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 Wembley Finally Finished

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PostSubject: Wembley Finally Finished   Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:18 am

Wembley Finally Finished

Builders Multiplex, finally handed over the keys to the worlds tallest Stadium, Wembley, on Saturday to its owner, the Football Association.

At almost a year late and horribly over budget the stadium was originally forecast to have cost a mere £757 million. Cost overruns borne largely by Multiplex however have seen this price rise to over £1billion making it one of the most expensive buildings ever built in the history of humanity.

What the Football Association have gotten for their money is a 90,000 capacity all seater football stadium that can also accommodate crowds of up to 75,000 for rock concerts.

Wembley's landmark icon replacing the two towers is a curving arch of 7 metre internal diameter with a 315 metre span that leans some 22 degrees off being upright, weighs 1,500 tonnes and rises to 133 metres tall. This arch is used to support the enormous roof from above thus eliminating the need for any supports under the roof that would obscure the pitch. As a result there are totally open views for all spectators in the stadium regardless of where they sit. According to the Guiness Book of World Records this is the largest single span roof on the planet.

The building also contains more toilets than any other in the world - 2,618 - and has a circumference of almost 1 kilometre. There are 4,000 piles for the foundations as deep as 35 metres, 35 miles of power cabling, 90,000 square metres of concrete and 23,000 tonnes of steel.

Putting the sheer scale of the new stadium further in perspective it is the size of Stade de France and Telstra Stadium in Australia combined showing the English sticking up two fingers to a couple of their biggest sporting rivals.

Even the planning application was record-breaking weighing almost as much as Victoria Beckham at 14 kilos, and containing enough drawings to cover one third of an acre.

The first football match to be held at the stadium will get underway on the 17th of March with celebrity teams and mass crowd testing of facilities such as escalators and toilets.

George Michael will be the first pop star to play at the venue on the 9th of June, but don't expect him to go anywhere near the toilets, even to help test them.

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Wembley Finally Finished
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