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 SARKE/VORUNAH (Indie recordings)

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PostSubject: SARKE/VORUNAH (Indie recordings)   Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:18 am

SARKE/VORUNAH (Indie recordings)

As you might have guessed by the name of the band this is the brainchild of Khold and Old Mans Child
main man and multi instrumentalist Sarke along with Darkthrones Nocturno Culto along for the ride to
lend his considerable 20 Marlboro a day roar to the proceedings.
Vorunah is a pretty basic record by anyone's standards.Guitars buzz in a warm analog haze whilst the drums
pound in a unfussy almost militaristic way.The drunken Priest comes over like a less pompous Satyricon whilst
other tracks have a mid period Mayhem or later Darkthrone (no surprise there!) feel to them whilst the rather
gauche lyrics sound like a cross between Turbonegro's Hank von Helvette and the GG Allan of Black Metal
There are many joys to be had on Vorunah but in my mind the album doesn't get really interesting until close
to the end with the excellent Cult Ritual which has some great eerie piano before morphing into a riff straight from Candlemass 'Epicus Doomicus Metalicus' and the equally excellent 13 candles which sounds like Hieronymus Bosch painting the Sistine chapel in pigs blood.Why they felt the need to finish the album with the
kak handed black metal by numbers bluster of dead Universe Christ only knows!
Apparently Sarke have been confirmed to play Wacken open air so it will be really interesting to see what these guys come up with in a live situation.
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SARKE/VORUNAH (Indie recordings)
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