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 Rolfe Judd Pens Croydon Tower

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PostSubject: Rolfe Judd Pens Croydon Tower   Rolfe Judd Pens Croydon Tower I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 6:08 am

Rolfe Judd Pens Croydon Tower

Rolfe Judd has teamed up with Berkely Homes again, this time to design a new tower development in the London Borough of Croydon.

Situated on Wellesley Square next to the Croydon West railway station, the project will be a 44 floor residential tower with ground floor retail making it the tallest all residential project yet for Croydon.

A heavy environmental aspect has been included in the tower plans with 20% of power consumption drawn from renewable sources. Amongst the power generation included within will be a biomass plant.

The tower is clad in a basic reflective glass with hues of red on some of the glass panelling creating an expressionist colour scheme that could be described as a kind of futuristic retro. Vertically it is split clearly into three different sections with the obligatory offset cladding.

Although there are wide sides and a slender front and back create angles that really emphasise the height of the tower. The unifying visual aspect is the strong diagonal lines that the project plays on from the base that tapers out under the supporting cross-bracing, to the gradually sloping tip of the tower that terminates in a spire.

There is an attached lower-rise section that follows the general pattern of the road before separating from this at the far end of the site and having a separate block sitting on top cantilevered out.

This isn't the first time that Judd and Berkeley Homes have got together for a residential project, they previously worked on the successful 82 metre tall Tabard Square near London Bridge Station.

The scheme comes hot on the heels of early plans announced by Make of four crystalline towers, positive news on the Croydon Gateway where site investigation is now underway, and the continuing construction of Altitude 25 which will be the joint tallest building in Croydon when completed.

Combined with the unveiling of a very nice model of future Croydon at the MIPIM it could be all go for the place where projects have had a longer ongoing timescale than the likes of the Heron Tower. Often plans surface for a number of years, then get dropped as the developer turns out to have gotten the sums wrong or is simply too small time to back the project fully and get it on site.

In the case of Wellesley Square this one is more certain than most. Berkeley are one of the major homebuilders in the U.K and have a firm reputation of seeing projects through to completion.

Although they have dabbled in high-rise buildings before their current tallest scheme has been One Gunwharf Quays in Portsmouth, which at 26 floors and 95 metres is on a totally different scale to this.

Wellesley Square therefore takes on the symbolic mantle of being one of the U.Ks largest home builders first truly tall towers showing that no longer are new residential towers for the rich and affordable markets only but are being championed more and more for the average too.

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Rolfe Judd Pens Croydon Tower
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