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 First Look at New Rogers Design

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Adolescant Doomster
Adolescant Doomster

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First Look at New Rogers Design Empty
PostSubject: First Look at New Rogers Design   First Look at New Rogers Design I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 5:57 am

First Look at New Rogers Design

Here's a first look at the new Richard Rogers design for the London Park Hotel site at Elephant and Castle developed by First Base.

The plans are for a slim residential tower of 44 floors with an attached lower-rise student block next door. The look is an unusual one for London, more reminiscent of a residential tower you'd see in an Asian city such as Bangkok.

There's the efficient basic square floor-plan with balconies on each window. As well as the slim profile the height is further accentuated by the strong white vertical lines that run up the sides of the tower giving it something of a soar factor between the oodles of floor to ceiling glazing.

On the top of the building are four fins set at diagonals creating a slight appearance of crown but in a simplistic and clean way.

The devil will of course be in the detail but the Richard Rogers Partnership, unlike many of their top name competitors, have a one hundred percent record on delivering buildings with a high quality finish.

For the architect it's something of a departure from the usual complex structural expressionist schemes that they come up with and much less understated that the often extravagant designs London is treated to these days.

In-fact, when it comes to properly tall residential towers, inconspicuous architecture is still very much in the minority but has proven popular thanks to the success of the Pan Peninsula Towers despite the lack of bling on show.

One only has to compare this to the Castle House redevelopment by Hamilton Architects for Multiplex that will stand nearby to see the differing approaches that architects can take with tall buildings now they are more acceptable.

With a greater number of proposals coming along the planning authorities don't expect every single one to be a conspicuous and ornate landmark, there is space for simple on the London skyline too.

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Infantile Doomster
Infantile Doomster

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First Look at New Rogers Design Empty
PostSubject: Re: First Look at New Rogers Design   First Look at New Rogers Design I_icon_minitimeTue Dec 28, 2010 9:13 am

I have seen the Rogers Design. Personally I think it's hideous. It is loud and obnoxious, and I think it would be a huge mistake to build it. I am hoping that they go with another plan instead. Here is a picture of the proposed monstrosity.
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First Look at New Rogers Design
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