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Pubescant Doomster
Pubescant Doomster

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PostSubject: SLOUGH FEG/APE UPRISING (Cruz Del Sur)   Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:05 am


Originally going under the more cumbersome moniker The Lord Weird Slough Feg which is the name of the arch
nemesis of Slaine from 2000AD if anyone's interested.The now more neatly named Slough Feg again come
forth with their brilliant 7th album Ape Uprising.Standing firm in the face of mediocrity with swords glistening
in the sunlight ready to slay foes and win the good fight for traditional metal for good and all.
As you can probably tell from the title the concept (Slough Feg do love a concept!) appears to be some sort
of Planet Of The Apes kinda deal though I suspect this is more of a metaphor for human struggle than a
story about Urko.
Things start off in a manner that is pretty alien in the world of the feg as the opener Hunchback of Notre
Doom (see what they did there!) is a flat out down tuned doom song which isn't too far from the strident
melancholia of SOLSTICE who they have shared a split release with in the past.Things from then on revert
back to the Slough Feg stock in trade which is for all intents and purposes early Maiden gallop mixed with
tons of THIN LIZZY style twin lead attacks.Probably a little more low end than previous releases Angelo
Tringalis' lead work is never less than stunning and Mike Scalzis' rich emotive vocals do every song justice.
Standouts for me include the raucous almost BLACK OAK ARKANSAS feel of 'Shakedown at Six' and the last
track 'Nasty Hero' which boasts the catchiest riff this side of CHEAP TRICK (I again kid thee not!!)
To be honest every track on here is a bona fide stormer and anyone with even a remote interest in old
school metal NWOBHM or otherwise will really really need this in their collection.Now yet your hands off
me ya dirty ape.

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The Inquisitor
Adolescant Doomster
Adolescant Doomster

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PostSubject: Re: SLOUGH FEG/APE UPRISING (Cruz Del Sur)   Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:16 am

Always room for The Feg dude
Good review
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