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PostSubject: THE EVIL INQUISITION ISSUE 31   Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:37 am

DEATHLIKE - 'Enmity'

Straight up Norwegian Death Metal here from Deathlike and their new release 'Enmity'. The introduction track gives off vibes of a dank sewer with the constant dripping of putrid water ever present in the murk and darkness. Musically the black them is continued as Deathlike prowl forward with a sprawling slowed down tempo that grinds along angrily and with much angst and bitter thoughts. For the faint of heart this is not, and when the pace is quickened the insanity and intensity is electrifying. 'Enmity' is unlike most things that you will hear, it's sound is methodical but at the same time grimy, soaked in blood and gore and enriched with horror tinged melancholy and unbridled rage that lays just beneath the surface always ready to launch out at you. Deathlike are one of the best Death Metal bands I have ever experienced. Their sound is refreshing in a rancid sort of way and 'Enmity' is severely brutal and a must listen too release. [9]

OBSCURYS - 'Violence In B-Flat Minor'

'Violence In B-Flat Minor' is the debut release from Germany's Black, Death and Grind duo Obscurys. Mixing your styles and influences like this band chooses too can sometimes be confusing and lead to a mesh of sounds that form to make absolutely nothing. Here though there really is no style. It is just dark melodies thrown together with undecipherable and frankly goddamn awful vocals to form something not even resembling music. Obscurys need to go away and think about what they are doing because nobody should have to listen to this kind of brain dead talentless shit. 'Violence In B-Flat Minor' has nothing about it, nothing violence or aggressive, just a cliched attempt to dark and mysterious that finished up as something to be ridiculed and laughed at. [0]

REVENANT DEAD - 'Imperial Rape March'

This sounds like a good mix, Thrash, Death and Groove Metal from the UK's up and coming Birmingham based four piece Revenant Dead and their debut full length release 'Imperial Rape March'. Sadly what starts out as a good mix is vastly disappointing on the hole with average vocals really raking the shine off what is in places a catchy release. That is the clean vocals I should add, as the grime covered screams are far better. On the whole though Revenant Dead's sound is pretty generic and doesn't take a massive amount of thought process to write. You can argue that a lot of the riff-age and tunes are good head banging melodies and in places they are, but this band and 'Imperial Rape March' [Which lets be fair is a star wars theme with a shocking word in the centre, placed their just for the sake of it] is disappointing. They are not a bad band and they play quite competently but I wouldn't want to hear it again. [4]

THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR - 'Algiz & Berkanan LP'

This Stoner Doom Metal duo have appeared on this zine before but now they are back with their brand new release 'Algiz & Berkanan LP', straight from the doomy depths of Colorado. It takes a fair while to get into the meat of this release but then that is generally the way with Doom orientated bands. The groove that runs through the core of The Flight Of Sleipnir is repetitive and constant, it grates against you as in stark contrast to the lighter more acoustic nature of the band that is shown throughout. I found this to be rather enjoyable, it isn't earth moving thrill a second stuff, nor is it the greatest thing to ever come out of the Doom genre but it's relaxing in an odd sort of way and also challenging to listen too in places also. They are not the best thing you'll hear this year but take my word for it, they are worth a listen and I predict more good things from them in the future. [7]

DALEP - 'Promo 2009'

It's time for some five piece South Carolina Death Metal in the form of Dalep, and to show you how youthful this band is, this is their debut two track demo. For such a young project it really isn't half bad. Everything is very predictable and they tread the path most trodden but isn't that often the way with fledgling bands? What they do offer is dark and deep resentful vocals, harsh gripping riff-age of amazing heavy intensity and an all round feeling of great musicianship and an bond and understanding that will help move them forward in their career. I can see a lot of people digging what these guys are all about and in the future they have big things ahead of them if they can inject some of their own styles and keep up the heavy sledge hammer style that they have started out with. Dalep are one for the future so check them out now so you can boast that you were there first! [7]

INCINERATE INFECTION - 'Incinerate Infection'

This Polish three piece play straight up Death Metal and this, their self titled debut demo is their stab at getting themselves noticed. It is almost needless to say that they sound big, big riffs, massive slowed down intro. It's all very grand, or as grand as Death Metal can be. Incinerate Infection may not have put much thought into the title of their new release but rest assured that trait does not continue into their music. Most noticeable is the drumming which is imply spectacular. It's double kick is pure brutality and sets the band up for a totally dominating and heavy sound. Vocally they are blistering as you would expect, and the riff-age comes in sporadic machine gun bursts that sound out like a mechanical killing machine. Incinerate Infection are death incarnate, the epitome of brutal heavy music and must listen too and a must own. Throw in some awesome solos for good measure and you have a seriously great band in the making. [8]

THE EVERSCATHED - 'Path Of Soured Dreams'
[Open Grave]

The Everscathed, such a brilliant name and this Chicago Death Metal squadron have now released their fifth release so far entitled 'The Path Of Soured Dreams'. As well as being Death Metal though you will notice after listening to a little bit of The Everscathed that they have a great deal of Thrash in them too. On the whole though this is very generic Death Metal and little else. The drumming is adequate and beefy, the riff-age again whats needed and no more and the same can be said for the vocals. For a band with such a good stand out name, they really do very little to distinguish themselves in any other way and instead seem intent on playing decent music at a decent pace but without any flair or brilliance. Not exactly the harshest thing you can say about a band is it? Actually this album does sound pretty decent and that is the point. It's more than listenable but never really goes beyond decent. [6.5]

SPELLCASTER - 'Spellcaster'

Spellcaster is a malaysian one man Progressive Metal band who have released their debut demo which is self titled. With an introduction track that could have been taken from 'Zombie Creeping Flesh' or some other such film, Spellcaster is exceptionally cheesy but kind of appealing in a weird sort of way. With pretty much all of this made on pro tools I am guessing, it is just ok but after a while starts to sound kind of Knight Riderish and starts becoming somewhat of a joke. It is Metal but it is some kind of computer generated Metal that doesn't take much talent at all. What Spellcaster is, is a one man project from a bedroom which is kind of cool but never going to get anywhere, but I'll tell you this the guy knows how to make a cool melody or two. [5]

[Sleaszy Rider]

Ok is this a more underground Slipknot? Eight members of Maltese Doom goodness in the form of Weeping Silence and their debut full length album 'End Of An Era'. female fronted Doom is a rarity but always nice to hear and this band have some beautiful vocals to sit up front of their slightly generic but never the less enjoyable riff-age. Weeping Silence is a rather cliched name but it tends to fit the band style rather well. 'End Of An Era' though taking out the great vocals is rather two dimensional in places and a little lackluster. I want to say this is amazing and the melodies will set your senses dancing but it really doesn't, and so what you get in it's stead is a melodic piece of average doom metal that will be pleasant to listen too as background music but will never set your pulse racing. 'End Of An Era' is nothing of the sort I hope for this band, but I think for the next release modifications may need to be implemented. [6]
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