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 And So It Starts Part Two

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PostSubject: And So It Starts Part Two   And So It Starts Part Two I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 6:02 am

And So It Starts Part Two

It's over six months since we did a round-up of the major projects in London and how they were faring. Back then we looked at the first nascent signs of these schemes getting off the ground, or rather out of it.

Since then, things have become a lot more clear about just what's the what and when we will see the shell and core of these buildings poking above the skyline in an unprecedented sight of multiple cores for skyscrapers going up all over the place so here are the estimates based on the latest indications of when construction proper rather than site prepation and foundation work will start on the major projects.

122 Leadenhall. Right now contractors are on site demolishing the current 60s mid-rise. It's not too bad for a building of that area and fits in well with St Helens Plaza but we won't really miss it when you think of what's coming next - the infamous Cheese Grater. It's almost inconceivable that British Land won't build the whole thing so shell and core work of this one should be underway around March/April 2008.

Bishopsgate Tower. Crosby Court that occupies the site has finally had the reception shut and the demolition contractors are on site with this one. Funding is in the pocket of the owners, and work on this should be beginning around April/May 2008 for the future tallest in the City of London.

20 Fenchurch Street. The Walkie Talkie does of course have construction depending on the outcome of that public inquiry but Land Securities are demolishing 20 Fenchurch Street and the structure should be starting in May/June 2008 if they can get the greenlight.

Riverside South. Canary Wharf are struggling for space on their current estate, hence the need for this massive new development. The site is already clear but complicated foundation works due to the proximity of it with the Thames mean that we wont see it start to rise before September 2008.

Heron Tower. It seems like Heron Tower has been ongoing almost as long as the BBC has been repeating Dads Army. The good news is that Norton Rose will be out of Kempson House before long and with that facing imminent demolition it will be underway around November 2008 if they can stick to schedule.

London Bridge Tower. The Shard of Glass is the biggie for London, the one project everyone expects to live up to the superlative praise heaped on it and crown the London skyline. The developers have bought out the PWC of the existing Southwark Towers and their programme means that the structure should be worked on by February 2009.

It's hard to explain the sheer importance of this event which is unique in the history of London. The last time London did some skyscraper building in the early part of the decade it was only at Canary Wharf where we had five go up at once. The lot above adds up to seven, throw in the likes of the Castle House Redevelopment, Crossharbour, 20 Marshwall and some wildcards, all not much under 150 metres and you have a building boom of high-rises that aren't tucked in Canary Wharf but will be very noticeable to Londoners.

Drawing comparisons between Manhattan and skyscraper building is usually lazy journalism but this is directly comparable in both size and stature to what New York experienced in the late 20s. With all the recent press about London assaulting New York's position as the leading city on the planet, there's a certain poetic justice to this as they capture the excitement of a roaring city.

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And So It Starts Part Two
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