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 Beetham Get Funding For Trinity Two

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PostSubject: Beetham Get Funding For Trinity Two   Beetham Get Funding For Trinity Two I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 6:07 am

Beetham Get Funding For Trinity Two

Property developer Beetham have secured funding for the first stage of their planned Trinity project on the eastern edge of the City of London.

The three building scheme is their first office development in London located off Aldgate and offering 92,920 square metres of space in a campus of three buildings ranging from 54 to 99 metres in height.

Designed by Foreign Office Architects, they plan on beginning speculative construction with the smallest building, the 13 floor Trinity Two, as part of the general rush by developers to get their schemes off the ground as this current property cycle peaks.

Trinity hasn't had plain sailing though with the tallest element facing opposition due to the height of it and the impact on the Tower of London World Heritage Site. Heritage bodies are concerned that the tall western end appears too prominently in views of the Tower and needs to be redesigned.

The massing of the project however was conceived specifically to integrate into the area with other planned tall buildings that do have approval providing a natural step down in the cluster as it moves to the east but this attempt at visual coherence is now threatened.

Of the options, the most obvious would be redesigning the tallest tower taking into account these concerns and reducing the height whilst transferring the lost floor-space to the eastern most of the Trinity trio and bulking that up by a couple of floors which would retain the general sloping profile of the scheme but not to the same dramatic effect as what is proposed right now. Any changes to the current plans will however require a new planning application that all three of the blocks share.

If everything goes to plan then Beetham could still get a start on Trinity Two before the year is out with site preparation possible regardless of the outcome of the current application that ties the three buildings together.

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Beetham Get Funding For Trinity Two
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