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Pubescant Doomster
Pubescant Doomster

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PostSubject: DISHAMMER/VINTAGE ADDICTION (Hells Headbangers)   Sat Jun 06, 2009 4:59 am


Holy crap! I was happier than a pig in shit when this twisted bugger showed up on my doorstep the other
morning courtesy of the good people at Hells Headbangers (check out the link below for the real underground
DISHAMMER hail from Spain and feature members of MACHETAZO and DEADMASK and play the most filthy black
thrash D-beat the world has ever seen.These guys do not fuck around.Recorded for 50 quid in some basement
'Vintage Addiction' flails,spits and screams like an unholy alliance between HELLHAMMER,DISCHARGE,MOTORHEAD
AURA NOIR and later period DARKTHRONE whilst vokalist Dopi sounds like the bastard offspring of Nocturno Culto
and AURA NOIRs Apollyon.
DISHAMMER sound like they played the whole set after downing 20 cans of special brew and mainlining shitloads of cheap
street speed so the playing is looser than a hookers underwear but it doesn't matter how much they might
hide the fact, there is a latent groove and an overall rock n roll feel to the songs played with swaggering vigour.
Lowlifes include D-beat rager 'The End Here And now','Age Of Disgrace' which sounds like long forgotten
CRYPT band THE DIRTYS and the title track 'Vintage Addiction' which sounds like an 'over refreshed' vintage
MOTORHEAD.But to be honest every track kicks home in a suitably gnarly manner.
Wrapped up in a fine pervo/vintage porn/biker chick/horror flick sleeve 'Vintage Addiction' is one of those
records that would illicit the response "what the fuck is this?" from friends (If indeed you have any.You do listen to Dishammer!) flicking through your record collection but you know the score and they don't but they will learn.How can you not love an album with a track entitled 'Werewolves on Wheels'? see I told you.
Fuckin Genius ain't it?


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