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Pubescant Doomster
Pubescant Doomster

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PostSubject: VOMITORY/CARNAGE EUPHORIA (Metal Blade)   Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:51 am


After 20 years laying waste to ears and senses you would be forgiven in thinking that this Swedish
Death Metal machine would show some signs of slowing down,taking the foot of the gas and well,
mellowing out.Not a bit of it as 'carnage euphoria' (their 7th) is a raging beast of an album.
Although on the surface this sounds like a standard death metal album the ace up the bloodied
sleeve with VOMITORY is their ability to switch pace at will.From sweltering blastbeat carnage to
D-beat death n roll to a bulldozing chugfest and back again within the flick of a horned salute.
The sound of this record is absolutely HUGE where production duties were handled by Rickard
Lofgren who in the past has worked with such titans of metal as half pint sized pop poppet
Rachel Stevens!! I kid thee not.Sclub party aside carnage euphoria can certainly take the wind out
your sails with Urban Gustafssons' kick your face off riffs and Peter Ostlunds brilliantly melodic guitar
jostling for supremacy throughout and the sheer unrelenting force of will is downright startling.
Take a massive dose of BOLT THROWER,a little OBITUARY and a sprinkling of ENTOMBED and you
could well have one of the best death metal albums of the year on your hands.2008 brought us
HAIL OF BULLETS brilliant 'Frost and War'.2009 gives us 'Carnage Euphoria'.All bets are off.

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