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 Incheon Tower Offers New Angles

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PostSubject: Incheon Tower Offers New Angles   Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:17 pm

Incheon Tower Offers New Angles

As one of the fastest growing urban areas in Asia, the Korean city of Incheon has seen skyscraper after skyscraper but these new plans for a relatively modest building of 115 metres in height promise to throw a new angle on tall building design.

The scheme, the Songdo I-Tower, is being built on zone E1, Site 1 by Daewoo Construction for developers IFEZA of New Songdo International City who have worked on the scheme to act partly as the new headquarters for the United Nations Authority in the country that has a substantial representation there thanks to the continuing state of war between the two Koreas. Other tenants will be the Incheon Tourism Agency and IFEZ.

Decorating the exterior the building has horizontal louvres arranged in diagonal stripes that wrap around the tower with different cladding patterns exposed in between. Using this same diagonal concept a number of voids feature with the structural columns exposed at the base helping to express the nature of the tower.

Further up the building are additional incisions also presenting voids but these are are clad in transparent glazing turning them into huge atria. It's only at the top that the design again exposes the interior to the elements in the process creating a unique roof terrace for diplomats to enjoy as they plot a New World Order.

Ground breaking has just started on the scheme, with completion set for June 2012.

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Incheon Tower Offers New Angles
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