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 Greenhouse Ushers In Green Leeds Revolution

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PostSubject: Greenhouse Ushers In Green Leeds Revolution   Greenhouse Ushers In Green Leeds Revolution I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 04, 2010 5:55 am

Greenhouse Ushers In Green Leeds Revolution

Leeds is set to get a revolutionary new development pushing the boundaries of eco housing to the limits in a scheme called the Greenhouse.

Currently the dilapidated Shaftesbury House, the project will see this redeveloped to something occupiable again following years of neglect. Shaftesbury House was originally a homeless shelter in Leeds that fell victims to cuts in funding until it reached the point it was abandoned and closed raising the question of just what Leeds City Council would do with it.

Now developer Citu want to rebuild it making it into a modern zero carbon apartment block, one of the largest examples yet in the U.K of this type of environmentally aware housing.

Technology used in the building will include ground source heat pump technology drawing water from a borehole 80 meters below, dozens of mini wind turbines on the roof to generate power and a larger one off site, roof-top solar siphons for heating water and the latest in high tech insulation for heat retention and solar shading.

A car club will be run for all residents to encourage them to not even leave their car at home, full on site recycling facilities, and most surprisingly of all there will even be allotments so people can grow food.

Adding to the green image is the actual design of the building that will be surgical white render with the top floors and atrium next to the entrance having green glass cladding on them.

For any potential residents the clincher however should be both the price of living there which starts at a mere £59,000 which in today's housing climate is a bargain and at this level are sure to be flying off the shelves as eager investors fall over themselves to get a piece of the pie.

The price is even affordable for your average joe blogs on a £22,000 salary who will be able to afford a 440 square foot flat at the quoted price of £175 per sq ft, rather better value than a poxy little bedsit.

As if that isn't enough to entice you the heavy attempts at making the Greenhouse as eco-friendly as possible will lead to bargain basement energy bills for occupants that will be approximately a third lower than average bills right now and won't soar when energy prices go up.

More and more emphasis is going to be placed on environmentally friendly housing and emissions rules are tightened we're likely to see as greater number older buildings recycled in this way. The Greenhouse might not be the most beautiful, but green is the future and this is a glimpse of what the future holds.

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Greenhouse Ushers In Green Leeds Revolution
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