically designed for disabled occupants all contributing to the total of 119 flats.

In design terms the building features large protruding balconies with partial panelling on their fronts giving the appearance of depth and doubling as solar shading on the frontage of each apartment. At ground level is the heavy use of multi coloured panels creating a hotchpotch of colour at the entrance to the tower whilst retail space faces onto the street.

Work on the £25 million development is

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Infantile Doomster
Infantile Doomster

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PostSubject: Re: New Residential Approved For Greenwich   New Residential Approved For Greenwich I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 9:44 am

The design for the Elmgrove tower isn't bad. It is somewhat attractive against the London skyline, and will provide lots of much needed housing. I have seen some of the other proposed projects, and I would have to agree that this one seems to be the most appropriate for its location. Here is a photo of the design...
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New Residential Approved For Greenwich
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