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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 26   Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:14 am

CREATIVE WASTE - 'Cruelty Beyond Conception'

Being a band from the Eastern sector of Saudi Arabia is never going to be overly easy with the countries strict censorship laws and the militant religious zeal with which their laws are carried out. Now imagine being a Grindcore band whose latest demo features the men raised the American flag in the Pacific conflict with Japan? This is what Creative Waste have to contend with on a daily basis and their second demo 'Cruelty Beyond Conception' will probably not win them many friends in their native lands mainstream media circuit. Abroad though this demo probably will make this Grind three piece a lot of friends as it's slow brooding style of slamming heaviness possesses many thought provoking melodies whilst still maintaining a grinding edge to its sound. Besides that though they are capable of a shortened song of pure blasts and violence that is truly Grind and so Creative Waste are a band of variety that despite the pressures of where they originate from sound really good, always a bonus! [7.5]

HELLBONE - 'Pollinctor'

Something a little different now from Aarau in Switzerland, and it's Industrial noise makers Hellbone. Firstly what is a Hellbone? Doesn't really make sense to me but that's not overly important. What is important is how the debut full length album for Hellbone, 'Pollinctor' [Again your guess is as good as mine] sounds. If the aim was to create semi dark warped aesthetics and a zaney ambiance then job done. Yet in all fairness the pace is pretty pedestrian and whilst this release does sound good it never really goes anywhere and is at the end of the day a collection of electronic noises strung together with a fairly decent flow to them but not a whole lot of purpose. With that in mind then I'd have to say this is a good attempt but in reality it is nothing more than nicely crafted synthesized background music that comes in impressive packaging that is in actuality darker than the music itself. [5.5]

POSITIVA - 'Centaur's Ride'
[Odio Sonoro]

Positiva are a Stoner Metal band from Bilbao in the heart of Basque Country, which for those not in the know is geographically part of Spain in about the same way that Scotland is geographically part of England, as in not very much at all and you'll be hurt for suggesting they are one and the same. The Basque people are a proud race with proud traditions and taking that theme into their music this debut full length album entitled 'Centaur's Ride' should be something special. happily having said that what you get is not far off. Stoner Metal riffs flow off this band with such ease and that all you'll want to do is sit back, smoke a massive amount of weed and drift along with the catchy and memorable melodies. Indeed complete with its rich coloured dreamy artwork this is one release heaven sent to make you feel that warm drowsy feeling inside your stomach that only appears when you hear something truly spectacular. 'Centaur's Ride' is an immense sounding album by a band with a great deal of talent and one that if your feeling in the mood for mellow rhythms i'm sure you'll check out. [8.5]

WHITE OWL - 'Pepper'

Some will probably think this is an odd inclusion into what is by and large an extreme metal webzine but what the hell, this issue was kind of going that way anyway. White Owl are a Russian folk rock band very much along the same lines as UK band The Levellers and they have a new full length album out by the name of Pepper. What this involves then is a whimsical vocal style that flows merrily along with a backing of fast drumming, quaint guitar play and some fiddle play to accompany it all. It's all in English as far as I can make out and it sounds pretty decent. I've always thought of Folk Rock as a soft melody making brother of Metal and the perfect hangover cure after a hard night of thrashing it out. Now yes there is a cringe worthy moment as White Owl have covered 'Lord Of The Dance' but this is sheer comedy and cannot be shrugged off or ignored, and so 'Pepper' is a good listen and funny in places and surely when you want a break from Metal that's a great thing? [7]

CYPHER 16 - 'The Man Of The Black Abyss'
[Constant Evolution]

Hailing from the English capital London comes a Metal blended with Alternative Rock in the shape of Cypher 16. They have released four tracks under the guise of 'The Man Of The Black Abyss' and are now looking into touring the UK to spread their sound to the Metal masses. What first jumps out at you about this band is that they have a sound that grows, steadily rising up out of the depths, almost grinding it's way along and this means you have to persevere more with it in order to enjoy and I like the fact about any band. as the Ep goes on there are catchier parts for those who don't like to be mentally challenged when it comes to their music but the overall flow and mix is diverse and satisfying. Vocally they blend between strained emotional to clean and clear emotional. I like Cypher because they look like four ordinary guys playing some decent rock and metal as if they were born to do it and they play it well. As a final twist they throw in an industrial tinge in places and that does it for me, a great band playing great music, long may it continue. [8]

ABSENCE OF MIND - 'More Fearless For Each Step'

