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PostSubject: SHEVER INTERVIEW   SHEVER INTERVIEW I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 11:38 am

You may all remember from one of my earlier issues the Swiss all girl Witch Doom Metal band SHEVER, well they were given the full inquisition treatment and here is what they have to say.

You come from one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Do you take any inspirations from the landscapes around you and include it in your music?

I think that every musician is somehow inspired by the landscape surrounding him or her - even if it's not that obvious in the lyrics for example. And we have very beautiful landscapes here in Switzerland... personally, I am really into nature and it's a shame that we lost that deeper connection to all that is nature and a part of ourselves.

As well as being beautiful, Switzerland is known for its strict laws, it's precision and it's history in world politics. Do you find any inspiration in this?

It has surely an influence on us, because everything in a system has an influence on the human beings in it. but we are an absolutely non-political band, and we don't write lyrics about the history of our country...

How do the people you live around treat you with regards to your image and what yo do?

I don't really care about it - the ones who treat us well without prejudices deserve my respect, all the others can fuck off.

Bands featuring all female members are rare, especially Doom bands. The ones that exist are often plagued by internal conflicts. How did you come together as a band and how do you retain the right balance?

I always knew that I will have an all-girl-band someday. but we didn't really search for it, it all came as natural as in male bands, nothing special.
internal conflicts do exist as well in male bands, maybe we take all things more personally than men do, or we talk a lot more - but what's wrong with that? shEver exists now since almost 6 years, so I dont' think we have to change ourselves!

Where did you find the name Shever? Also how did you decide to use it?

Jessica (guitar) always wanted a band called "shiver". but the name was already used by another band, and we were all girls, so we decided to change it into "shEver" with a big "E" for "she".

Where does your angry sinister sound come from?

Straight from the deepest grounds of our souls! it's in all of us, we just let it come out through music...

Your last release 'Ocean Of Illusions' set the format for your no nonsense style, what comes next?

You're obviously not up to date: we just released the new EP called "a dialogue with the dimensions" (2009) with 4 songs! check it out on or listen to 2 songs taken from the EP on!

Finally, what further plans do you have for the future?

We want to promote our EP and play live as much as we can!!!
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