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 China Mobiles Eco New Base

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PostSubject: China Mobiles Eco New Base   Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:02 am

China Mobiles Eco New Base

Plans have been unveiled for a new, world class development and research complex in China.

Designed by architects RTKL-UK Ltd on behalf of China Mobile, the development is intended to be a showcase for China Mobiles communication and network abilities.

Acting as a mirror to China Mobiles corporate image the build will be modern and innovative but also show a compatibility with the surrounding area, namely the mountain backdrop and the foreground of water. Extensive, lush green roof areas serve to allow the project to blend in almost seamlessly with the surrounding environment reducing the projects visual impact on the area.

Energy consumption will be reduced by the use of solar paneling, these will span over and between the buildings offering shade to the streetscape below. This will provide a very liveable space for workers complete with trees, water features and little connector bridges.

Covering a total area of 140,000 square metres, all of the major buildings will be constructed around a central lake. This not only provides a focal point but also provides physical and visual links with the adjacent landscape.

The buildings themselves are separated into zones; the northern part of the campus representative of the "crown" or head of the complex is strangely enough where the creative thinking and development will take place.

After this the buildings are sectioned into "people" zones and "machinery" zones. The machinery zones facilitate the aim of minimising the division of access and infrastructure needs as well as aiding in the simplification of loading requirements for these zones.

The people zones will include staff living spaces, restaurants and also a Business Co-operation and Exchange Centre. This will be an invaluable meeting centre for China Mobile and other international corporations to come together and showcase their latest innovations and services.

On the west side of the circle, 15 villas will house the executive office units for the complex, the site has been chosen specifically for this purpose as this will be the quietest area within the complex affording execs prime visuals of the central lake.

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China Mobiles Eco New Base
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