The art work displays a lone figure pacing onwards up a dirt track through a forest, it is all blacks, whites and greys and it is cold, daunting, haunting and serious. A magnificent first impression made by this Norway Metal band and that is before the music has even started. As the intro track kicks in the deep chill of forboding has kicked in and when the grinding Black Metal starts the oppressiveness that was being felt is now palpable as the air turns to frost in front of your very eyes. Strange vocal style this though and you realise this is a lot more experimental or alternative in places that straight up Black Metal, in fact only the riff-age and the dark void created in the atmosphere lend themselves to the afore mentioned genre. If you are after a pleasant easy listening experience then go away because this is unmerciful and daunting, unrelenting in its sinisterness yet not as heavy physically as you would expect. 'More Fearless For Each Step' then is an odd mix and not one you will fathom easily but I recommend that you persevere. [7]

MECALIMB - 'Mechanical Recipe'

Mecalimb are blend of Norwegian Thrash and Metalcore and following an initial demo or two have released this their debut full length album entitled 'Mechanical Recipe'. Now i for one am not against bands that are 'core' and in fact like a fair few deathcore bands , but this band doesn't light my fuse. There is nothing particularly bad about them, good heavy sound, gravel like vocals and some decent melodies here and there to give a well balanced and varied sound to the album. No it is simply a case of this not exciting me but i am of the opinion that i may be in the minority as this band has talent and a sound that lots of heavy thrill seeking folks will love and admire. With their cyber mechanical feel to the artwork and names they are targeting a modern audience and lyrically there is tales being told of struggles and the plight of man kind, it's all very Terminator. Good timing really with the new film coming out. So whilst not my thing i think this will go down well with the new generation but also manage to grasp interest from some of the old school as well. [7]

THE CROSSING - 'Chemical Gods'

Coming forth with five tracks of sleaze filled alternative rock comes Chicago based The Crossing and their new EP 'Chemical God'. What The Crossing do so well is create big time riffs that soar from your speakers and delight the senses. Vocally they are powerful and clear but hiding away just out of a sight a small element of grime to keep them just on the right side of naughty. Everything with this band flows nicely into the next item and that makes for damn good listening, so whilst The Crossing don't really do anything of original or ground breaking values, you'll still have a damn good time while these five tracks wind their merry way. There is a small Queen like presence in the EP title track 'Chemical Gods' which is refreshing as you don't hear that kind of influence much these days despite the bands size and fame. So overall what this band from the Windy City give you is straight up rick music to get you into the mood for a night out, no thrills just good music! [7.5]

NUESTROS DERECHOS - 'Struggling With The Dark'

With a name that rings with a Spanish tinge, Nuestros Derechos hail from Utrecht in The Netherlands and play straight up Thrash Metal and prefer to dialogue life as they see it. 'Struggling With The Dark' marks the bands debut full length album and comes with an amazing green art work design of a darkened forest. So what is on offer here is seven tracks of an old school style. Thrash Metal is an art form sometimes that can be overlooked but here this Dutch band come wading in with their massive sledge hammer riffs and gravel like vocals. I'm not liking the tempo of the album unfortunately though as it seems very laid back and lacking all aggression and adrenaline. Yes the musicianship is of a decent quality but the pace is absent and the fire behind the music that should spurr the band on to do totally brutal things with their instruments seems to have vacated the building. Still it is a decent effort and while the passion may be absent there is still some good old fashioned Thrash riff-age to admire for a while. [5]

NOTHIN' SUSS & QUEEF HUFFER - Split CD - 'Suspect'
[Rotten Roll]

What this split release by the name of 'Suspect' has to offer is a mixture of Brutal Death Metal, Grind, Groove Metal and Porno Grind spread over the globe from Jacksonville, Florida all the way to Albury, new South Wales in Australia. It isn't a small affair either with Nothin Suss hitting in with fourteen tracks and Queef Huffer going even head to head with another stomping fourteen. Nothin Suss are sex obsessed and start with an orgasm intro track that then develops into malicious painful sex and then onwards to more porno clips before a low deep sounding brutal groove laden Death Metal style kicks in. Vocally this band are pure Porno Grind but the style is so much more melodic whilst remaining combustably heavy. what is instantly noticeable about Nothin Suss is how catchy they actually are. They bring to this split album fourteen tracks of porn induced groove goodness that all those with a sick mind will love. Onto the Brutal grind of the US now and Queef Huffer kick in with a more darkened feel and even more sinister audio clips. This band removes a great deal of the catchiness and comes right back with vocals that could cause nuclear devastation, seriously if you heard them in a dark alley you would need to order new pants. Some catchiness still remains but this band do tend to concentrate on their Porno grind brutality and unbelievable evil sounding sound [Apart from the Ren & Stimpy clip, that's just comedy classic] These two bands are the perfect split release mates and 'Suspect' is a must own for all porno grind fanatics and lovers of the sick and unusual. [8.5]
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