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Pubescant Doomster
Pubescant Doomster

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PostSubject: BLACK PYRAMID/BLACK PYRAMID (Meteorcity)   Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:46 am


Meteorcity have in recent years been one of those labels like Small Stone and to a lesser extent Tee Pee
that insist on releasing an endless parade of dull as hell Kyuss/Fu Manchu stoner bands that have nothing
more to offer than a fuzz pedal and a third hand Sabbath riff.There are exceptions to every rule and I'm
glad to say that along with Swedish oddball hippies DEADMAN BLACK PYRAMID are one of those exceptions
as this is a fine listen from start to finish.
Mixing the smoked out riffage of SLEEP,the cosmic doom of YOB,the hooded lid mantra of OM and some slashing
HIGH ON FIRE stylings you would be forgiven in thinking this is exactly the sort of musical magpie thievery
that I've just been talking about then you would be right.Well kinda.
I mean, do we really need another Matt Pike tribute band? (hello the Sword,Saviours) well,hell yes we do as
BLACK PYRAMID do this sort of thing with such style it would be a very churlish man indeed to deny them.
Setting out their stall in fine style with Visions of Gehenna (surely the best song SLEEP never wrote) and
taking in a myriad of tempo changes and textures topped with Andy Bereskys' excellent shamanic vocal
delivery every song breathes different air whilst always maintaining a certain common aim which is usually
to pile one insanely catchy riff upon another.Heavy music in general can unearth some hidden gems and
BLACK PYRAMID is without any doubt one of them.Ignore them at your peril.

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