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Pubescant Doomster
Pubescant Doomster

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PostSubject: MACHETAZO/MUNDO CRIPTA (No Escape)   Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:06 am


It's been a long while since a Spanish band has featured in the Fin collection (I think the last was LA SECTA
from about 93.Yeah I am that old!!) then all of a sudden two come along at once! First the crust/thrash
styling of DISHAMMER (see review elsewhere) and now old school grind merchants MACHETAZO.
Actually I've been a bit of a 'Johnny come lately' with this band as 'Mundo Cripta' is their fourth album and
they do share members with the aforementioned DISHAMMER! coincidence? yep.
What a find it is too as 'mundo Cripta' is a masterclass in blood caked Horrorgrind just like they used to
make 'back in the day'.AUTOPSY style riff carnage permeates til gagging point whilst the blastbeats and
flat out bass rumble coupled with Dopi's guttural bark take you back to the early pure grind of NAPALM
DEATH.Talking of the vocals apparently this is the first time the band have actually used proper lyrics
though I'll be fucked if I can make out what he's singing anyhow,Spanish or not!
Adding to the gore soaked flavour are some great horror movie samples that are totally in Spanish which
for some reason makes em all the more 'cult' and cool though I have no idea why that is.
MACHETAZO are the missing link (in every sense of the word) between AUTOPSY/REPULSION and ROTTEN
SOUND/GENERAL SURGERY and this album will drag you kicking and screaming back to the old school were
like all great horror inevitably you will DIE!!!

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