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 Ballymore Release First Crossharbour Apartments

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Adolescant Doomster
Adolescant Doomster

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PostSubject: Ballymore Release First Crossharbour Apartments   Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:57 am

Ballymore Release First Crossharbour Apartments

Ballymore have started selling a number of apartments in the latest scheme to start construction in Docklands.

The Crossharbour development at the site of the former London Arena, has had various apartments placed on sale for institutional investors to buy as the first stage of the release for this project.

The PR bods at Ballymore have also decided to rename the scheme from the existing Crossharbour name to Baltimore Wharf which goes quite well with their prior love of North American places and the New World - we've already had the Ontario Tower and Michigan Building.

Construction is also underway on the site now with excavation to allow basement works to be put in with dozens of diggers and several drills working on site and barges moving the excess soil out taking advantage of the docks.

Baltimore Wharf is only a stone's throw away from Ballymore's successful Pan Peninsula scheme across the dock that it even shares the architect, Skidmore Owings and Merrill with. This time however there is only one tower, 131 meters tall, and the bulk of the 972 housing units in lower-rise blocks.

Apartments at Pan Peninsula now running out making it clear that if Ballymore are to provide a constant stream onto the market for people to buy they need to get on with the next project on their development pipeline.

The size of this scheme, larger than anything they've built before in London, should allow them to keep up with demand for several years bringing buildings on to the market there as and when demand requires however suitable future development sites in the area are starting to dry up.

However, once Baltimore Wharf is sold they will have no sites left on the Isle of Dogs, raising the interesting question of where Ballymore will turn their eye to next in proximity to the Wharf now the easy property pickings there are gone.

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Infantile Doomster
Infantile Doomster

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PostSubject: Re: Ballymore Release First Crossharbour Apartments   Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:59 am

Have you seen the plan for the new Crossharbour Apartments? I must say, it is very impressive. It has kind of a corkscrew design, and is quite amazing. I can't wait to see it when it's completed. Here is a photo of the design...

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Ballymore Release First Crossharbour Apartments
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