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 Seven Towers Planned For Astana Kazakhstan

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PostSubject: Seven Towers Planned For Astana Kazakhstan   Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:01 am

Seven Towers Planned For Astana Kazakhstan

The energy rich country of Kazakhstan could soon to be the home of an interesting new development that is going through the application process called Seven Towers in its capital city, Astana.

As the name implies, there will be seven towers within the complex, the tallest hitting a height of 60 storeys or 230 metres, with the entire complex spanning over an internal area of 450,000 square metres that will be used for both office and commercial space.

Standing uniformly in line along the main highway from the airport each tower will be different in shape, colour and height. Developers Bazis International Incorporated appears to have drawn inspiration for the complex from other proposals and skyscrapers from around the world - for example, one proposed tower heavily references the Freedom Tower that is being built to replace the World Trade Centre in New York.

The towers all have very angular looks to them and feature glazed facades which when hit by the sun should create varying visual effects whilst doing the usual job of reducing heat gain thanks to the shading. There will also be double facades to sheath the towers with the glass allowing the average Joe passing by to see what's going on inside and admire the structures.

It's unsure as to what retailers will be making their new homes in the complex but with all the space available it's doubtful the consumers will be disappointed. The workers lucky enough to be employed in the towers will be treated to triple A grade office spaces and benefit from the usual amenities that are becoming common place in these sorts of projects such as gymnasiums and pools.

All being well with the approval stage it shouldn't be long before naked men brandishing rubber fists are chasing about in the luxury conference rooms of Kazakhstan.

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Seven Towers Planned For Astana Kazakhstan
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