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 SubRosa Interview

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PostSubject: SubRosa Interview   SubRosa Interview I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 21, 2009 11:59 pm


You've all seen the review for their new release "Strega" and you all know they Doom as good as any but now hear what the Mighty SubRosa have to say on Doom, Obama and a shit covered duffel bag!!

[01] First off I have to ask how it feels to be an all female Doom band in the harsh environment of Utah?

Well ... ha ha. There is a huge music scene here, with tons of very passionate, sincere bands. We are definitely not the most extreme of the metal bands that exist here ... XUR and Gaza have us topped. (Oh also, we're not technically all-female; we have had males play bass with us and we do have a male drummer currently.)

The only time it's hard to be in a band here is when you have to step outside the world of the music scene and come in contact with people who aren't into music ... through your jobs, school, family, or even just walking down the street. Then it becomes excruciating to have to explain yourself, over and over again, to people who don't understand music. But I think it's like that everywhere, all over the world. I do think it's harder in Utah because of the dominant conservative culture. The great majority of people in the music scene grew up in extremely conservative families. I think that's why we have such a vibrant music scene as a result.

[02] Many all female bands like some male ones suffer from internal struggles and ego clashes, how do you keep the balance, stay focused and keep bonded together?

It's weird; we have so little drama. We get along really well and genuinely like and respect each other as musicians and friends. We hang out outside band practice and go to each other's shows (4 members of Subrosa are in other bands, too). We are also very, very flexible with each other's schedules and try to accommodate everyone so being in the band never becomes a burden and a draining obligation. If the band ceases to be fun, then we feel we're totally missing the point.

[03] How did you first meet and also how did you choose your band name in the first place?

I first met Sarah 7 years ago when we both worked at City Weekly, and we soon became fast friends. I wanted to start a slow, heavy, low band for a few years before forming Subrosa with Sarah in 2005. I met Kim just a year ago, which is weird because we'd been in the same music scene for years. I felt she should be involved in Subrosa from the moment I saw her. Meeting Rachel and Zach too, was sort of fatalistic. My friend Oz suggested them as potential members the day before I was going to meet them for the first time to play a cover song at a wedding. I didn't even know they were the ones I was going to play with at the wedding when he called them. It was weird.

Sarah is mostly the one who picked the band name. We both liked the connotations of Subrosa, which means "secret," "hidden," "covert." The prefix sub- denotes "low," which encompasses our low bass sound.

[04] You must be delighted with the record deal with I Hate records? How did it come about?

Ola read an article about us in Unrestrained! and then added us on Myspace. I asked if he was accepting demos, and it sort of went from there!

[05] Who are your favorite bands to play live with?

Salt Lake bands Spork, Iota and Laughter (Zach's other band), probably. I admit it; we like to play with our friends

[06] Where did you pluck the title "Strega" from for the new release?

Strega means "witch" in Italian. Sarah was reading about Italian witchcraft at the time and sang and wrote the lyrics to the title track. It was an intriguing word and recalls certain things about our music, like dark fairy tales. We also like witches because they're proactive about their destiny.

[07] What drives you to write the music that you perform?

This is an important question. To me writing this music as necessary as breathing. I felt like I had this sound inside my head, that I never heard anywhere else, and it had to come out. I care about what I sing about, and the lyrics help me feel like I am speaking out on things I don't agree with.

[08] My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost or Early Anathema?

All of the above?? Ha ha. I'm actually more familiar with Antimatter than Anathema. Antimatter is deadly beautiful poetry.

[09] Do you feel at all influenced by the UK Doom scene?

I do love Electric Wizard. I've been a fan of Rammesses for a few years. Black Sabbath and Cathedral are a given. As far as My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Solstice, etc., I wouldn't list them as a direct influence, although I do love them. If I had to pick a direct influence, it would probably have to be the Red Bennies, a band from Utah County, in their 1994-1996 era. THEY were directly influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Black Pearl, Virgin Prunes and other, older bands.

[10] Time for a non music political question, where do you stand on Barrack Obama

I'm all about Obama. He is the voice of the people. He is doing exactly what I and millions of other Americans would do if we were in his place. He is truly reflecting the will of the majority of this nation. It's weird. I guess that's how democracy is supposed to work, but it's sad that it happens so rarely.

[11] Funniest thing to happen as a band?

A lot of funny things happened on our tour in Europe in October. Probably the funniest thing was when Goran from the Swedish doom metal band Beneath the Frozen Soil (who we toured with) stepped in human turds at a popular side-of-the-highway bathroom break, and tracked it back into the van and got it all over a duffel bag without noticing. Everyone else noticed, though, within about 2 seconds.

[12] What does the future hold for SubRosa?

We're working on writing our next album. Rachel's helping me write this time, and she's adding a lot to the writing process and keeping things from getting stale. Sarah's having a baby in March and Kim is touring with her other band, Loom, so we'll take a break for a couple months. Then we will record the new album in May. Stay tuned.

SubRosa's new album "Strega is available right now through I Hate Records
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PostSubject: Sub Rosa   SubRosa Interview I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 15, 2009 1:51 am

Sub Rosa is a good band and nice people, hope they will get to Holland soon !
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SubRosa Interview
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